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This Headband Monitors Brain Waves to Help You Sleep at Night. 1123 3ShareNew Image credit: Sleep Shepherd Blue via Kickstarter According to NPR, approximately 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year.

This Headband Monitors Brain Waves to Help You Sleep at Night

While there are plenty of medications on the market designed to help this issue, Dr. Michael Larson was inspired to create a drug-free alternative. The Sleep Shepherd Blue headband is a wearable device that tracks brain waves and uses binaural beats to help users relax into a deeper sleep at night. There are other devices for sale that claim to use binaural beats to improve sleep, but this one is unique in that it also monitors brain waves. The headband also records your sleep patterns, the amount of time spent asleep, and the position of your head throughout the night. Water Tracker Google Fit Diet – Android Apps on Google Play. Aqualert is a water drink tracker app.

Water Tracker Google Fit Diet – Android Apps on Google Play

Helps you to have a good water balance on your body using notification drink trackers, track of how much water you should drink. Drinking water benefits are huge: weight control , skin condition, hair condition, organs function, energy level and many others. SDKs and Libraries · Human API. Human API. Samsung Digital Health. Samsung Digital Health Samsung Digital Health SDK Health Data 1.1.0 S Health Service 1.0.0 Jun 18, 2015 Download Apply forPartner Apps.

Samsung Digital Health

What is Human API? · Human API. Global.samsungtomorrow. Samsung's S Health app now works with other Android phones. Galaxy Note 4 S Health can sense and track even more stuff. In the Galaxy S4, Samsung introduced a built-in pedometer and the S Health app.

Galaxy Note 4 S Health can sense and track even more stuff

Earlier this year it followed up with a built-in heart rate sensor in the Galaxy S5. And now in the new Galaxy Note 4, the Korean manufacturer brings a couple more sensor capabilities into the mix. Read on for a quick look at S Health's new tricks. The latest version of S Health on the Galaxy Note 4 comes with all the capabilities and features owners of the Galaxy S5 will be familiar with — an exercise tracker with built-in pedometer, and the ability to keep tabs on food, weight, sleep patterns (with a supported accessory), and your heart rate using the built-in sensor.

On top of that, the phone can now sense your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and the strength of ultraviolet light from the sun. Both of these are measured using the Note 4's sensor module, which is once again situated below its rear camera. Recording UV levels uses the same sensor. S Health. Take the leap to better health and a better you. Google Developers Blog: What’s new with Google Fit: Distance, Calories, Meal data, and new apps and wearables.

Posted by Angana Ghosh, Lead Product Manager, Google Fit To help users keep track of their physical activity, we recently updated the Google Fit app with some new features, including an Android Wear watch face that helps users track their progress throughout the day.

Google Developers Blog: What’s new with Google Fit: Distance, Calories, Meal data, and new apps and wearables

We also added data types to the Google Fit SDK and have new partners tracking data (e.g. nutrition, sleep, etc.) that developers can now use in their own apps. Google Fit Help. Nutrition Tracker. BioStatus Nutrition Tracker turns your smartphone into a personal dietitian, selecting foods for you based on activity level, fitness, and weight modification goal.Whether it’s a heart healthy diet or losing a few extra pounds, BioStatus Nutrition Tracker uses scientifically proven methods to assess your nutrient needs and develop a diet that’s right for you.

Nutrition Tracker

Now with real-time heart rate tracking, circadian rhythm alerts and activity tracking.Select from nutritional programs that include:• Weight Loss• Arthritis Relief• Cancer Prevention• Cardiovascular Health• Antioxidants• Superfoods• Nutrient Needs (Vitamins, Minerals etc.)• Glycemic IndexAnd more… Now with Nutrition Tracker, record your daily nutrition consumption to help you assess whether you're receiving recommended levels of vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients.

Google Fit. There are a number of apps integrated with Google Fit.

Google Fit

Some examples are Nike Running, Strava, Polar Beat and Aqualert. Applications[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] Further reading[edit] External links[edit] How to use Apple Health on your iPhone: Everything you need to know. With the impending launch of the Apple Watch, the iOS 8 Health app is about to come into its own.

How to use Apple Health on your iPhone: Everything you need to know

The long-awaited wearable will sync up to the iPhone and provide all of the movement and heart rate data required to build up a comprehensive picture of your health and fitness on an easy to view Dashboard. However, as you probably know, the Apple Health app already plays nice with a host of the most popular fitness trackers and connected devices already on the market. ​Google Fit v Apple Health. This is just what the tech world needed: another Apple versus Google battle.

​Google Fit v Apple Health

Not only do we have Android Wear up against the Apple Watch in the hardware and sensor stakes, there's also now the small matter of the underlying platforms powering them: Google Fit vs Apple Health. Originally, Google Fit was a software framework allowing app developers and hardware makers to record, log and display health-related data with as little coding as possible. But it left the developer labs at the end of 2014 and is now a fully-fledged consumer facing offering. NuYu Personal Activity Monitor and Wireless Scale review. We've seen fitness trackers, smart scales, sleep monitors and coaching apps from almost every wearable tech brand going but NuYu is one of the first to offer everything in one affordable system.

NuYu Personal Activity Monitor and Wireless Scale review

Health o Meter's wellness package isn't quite complete yet - the $500 Sleep System mat which warms and cools your nighttime temperature is due in October. But we have been able to test the $50 Personal Activity Monitor and $60 Wireless Scale over a few weeks for this review. The best budget fitness trackers. If you're looking for a cheap fitness tracker that doesn't compromise on features, you're in luck. This year we've seen an influx of second generation products from the likes of Misfit and Jawbone that seriously lower the cost of getting the latest wearable tech as well as ridiculously cheap devices like the Xiaomi Mi Band. Quality fitness tracking needn't break the bank.

These devices are our choices for the best affordable trackers currently on the market, for $50 or less. Make sure you also take a look at our guide to the best fitness trackers money can buy. Best fitness trackers 2015: Jawbone, Misfit, Fitbit, Garmin and more. Picking out the best fitness tracker is a mind-bogglingly difficult prospect. It's not just about Fitbit and Jawbone anymore. Now everyone wants a piece of the action. Sona is a fashion forward activity tracker with serious sensor tech. Silicon Valley based smart jewellery company Caeden has unveiled Sona a new connected bracelet a built-in heart rate sensor. The company claims it can measures 10 times more information than a standard HR tracker. It's designed to look good on your wrist no matter what you are wearing, and features technology to help you learn how to balance life, not just get fit.

It is now available for pre-order from the company's website for $199. The best Google Fit compatible apps. The launch of Google Fit at the end of last year escalated the health tech arms race, as it goes head-to-head with Apple Health. Water Tracker Google Fit Diet – Android Apps on Google Play.