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Custom Shower Curtain 66" x 72" (Large) Remember, its fun and easy to make your own gift – turn your DIY gifts ideas into stunning customized gifts with just a few clicks of your mouse – better still, a custom personalized gift often makes the best gift idea anyway, whatever the occasion!

Custom Shower Curtain 66" x 72" (Large)

If you're ready to get started we suggest you visit our custom gift ideas directory. Production Time The production time for most items is 48 hours, however, as stated in the item descriptions, some products, for example, photo bags, take a little longer. Shipping Time Our standard delivery method is USPS International Airmail. Transit time is normally 6 to 10 business days. 100% Money Back Guarantee - When you shop with Make Your Own Gifts you are covered by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Eco-Friendly Bath Mat – DIY.

Area Rug: Contemporary? Handmade? .. Crochet?? Handmade Ruffle Rugs. DIY Home Improvement Information. DIY Network - Home Improvement How-To & Remodeling Projects.


Legature & Legature. Recycle Containers Blog. : Archive. Homemade Journal Ideas and Techniques. Make Your Own Book & Journal Gifts There are several different ways to make a homemade journal, ranging from quick and easy methods to advanced book making.

Homemade Journal Ideas and Techniques

Here I've outlined those on the easier side of the spectrum and provided some super easy to make journal ideas as well. The easiest way to make a journal gift is to embellish a notebook. The notebook is covered inside and out to give a professional finish from front to back. You can then decorate as desired. On the other hand, you may want the freedom to choose the type of paper used to fill the journal and perhaps the exact size of the book. Custom Themed Homemade Book and Journal Ideas: Homemade journals make great homemade teen gifts but they can also make great gifts for adults.

Garden Notes - Gardeners often keep a notebook for recording information about their garden such as planting dates, varieties planted, sketches of their garden's layout and dates of any treatments of fertilizers, herbicides etc. Quick and Easy Journals. Homemade gift idea: homemade journal. This Blog Linked From Here The Web.

Homemade gift idea: homemade journal

Beelieve: recycled notebooks and using what 'i got' And what 'i got' is a whole lot of good paper to recycle...i also have a website i have done nothing i am working on the website a bit....going to figure out how to get stuff to sell on there soon...i am practicing here first...i have an issue with collecting stuff...making stuff...collecting the stuff i make...and stuff i make collecting...well nothing much if i don't put it out there so first i would like to share with you my morning muse...this is just a fraction of what is taking up space...ahhhh....paper...isn't it pretty???

Beelieve: recycled notebooks and using what 'i got'

Weaving on a Simple Frame Loom. If you repeat this process going up the loom you will end up with a piece of fabric about 4 inches long.

Weaving on a Simple Frame Loom

The weaving will be big enough for a large coaster or a nice little wall hanging. As you move up the loom it will get increasingly difficult to make a new shed so younger children may want to stop before they get to four inches of fabric. Running out of thread or changing color As your weaving grows you will run out of yarn from your little ball. Not to worry. Attaching Buttons and Washers To attache buttons cut a 3 inch piece of wool and thread the button onto it.

Finishing The Weaving When you decide you've done enough weaving it's time to finish the piece and take it off the loom so that you can save it for posterity. The Fancy Way. Collection: Fiber Arts. » Transform your long sleeve t-shirt. Elegant Parchment Flowers with Jeffrey Rudell. Friend Etsy on Youtube & | Subscribe to Etsy’s iTunes Podcast | MP4 Verson This week’s How-Tuesday comes from Jeffrey Rudell, a paper artist, inventor, and engineer who has an eye for simple, beautiful projects and a knack for sharing his marvelous creations.

Elegant Parchment Flowers with Jeffrey Rudell

This project makes a remarkably simple and beautiful flower that can be used to make a bouquet, a boutonniere, a brooch, or just about any flowery thing that starts with the letter B. Materials Needed: White vellum or parchment — the exact vellum shown is white ink on white vellum, made by US Silkscreen, available from New York Central Art SupplypH Neutral GlueScissors or Xacto knifeStraight edge18″ of pre-cut, straight lengths of floral wireFloral tape Elegant Parchment Flowers: Step One: Begin with a 3″ disc of paper, parchment, or vellum. Fold the circle in half, into quarters, and finally into eighths, until you have a little triangle. Once folded, use scissors to round out the the top. Step Two: Plantable Seeded Paper Flowers. Can you find the fake ones? Okay, I won’t insult your intelligence, but just in case … Here they are:) Craft DIY Projects, Patterns, How-tos, Fashion, Recipes @ - Felting, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Home & More.