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Facebook Twitter Makes Wedding Planning Simple. The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Quick Pitch: Wedding planning made easy Genius Idea: partners with bridal blogs and other editorial content creators to bring its users the most beautiful wedding ideas. The site’s plans to revolutionize image search, while making discovery, saving, and sharing of wedding items simple. For years, a bride and her maid of honor have had to scour bridal magazines and scrapbook pretty dresses to wedding decorations ideas to share with others.

Kellee Khalil, founder of, knows this process all too well. She found it tough to follow 30 wedding blogs at once to find the best ideas for her sister’s big day. Khalil thought there must be an easier way to organize and share wedding ideas. Fun Facts about St. Patrick's Day. Fun Facts about St.

Fun Facts about St. Patrick's Day

Patrick's Day St. Patrick’s Day is observed on March 17 because that is the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is believed that he died on March 17 in the year 461 AD. The actual color of St. Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers [INFOGRAPHIC] Pinterest, a two-year-old social bookmarking site that lets users collect and share things they like on the web, is driving increasingly significant amounts of traffic to retailers' websites.

Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The service enables users to create online bulletin boards, or "pinboards," for popular categories such as home decor, food and wedding inspiration. Members can use Pinterest's "Pin It" bookmarklet tool and iPhone app to save things they see online and offline, and explore and repin the images their friends collect via their personal newsfeeds.

The website is especially popular among women, who account for 58% of Pinterest's traffic, according to Experian Hitwise. SEE ALSO: 21 Must-Follow Pinterest Users. Hello!Lucky Blog. Monster S’mores are the perfect Halloween treat or activity.

Hello!Lucky Blog

Easy to make & fun to eat! Materials: · Parchment paper · Assorted flat cookies- graham crackers, tea biscuits etc. · Thin flat chocolate bars- Hershey’s works great! · Scissors · Regular & mini marshmallows · Toothpick · Regular and mini chocolate chips Steps: Polka Dots Stationery. Polka Dots (polkadotsinc) on Pinterest. Kelly @PolkaDotsInc (polkadotsinc) Untitled. Pinterest: 13 Tips and Tricks for Cutting Edge Users. On Pinterest?

Pinterest: 13 Tips and Tricks for Cutting Edge Users

Follow Mashable to check out our favorite infographics, tech news, internet memes and digital culture! Pinterest has been one of the hottest new social networks on the radar for a few months now. In fact, Pinterest has cracked the current list of top 10 social networks — and it's technically still invite-only. For many users, Pinterest serves as a comprehensive wish list of sorts. Users (a.k.a. SEE ALSO: Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network Like many new startups that experience an unprecedented spike in popularity, Pinterest has yet to streamline some of its features. Still, the service is fresh, relevant and entirely different from any social network we've encountered thus far.

27 Twitter Tools To Help You Find And Manage Followers. This is my first Twitter related article, I am using Twitter a lot lately so it is really unforgivable not even have one article related to Twitter.

27 Twitter Tools To Help You Find And Manage Followers

Now I am starting to correct this mistake and here comes list with 27 Twitter tools, which will help You find more followers, manage them, find who doesn’t follow You back, who stops following, statistics and much, much more. As Your first added follower on this list You should follow @1stwebdesigner, if You want design related tweet links.

Besides the tools you definitely could use guide how to tweet and build your followers as well, right? Check out our only Twitter tweeting guide 2012 you will need for your success on Twitter! Follow these tips and reach the stars – it’s plain science not an art! 1.FriendOrFollow Who are you following that’s not following you back? Social Media Management, Twitter Tools, Social CRM. 5 Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest to Boost Consumer Engagement. On Pinterest?

5 Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest to Boost Consumer Engagement

Follow Mashable to check out our favorite infographics, tech news, internet memes and digital culture! The surprise smash-hit social networking site of 2011 wasn’t Twitter, Tumblr or Google+. In fact, it was a site that, even today, is still an invite-only social network. The Palo Alto site Pinterest has skyrocketed into the top ten most visited social networks of the past year and continues to gain traction and popularity. The image-based platform is a simple enough concept: Users create and name Boards anything they like (Places I'd Like to Visit, Pretty Dresses, My Cookie Creations, etc.) and post relevant photos on corresponding Boards, while categorizing Boards under one of the 32 general Pinterest categories. But how can brands and companies utilize this platform to their advantage?