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Mind42: Free online mind mapping software. Using Eclipse with Arduino Duemilanove. 3: Building applications outside the Arduino IDE - Multiprocessing for Microcontrollers. GetGnuWin32 – Maintaining a Gnuwin32 Package archive. 3: Building applications outside the Arduino IDE - Multiprocessing for Microcontrollers. BuildProcess. Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links Overview A number of things have to happen for your Arduino code to get onto the Arduino board.


First, the Arduino environment performs some small transformations to make sure that the code is correct C or C++ (two common programming languages). It then gets passed to a compiler (avr-gcc), which turns the human readable code into machine readable instructions (or object files). Then, your code gets combined with (linked against), the standard Arduino libraries that provide basic functions like digitalWrite() or Serial.print().

Wiki:lininoonearduinoide [] OPKG Package Manager. The opkg utility (an ipkg fork) is a lightweight package manager used to download and install OpenWrt packages from local package repositories or ones located in the Internet.

OPKG Package Manager

YunPackageManager. Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links The package management system, also called “package manager”, is a very important tool for Linux systems as it gives the user an easy way to install, update and remove additional applications or programs.


Instead of downloading and compiling the source code of the program you want to install, the source is pre-configured and compiled according to your system requirements and is inserted inside a package with other information, such as the version and dependencies (requirements of the software to install the software). On the OpenWrt-Yun Linux system the package manager tool is called “opkg”. Usually operations on a package can be done through the command line with a few arguments. The package manager needs an updated database to display packages available for your system. The most important arguments for opkg are: Process. Learning Examples | Foundations | Hacking | Links Examples > Process Process This example for the Arduino Yún shows how to use the Bridge library's Process class to run Linux processes on the AR9331.


ShellCommands. Noblepepper/YunAvrToolchain. Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 6235AN.HMWWB. BoardYun. (redirected from Products.ArduinoYUN) Overview The Arduino Yún is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega32u4 (datasheet) and the Atheros AR9331.


Arduino Yun - USB Battery Pack for Net-Aware Robot Project. I apologize, in advance, if this information is contained here somewhere or on other Arduino sites.

Arduino Yun - USB Battery Pack for Net-Aware Robot Project

I did as may google/forums searches as I could think of and was not able to find a complete answer... Knowing that the Yun needs 5v and connecting anything above that can lead to a fried Yun, I was looking for a battery pack solution. How important is amperage output for the Yun? Can you fry it at 1-2A or do I only need to worry about voltage?

I want to use the Yun and a decent external source to power a net-aware, wi-fi based remote controllable, and avoidance AI robot project I am building. Yun with batteries. I have just tested a setup based on Arduino Yun.

Yun with batteries

This is what I'v learned so far (I'm still testing): My setup include a voltage regulator based on this example (LM317): Securitate - Setări cont. Installing Ubuntu inside Windows using VirtualBox. Ubuntu Linux: Install RT2870 Chipset Based USB Wireless Adapter. This blog post listed Linux Compatible USB wireless adapters.

Ubuntu Linux: Install RT2870 Chipset Based USB Wireless Adapter

It seems that many new Linux users frequently have problems learning how to install RT2870 driver under Linux. I also received email requesting installation instructions for the same device. This quick tutorial will explains how to install RT2870 based chipset device with WPA2 authentication and TKIP wireless encryption. 4 Ways to Install a Game With Bin/cue Files Using Daemon Tools. Steps.

4 Ways to Install a Game With Bin/cue Files Using Daemon Tools

WiFi USB Dongle for Raspberry Pi. Wi-Pi is a high performance, cost effective WLAN USB module which connects the Raspberry Pi low cost computer, to a Wi-Fi local area network.

WiFi USB Dongle for Raspberry Pi

Wi-Pi uses the latest 802.11n Wireless Technology, and can support data rates of up to 150 Mbps, compared with older 54 Mbps 11g products. It also benefits from a higher wireless LAN bandwidth, making data transmission more efficient. Wi-Pi also supports wireless roaming, ensuring a more consistent wireless connection to a wireless access point. Wi-Pi uses the latest international w ireless CCA air channel detection technology, enhancing wireless performance. Currently WIPI can be used with multiple development platforms, such as Raspberry Pi SBC, RIoTboard SBC, Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained development platform, Beaglebone Black SBC, SABRE Lite and Mars Boarddevelopment platfrom,.

Key Applications: USB WLAN Adapter. Usb wifi dongle. Enabling WiFi on an Intel® Galileo Board. Setting up Wi-Fi — Clay and Galileo. Now you can power on the Galileo. If you are NOT using N-135 or N-6205 WiFi card you will need to install the driver: First download the driver from the download site. Note: this is the driver for the N-6235 card, if you have different card, you will have to find the driver. Portable USB Charger. Sample Java Code to Read Temperature from an TMP102 via I2C & Save Data to a MySQL Database Table. The Java code below reads current temperature data from the TMP102 temperature sensor using the i2cget command line utility to read the TMP102's registers.

The reading is taken every second and the result is saved to a MySQL database table. The table contains a column for the date and time and a column for the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. The code below should work with Java 6, 7, or 8. You will need to have the complete JDK installed to compile the code. Prerequisites The i2cget command line utility is part of the I2C Tools package. To install MySQL, use the following command and follow the prompts: Need help on Linux I2C driver. Gcc tutorial. Gcc is the "GNU" C Compiler, and g++ is the "GNU C++ compiler, while cc and CC are the Sun C and C++ compilers also available on Sun workstations.

Below are several examples that show how to use g++ to compile C++ programs, although much of the information applies to C programs as well as compiling with the other compilers. Example 1: Compiling a simple program. How to mix C and C++, C++ FAQ. C Libraries In general, libraries are created from many library source files, and are either built as archive files (libmine.a) that are statically linked into executables that use them, or as shared object files ( that are dynamically linked into executables that use them. Transport en Commun de Limoges. • Le réseau trolleybus en chiffres • Le fonctionnement du réseau trolleybus • Les récentes évolutions et derniers aménagements du réseau Le réseau TCL compte 5 lignes de trolleybus et 34 véhicules à traction électrique. Limoges est positionnée parmi les toutes premières agglomérations françaises dans le domaine des modes de déplacements urbains non polluants.

A ce jour le trolleybus assure la moitié des voyages et le tiers des kilomètres réalisés sur le réseau de transport public urbain. Trolleybus. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Vétra. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Un peu d'histoire sur les trolleybus – alinaveronica

Vétra Logo Vétra version des années 40 sur la face avant d'un CB 60 de Limoges conservé au musée de l'AMTUIR. Trolleybus UK. Innovations. There have been considerable improvements in detail design, for example the automatic lowering of poles in the event of de-wirement or under the direct control of the driver without the driver having to leave the driving seat.