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Passive Solar Design. Casa levantada no nível das árvores interage com a vida na Mata Atlântica - 25/01/2012 - Projetos de Arquitetura - UOL Casa e Imóveis. Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management for power cords and charging accessory cables (Metal): Electronics. How to Make Your Own Touchscreen Heads Up Display. Green Home - Solar Powered Lights, Fans, and Electronics. The Solar Lights Site is Your Complete Solar Lighting Resource. Solar Power Car. Does The Solar Power Car Exist?

Solar Power Car

The technology that currently exists along with improved efficiency of the solar cell will soon escort the solar powered vehicle into the showroom. All that's needed is a little more tweaking of the solar cell which is the heart of any solar electric system. Electric cars can be solar cars. Using a solar source of power turns any electric vehicle into a solar car. As for cars sporting their own solar cells and running independently...we're going to have to wait a bit longer for that.

How the Prototypes Work Current solar power car prototypes operate like regular cars with the addition of a battery pack that can contain any of a number of battery types including Lithium ion batteries and Lithium polymer batteries. A data acquisition system provides drivers with information about battery power, energy intake, and other important information needed to keep the car moving. Here's What Stands in the Way This is not to say that these limitations are insurmountable.

Solar Charger, Solar Backpack, Solar Laptop Charger, USB Battery. Suntrica solar-powered chargers: pocket-sized energy sources. The Suntrica Solar Badge offers avid adventurers a way to charge their personal devices Image Gallery (4 images) May 1, 2009 The Suntrica SolarBadge and the SolarStrap are pocket-sized, durable and lightweight solar-charging devices with a flexible design that's durable enough to withstand harsh environments and versatile enough to be worn on various parts of your body or your backpack.

Suntrica solar-powered chargers: pocket-sized energy sources

Using a flexible thin-film panel, the devices store the Sun's energy internal battery which can be used immediately or later in the day to charge mobile phones, digital cameras or MP3 players. The battery offers a service voltage of five volts and can also be charged via mains power or USB. Versatility is the key here - these pocket-sized units give you the freedom to go traveling wherever you like - safe in the knowledge that you have a power source for your personal electronic equipment. Mr. Jude Garvey Post a CommentRelated Articles Just enter your friends and your email address into the form below.

"How to make a solar power generator". TreeHugger. Home Styles Bali Hai Outdoor Bar Stool, Natural Teak: Patio Furniture & Decor. Create an island oasis in your own backyard with the Home Styles Bali Hai Outdoor Bar Stool.

Home Styles Bali Hai Outdoor Bar Stool, Natural Teak: Patio Furniture & Decor

The Home Styles Bar Stool in natural teak showcases an island-inspired design in a versatile, natural finish and construction of eco-friendly, plantation-grown Shorea wood that is known for its exceptional durability and natural resistance to water. This Home Styles Bali Hai Outdoor Bar Stool is designed to provide endless hours of outdoor entertainment use. Arc shaping in the back legs and a contoured seat imparts a slightly modern touch to the overall traditional slat design. Settle into the Home Styles Bali Hai Outdoor Bar Stool to experience true comfort and relaxation at the end of a long day. Exuding the kind of casual, upscale appeal found in stylish island homes, this Home Styles Bar Stool in natural teak is no slouch when it comes to comfort! About Home Styles Home Styles is a manufacturer and distributor of RTA (ready to assemble) furniture perfectly suited to today's lifestyles.