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The politics of bf

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Mothers need support not pressure. Feminism. Who code. Mommy wars. What has breastfeeding got to do with Jamie Oliver? So, following his recent win on the sugar tax, Jamie Oliver has turned his attention to breastfeeding – see here.

What has breastfeeding got to do with Jamie Oliver?

Through the eyes of a breastfeeding support group. Part two of our series, ‘The Subtle Undermining of Breastfeeding’.

through the eyes of a breastfeeding support group

For part one, click here. Does he look like his milk isn’t good enough? I logged onto a Facebook breastfeeding support group the other day and immediately saw a post from a mother who was worried that she didn’t have enough milk for her baby. Feedingreport. World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action : WABA. WABA Activity Sheet 4 Breastfeeding: A Feminist Issue Penny Van Esterik Breastfeeding is an important women's issue, human rights issue, and feminist issue, since breastfeeding empowers women and contributes to gender equality.

World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action : WABA

Women who wish to breasted their babies but cannot - because of inadequate support from family or health workers, constraints in the workplace, or misinformation from the infant food industry - are oppressed and exploited. Groups and individuals interested in fighting for women's rights and human rights should take action to change this situation, and recognise breastfeeding as a woman's right. Women are empowered by asserting the value of both their productive and reproductive work. Why should women's groups put their valuable time and resources behind breastfeeding campaigns and programmes?

1. Breastfeeding encourages women's self-reliance by increasing their confidence in their ability to meet the needs of their infants. Why baby formula has no place in a sustainable future. Of all the things that we feed to our children, breast milk may be the best: custom-designed for each and every baby, locally sourced, available on-demand and free.

Why baby formula has no place in a sustainable future

Yet parents spend about $11.5bn a year on baby formula, an expensive, less healthy and less sustainable substitute. In an effort to change that, the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF have, for the past 20 years, worked to make hospitals around the world more "baby-friendly". This Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative has focused especially on reducing formula use by new mothers. A variety of creative strategies are part of this: Dr.Jack Newman - Photos du journal. Inverted language of bf. Watch Your Language!

inverted language of bf

By Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC (Reprinted from the Journal of Human Lactation, Vol. 12, No. 1, 1996) "The truth is, breastfeeding is nothing more than normal. Artificial feeding, which is neither the same nor superior, is therefore deficient, incomplete, and inferior. These are difficult words, but they have an appropriate place in our vocabulary. " The lactation consultant says, "You have the best chance to provide your baby with the best possible start in life, through the special bond of breastfeeding.

In part because that sales pitch could just as easily have come from a commercial baby milk pamphlet. Best possible, ideal, optimal, perfect. When we (and the artificial milk manufacturers) say that breastfeeding is the best possible way to feed babies because it provides their ideal food, perfectly balanced for optimal infant nutrition, the logical response is, "So what? " The Alpha Parent: 15 Tricks of Formula Companies. Infant formulas were originally designed to be a medical nutritional tool for babies who are unable to breastfeed due to unfortunate circumstances such as maternal death or illness.

The Alpha Parent: 15 Tricks of Formula Companies

Nowadays the formula industry accounts for US$20.2 billion (data for 2010). It doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that formula is now being used by more than the 2% of women who physically can’t breastfeed. What went wrong? Formula companies got greedy and laws didn’t keep up, that’s what. An Open Letter to Gina Ford – Author of The Contented Little Baby Book. Dear Gina, I was interested to learn of your latest book “The Contented Mother’s Guide” (via this Daily Mail article: I haven’t read your book yet so am only commenting on what appears to be the press releases sent out by your publishers and the resulting interpretations of the media, but I do plan to read your book in full as soon as possible as I like to keep in touch with what is happening in the world of popular parenting literature.

An Open Letter to Gina Ford – Author of The Contented Little Baby Book

For now though what I have read – what I believe may be comments from mothers in your book rather than yourself – has left that same sinking feeling in my heart that I was left with when I read your Contented Little Baby Book almost ten years ago as a nervous and naive new first time mother. Breast is Best, Sponsored by Simfamil: Don Draper Explains It All For Us. INT: STERLING COOPER DRAPER PRYCE, DON DRAPER's OFFICE.

Breast is Best, Sponsored by Simfamil: Don Draper Explains It All For Us.

PEGGY OLSON and PETE CAMPBELL sit expectantly on the sofa, an easel bearing the Simfamil logo and a photo of a smiling baby next to them. A box with canisters of various brands of formula is on the floor. Enter a typically taciturn DON. He glances at the easel and continues to the liquor cabinet without breaking stride, pours himself a scotch, then turns his attention to the pair on the sofa. DON remains standing.