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Chinese Text Annotation - MandarinSpot. 拼音注音編輯器 ToneOZ. 你好 - Chinese Character Detail Page. Showing Results in: Recent Searches: Written Chinese Dictionary Learn more about 你好 How do you remember 你好 ?

你好 - Chinese Character Detail Page

eStroke Animated Chinese Characters. .: 師大國語中心 生字簿 :. ChineseVid. ClozeCards. 工研院文字轉語音Web服務. ACCESS - Advanced Chinese Character Electronic Search System.

Pinyin annotation

HSK和YCTl历年考试下载. NJStar 南极星. On-line Chinese Tools. Calligraphy Archives - Free Chinese Font. Cong Tai – Fan Wen Qiang Yan Zhao Ti Cong Tai – Fan Wen Qiang Yan Zhao Ti (丛台-范文强燕赵体) is a unique calligraphy Chinese font that was written by calligrapher Fan Wen Qiang.

Calligraphy Archives - Free Chinese Font

Mr. Fan was highly inspired by… (simplified) You Lang Ruan Bi Kai Shu You Lang Ruan Bi Kai Shu (游狼软笔楷书) is a calligraphy Chinese free-to-download font set in simplified Chinese character. It is quite a beautiful and readable font. You can download this… (simplified) Senty Snow Mountain Handwriting Senty Snow Mountain Handwriting is a handwriting calligraphy free font that sets in Simplified Chinese characters. KTdict: iPhone and iPad dictionary for Chinese learners. Chinese game creator. LINE Chinese-English Dictionary. New Tong Wen Tang. Zhongwen: A Chinese-English Popup Dictionary. MacPinyin v1.00.