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About Fairware. ========================================================================= == Example NOTICE file for use with the Apache License, Version 2.0, == == in this case for the Apache httpd-2.0 distribution. == ========================================================================= Apache HTTP Server Copyright 1999-2006 The Apache Software Foundation This product includes software developed at The Apache Software Foundation ( Portions of this software were developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

This software contains code derived from the RSA Data Security Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm, including various modifications by Spyglass Inc., Carnegie Mellon University, and Bell Communications Research, Inc (Bellcore). Regular expression support is provided by the PCRE library package, which is open source software, written by Philip Hazel, and copyright by the University of Cambridge, England. Human Readable Privacy Policies. Avoid A Class Action Lawsuit with a Single Clause - UpCounsel Blog. Privacy rules and guidance come from many different places: regulators, state statutes, federal statutes, and courts.

Avoid A Class Action Lawsuit with a Single Clause - UpCounsel Blog

When web companies get sued in court over alleged privacy violations, the lawsuit almost always takes the form of a class action – where many plaintiffs join forces accusing a company of doing them a similar wrong. Fortunately for the tech industry, a Supreme Court case called AT&T vs Concepcion, gave it a silver bullet to knock out most class action liability in the privacy space. 2 Legal Actions Every App Developer Should Take Right Now - UpCounsel Blog. If you are an app developer with a live, or about to be released app, these past couple months have been important from a legal liability perspective.

2 Legal Actions Every App Developer Should Take Right Now - UpCounsel Blog

The world is not getting any easier for technology entrepreneurs – especially app developers. Make sure you take the following legal steps immediately to help reduce your exposure to fines and liability that are becoming real concerns for app developers and technology entrepreneurs alike. Based on recent developments seen in the news, these are legal actions every app developer should take right now. #1 Have Users Acknowledge Reading a Properly Drafted Privacy Policy Late this week Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General, announced that Facebook signed the Joint Statement of Principles which aims to help strengthen privacy online. How do I create a Terms of Service for my Application. Terms of Service. Store If you choose to register to use the 500px Store (the “Store”) the following terms and conditions apply in addition to the general Terms.

Terms of Service

Throughout these Terms, a reference to the ‘purchase’ or ‘sale’(or similar words) of Store Images (as defined below) means the purchase or sale of a Customer License (as defined below) to use a Store Image. About the Store The Store is a Service provided by 500px that allows users to post photos and images for sale to the public. Photos and images are sold by 500px pursuant to the license granted to 500px below. You can lawfully enter into contracts under applicable law and you are at least 18 years old. Use of the Content and Grant of License 500px will use your Store Images for the purpose licensing your Store Images to customers of the Store (“Customers”) in such formats as we may, from time to time make available to Customers, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, via electronic download and print.

Have a .com web address? Know the legal risks. Impossible.

Have a .com web address? Know the legal risks

Nuts. Unbelievable. Those are some of the more polite reactions when I tell people that having a .com domain name for their website is sufficient for them to be subject to US jurisdiction - which allows for nasty stuff like the US government seizing their website or extradition to USA to stand trial over there based on allegations alone. The bottom line: If you have a .com domain name, or other at-risk domain names like .net, you are subject to US domestic laws and jurisdiction. This allows the US government to seize your website or even seek your extradition to USA to stand trial, based on allegations of breaking their laws. I was initially hesitant to raise this issue because it might sound self-serving. Two of our subsidiary companies do the actual technical and policy bits for the .nz domain name space. Torrent Search - Legal notice. The law in plain sight. Terms of Service. The gist: We (the folks at Automattic) run a blog and web site hosting service called and would love for you to use it.

Terms of Service

Our basic service is free, and we offer paid upgrades for advanced features such as domain hosting and extra storage. Our service is designed to give you as much control and ownership over what goes on your site as possible and encourage you to express yourself freely. However, be responsible in what you publish. In particular, make sure that none of the prohibited items listed below appear on your site or get linked to from your site (things like spam, viruses, or hate content).

You can check our page on types of blogs to get a sense of the types of sites that are welcome on our service (or not!). Privacy Policy. Your privacy is critically important to us.

Privacy Policy

At Automattic we have a few fundamental principles: We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.