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On words and actions. | Dear Coquette i’ve spent a lot of my day thinking about what i want to say about this, since i saw it on my dash earlier. here is where this argument goes spectacularly, blindingly, gloriously flamingly wrong: words are actions. there is no such thing as the thought police in the real world, because nobody can possibly know what you’re thinking, or control it. in fact, i’m a big proponent of not condemning people for what’s inside their head; my thoughts are pretty fucking impure and judgmental a lot of the time. where you go wrong is when you open your mouth and turn your hurtful thoughts into words. using the word “retard” to mean stupid or bad or wrong is A SLUR. there is no way around it. you are equating a word that means “a person with mental handicaps” with “something that sucks.” if you take away the idea that a mentally disabled person is stupid, the word simply has no punch: it relies on this assumption, however buried. On words and actions. | Dear Coquette
Get Rid of Embarrassing Sunburn Get Rid of Embarrassing Sunburn SExpand So you spent the weekend outside. And you were wearing one of those trendy, adorable little something or others with the crisscrossed straps? And you didn't put on enough sun screen, did you?
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SExpand Summer concert season is heating up like the armpit of the guy standing right behind you in the subway, and with outdoor summer concerts come big crowds, sweaty conditions, weird echoey soundsystems, and the nagging feeling that one day you'll be too old for this. Hardly circumstances you'd want to face sober, but who can afford music festival drink prices in a buy bulk Mad Dog at Costco economy? Not you. That's why, when faced with the "sober or poor?" How to Smuggle Alcohol (Or Other Contraband) Into an Outdoor Concert How to Smuggle Alcohol (Or Other Contraband) Into an Outdoor Concert
Friday DIY News, Video and Gossip - Jezebel Friday DIY News, Video and Gossip - Jezebel I feel like this happens to me all the time: I'm browsing the racks at the SalvA, skipping past unfortunate housedresses and schmattas of little significance when I spy something astonishing. Something really gorgeous. And this something only costs a few bucks, and I simply must have it. Only problem is, it doesn't quite fit. The dress is too long, it's too short, it's too big, it's too small, the arm holes are too high or they're too low, the waist gapes or the hips are tight, or maybe it just doesn't generally sit "right" — whatever the problem is, the astonishing dress is just not quite wearable as-is.
How To Turn Your Dress Ideas Into Reality By Making A Custom Pattern How To Turn Your Dress Ideas Into Reality By Making A Custom Pattern SExpand Or: Quick and Dirty Pattern-Draping for Fun and Profit! If you're even a neophyte home sewer, you've probably dreamed of making clothing from your own customized patterns. Commercial patterns are fantastic in many ways — the sheer variety always makes flipping through a pattern book (or browsing vintage reproductions online) inspiring. But commercial patterns have drawbacks, too.
On kicking him to the curb. | Dear Coquette Dear Coquette, He’s the worst person I’ve ever known and simultaneously the most amazing. He does the worst things you can imagine. Lying, cheating, lying about cheating. Here I am, a smart woman with no illusions about who this guy she loves really is, sticking around and letting him flay her again and again. I could explain why and what I think about it but it’s inconsequential. On kicking him to the curb. | Dear Coquette
Miriam Badyrka is The Doodler: leaf & pod doodles Miriam Badyrka is The Doodler: leaf & pod doodles I didn't post anything last week, and I am unrepentant. Company on Friday, daughter leaving Sunday morning. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and that is all there is to it. If I had posted a doodle last week, it would have been this one. What happened to that bottom circle?
For Chrissakes, There Is Nothing Wrong With You: A Dating Manifesto
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Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret It stirkes me that this technique is one that most elem. school teachers use. Remember large poster boards on one side of the room with everybodys name down the side, then rows of star stickers for various thing. Things like attendance or homework. Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret
How Seinfeld's Productivity Secret Fixed My Procrastination Problem
Prettiest Words: A Work in Progress Prettiest Words: A Work in Progress Prettiest Words, Alphabetized (1,027) Abattoir: a slaughterhouse; massacre Absinthe: wormwood liquor of a bright-green color Acciaccatura: grace note, an embellishing note usually written in smaller size Acedia: ennui; state of torpor or listlessness; spiritual apathy Acervuline: aggregated, heaped up, bundled, collected or localized
I have a question for everyone: When I try to reason with my friends (and I use this term loosely, since some of them are more acquaintances) about abortion, I tend to lean on the fact that it endangers women's health and I use my family as a direct example: my great grandmother was raped by an uncle and gave herself an abortion with a coat-hanger when my grandmother was 5. My grandmother was subsequently put in an orphanage run by brutal nuns (it sounds like a joke, but it really isn't). My grandmother came out of that experience a very cruel, insecure person, who went on to raise four insecure and kind of cruel children. I feel, with every fiber of my being, that if my great-grandmother hadn't died, my grandmother would have been a more loving person and would have passed that on to her children instead of the cruelty. Instead, we have a legacy of a vicious cycle in my family that I'm hoping ends with me and my son. America Without Abortion Would Be An Absolute Horror Show America Without Abortion Would Be An Absolute Horror Show