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This Is Why Geometry Makes for Killer Web Designs. Oh man, does anyone else remember geeking out over Geometry class back in the day?

This Is Why Geometry Makes for Killer Web Designs

Anyone? Anyone? Cart (0 vectors) Local SEO Company Long Island. WordPress Project Management Plugin - Project Panorama. 20% Milestone 1 Design Phase Design concepts and wireframes approved.

WordPress Project Management Plugin - Project Panorama

Interface library handed off to developers. 40% Milestone 2 Functionality Phase Custom functionality completed and ready for quality assurance. WordPress Facebook Plugin - Ultimate Facebook by WPMU DEV. For help and information on installing plugins you can view our Installing WordPress Plugins Manual.

WordPress Facebook Plugin - Ultimate Facebook by WPMU DEV

Important: Support for Events & Notes has been discontinued by Facebook. They have also changed how Apps are created. Please see the Recent Changes section at the bottom of this page for details. Before you can use the Ultimate Facebook Plugin on any site you will need to create a Facebook Application and use the API and Secret Key from that Application to activate the plugin. Untitled. For many SEO and web design agencies and consultants, building and submitting a sitemap will often be the first step in a website design project or SEO campaign.


Many clients will see a spike in traffic and better SEO results shortly after submitting a sitemap to search engines, making it an important tactic for improving your clients’ website performance. Solid Converter. Convert to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, .pages, HTML and Text Convert multiple PDF files quickly at the same time.

Solid Converter

Convert documents on your computer without an internet connection. Recognise text in PDF scans and convert them to Office documents. The Smallpdf Team tested all converters on the market and found that Solid Documents had by far the best quality and we decided to partner with this company. Headline Psychology: 8 Tricks to Attract User Attention. Why do other people’s posts get clicks in the hundreds while your excellent innovative studies stay persistently underrated?

Headline Psychology: 8 Tricks to Attract User Attention

You may be missing one of the most powerful user attractions of all – an engaging headline. Upcoming Events – Connect Daily. Beating Political Polarization: What the Environmental Movement Can Learn from Solar Energy. Solar energy is the poster-child of the new, environmentally friendly, economically feasible world of the 21st century.

Beating Political Polarization: What the Environmental Movement Can Learn from Solar Energy

Lightning-fast technological innovation in the private sector and complementary government tax credits have brought about the rapid ascent of the low-impact energy source, much to the chagrin of oil and gas executives. Less than 9 years ago, the New York Times worried solar would forever remain a “boutique energy” because of a dearth of federal R&D funding that instead went to the powerful coal, nuclear, and corn (ethanol) lobbies.

Even without much financial help until the 2006 implementation of the federal investment tax credit (ITC) for solar energy, the cost of solar has fallen from $76.67/watt in 1977 to $.613/watt in 2014. Last year was particularly good to the solar energy market, with the U.S. seeing record solar installation in 2015. Flip on the TV and all you see is red and blue. Solar Vectors, Photos and PSD files. Ecological place 5.101 27 12 months ago Clean energy resources 5.310 10 6 months ago Solar powered 4.542 3 1 year ago Sun ray vector free 112.080 136 1 year ago Solar panels couple in sunlight 1.813 2 1 year ago.

Solar Vectors, Photos and PSD files

Steve Cutts Prints - Steve Cutts. MyTinyTodo - simple open source to-do list script written in PHP and jQuery. Inspiration Hut - Daily Art and Design Inspiration and Downloads. Call to Idea - Get inspired! CAT BOUNCE!

Zen photon garden. Who We Are - Orchidia. Home - Orchidia. How to Create a Unique Selling Point for Your Home Page. By anthony on 12/26/11 at 2:47 pm Your website may get a lot of visitors, but how many of them subscribe to what you’re selling?

How to Create a Unique Selling Point for Your Home Page

Whether you’re asking them to sign up for a service or buy a product, every home page needs a unique selling point to succeed. Your Headline and Image Should Relate to Each Other A unique selling point is a combination of the main headline and image on your home page. Both should relate to each other. “People around the world” text connects with images of people around the world. CoreView > Apply. Once - Jobs. Collision Theme: mercurial. Gotham Outsourcing, Inc. First Reaction Inc. About Us History: First Reaction has officially opened it's doors here in 2014, and is helping some of the world's largest telecommunications and promotional advertising companies acquire and service customers in New York City.

First Reaction Inc

Philosophy: First Reaction Inc establishes new customer relations with integrity, handshakes, and friendly faces, to earn more long term customers than any other marketing or sales channel. Vision: First Reaction Inc is looking forward to big things in the next year including further east coast expansion, additional client acquisitions, career and job opportunities, and lots of events! What We Do: We give our clients a face to go with their names We are dramatically increasing their customer base on a daily basis We ensure the ultimate experience in customer satisfaction We provide a low risk, high reward investment for our clients. Green Energy Innovations. Website Showcase. Denver, Colorado - Solar Power For Everyone. Periscope. Solar is Everywhere.

Many people think that Solar Electricity is only for satellites up in space or huge power plants. Think again. You have seen solar everywhere! Development plan for end of 2014 - wpDataTables. 22Sep Hi, our beloved wpDataTables users Today I would like to publish a brief plan/schedule of plugin development for the end of 2014, so you would know what awaits you in nearby future. Main priority is to keep users of the plugin satisfied, and obtain new users of course – which, in general, means regular patching & bugfixing the software, developing new features, and providing support to the clients. Tour of PulseMaps Benefits (and Features) for Website Owners. Location heat map Our beautiful heat map allows you to see at a glance where you're getting visitors. Areas with the most visitors glow white-hot, areas with moderate visitors are yellow, and areas with some visitors are red. Gorgeous, large, zoomable map Zoom and pan the beautiful large maps to your heart's content, all the way down to city level detail.

The closer you zoom, the more details you get. WordPress plugin. Guide.Net, Inc. - Interactive Website Development & Hosting, Honolulu Hawaii. Unbounce Landing Page Design - Iceberg. YouTube to Animated GIF. Voter Gravity - A 21st century get-out-the-vote tool. HTML KickStart - Ultra–Lean HTML Building Blocks for Rapid Website Production - KickStart your Website Production. Background and Texture. 25 Stunning Parallax WordPress Themes to Inspire You.

Parallax scrolling is hot right now. First popularized by Nike, the number of site’s featuring the dynamic technique has exploded. Dashboard Template for Bootstrap. Seán Halpin - a web designer & developer - About. Digital Marketing & Design Agency. Modifly. How We Build CMS-Free Websites. Fig Leaf Software - Google, Ektron, Drupal, Commonspot, CMS Consulting and Design.