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Clusty Labs. The Snippet Directory. Goggles - Use pictures to search the web. There are some things that are hard to put in words, like a painting that you want to find out the artist of.

Goggles - Use pictures to search the web

For searches like that, try Google Goggles -- it lets you search the web using photos that you've taken on your mobile phone. So just open the Goggles app on your phone, snap a photo of that painting, and find search results all about it. Sometimes pictures really are worth a thousand words. Best search queries Google Goggles works better with certain types of queries. Books & DVDs Landmarks Barcodes & QR codes Logos Contact info Artwork Businesses Products Text Currently, it's not so good when taking pictures of the following: Animals Plants Cars Furniture Apparel Optimizing your photos for Goggles For the best results when taking pictures, hold your phone in "left landscape" mode, as shown below, and press the on-screen shutter button with your right thumb.

Goggles availability Google Goggles is currently available for the following devices: New. Tonight's post comes via the Pubcon conference in Las Vegas and is likely of interest to many in the webmaster and search communities.


Today, during the Interactive Site Review Session, Google's head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, along with Vanessa Fox of NinebyBlue and Derrick Wheeler of Microsoft took thorough dives into a number of sites. The session was well coverd on Twitter, and in live form by Barry Schwartz at SERoundtable. Matt Cutts and Vanessa Fox on the Site Review Panel (photo credit: A few points in particular stood out and are worthy of coverage: Blocking Internet Archive may be a Negative Signal Matt Cutts noted that spammers very frequently block from crawling/storing their pages and few reputable sites engage in this.

I also presented at Pubcon today - on a panel called Linkfluence: How to Buy Links with Maximum Juice and Minimum Risk (live SERoundtable coverage here) - as the counterpoint speaker (on why not to buy links). P.s. P.p.s. More info on the Caffeine Update. Google recently opened up a preview of our new Caffeine update, and I wanted to give a little more background on this change.

More info on the Caffeine Update

At the Real-Time CrunchUp a few weeks ago, I joked that the half-life of code at Google is about six months. That means that you can write some code and when you circle back around in six months, about half of that code has been replaced with better abstractions or cleaner infrastructure. Six months is an exaggeration, but Google is quite serious about scrutinizing our codebase regularly and rewriting the parts that don’t scale well to make them more robust, more elegant, or faster. Here are some questions and answers: Q: How do I check out the Caffeine update? Q: It doesn’t look any different to me? Q: Is this Caffeine Update because of Company X or Y is doing Z? Share of Online Searches by Engine, November 2008 - Seeking Alph. Click to enlarge Also see… Nielsen Note: Effective with October 2007 reporting, Nielsen Online has made several enhancements to its MegaPanel service.

Share of Online Searches by Engine, November 2008 - Seeking Alph

These enhancements include more granular reporting, increased accuracy, an expanded Internet universe and more advanced tracking. Because of these methodology changes, however, pre-Oct. ‘07 results from MegaPanel-based products, including MegaView Search and MegaView Online Retail, cannot be trended with more recent results. Is this author on the ball? Follow and be the first to know when they publish. Follow Marketing Charts (157 followers) (You’ll be notified by email with new articles from your favorite authors.) Social Scan. » Blog Archive » The Complete Future of Searc. It started with a challenge. Some of the most creative minds, from the front lines of search, contemplated in silence.

Without rules or regulations, they created their visions of what search would look like in 2010 and beyond, and committed them to paper. Over the past week, I’ve run many of the individual pieces, and I am pleased and proud to present to you the complete report: The complete report includes the synopsis , which draws together some of the recurring themes that emerged. It also includes additional pieces by Ephraim Schwartz of Reality Check | InfoWorld and Ran Geva from Omgili . Here is the table of contents: Introduction and synopsis. Google Blog Search. Google Flirts With Evil : Venture Chronicles. Search is history, says Yahoo!-News-Tech & Web-The Web-Times. Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine. Voice of humanity: Competing with Google. Searching beyond just Google -India Business-NEWS-The Times of I.

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