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Patterns. Netflix. Font. Helvetical » I am Ad Taylor. 10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines « Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Everyone would agree that usability is an important aspect of Web design.

10 Useful Usability Findings and Guidelines « Smashing Magazine

Whether you’re working on a portfolio website, online store or Web app, making your pages easy and enjoyable for your visitors to use is key. Many studies have been done over the years on various aspects of Web and interface design, and the findings are valuable in helping us improve our work. Here are 10 useful usability findings and guidelines that may help you improve the user experience on your websites. 1. A study by UX Matters found that the ideal position for labels in forms is above the fields. Tumblr features a simple and elegant sign-up form that adheres to UX Matter’s recommendation. Positioning labels on the left also poses another problem: do you left-align or right-align the labels?

2. People instinctively notice other people right away when they come into view. Eye-tracking heat map of a baby looking directly at us, from the UsableWorld study. And now the baby is looking at the content. Fresh vs. Familiar: How Aggressively to Redesign (Jakob Nielsen& Technical illustration, United Technologies Scholar poster, beau. News in Science - Chair changes colour if you're fat - 30/0. The ancient Japanese believed that gods lived in all things, whether animate or inanimate.

News in Science - Chair changes colour if you're fat - 30/0

Talking to a wall was not an idle act, but actually a kind of soul-searching. And usually, the wall talked back. Now the designer of a table and set of chairs says his furniture embodies that philosophy. The furniture is called fuwa pica, which loosely translated means 'soft and flashy'. It senses people's presence, then gradually changes colour accordingly. The interactive set, which could be in shops, airports, museums, or bars within a year or two, uses technology to extend people's emotional state into a room that may be devoid of ancient ideas.

"We want modern people like us to remember that there was an interaction between people and furniture," says Ichi Kanaya, assistant professor at Osaka University. In a typical scenario, a person might walk into a room furnished with fuwa pica. Air-cushioned chairs The table and chairs are linked to each other via a wireless signal. Groaning under the weight. Web 2.0 Webdesign-Tutorials.

Über den neuen “Web 2.0 – Look” moderner Web-Auftritte wird immer noch viel und gern geschrieben und diskutiert.

Web 2.0 Webdesign-Tutorials

Badges, Verlauffarben, Schaltflächen und sind genauso wie Schatten und Spiegeleffekte in aller Munde. Wenn es aber um ein konkretes Design einzelner Web 2.0-Elemente geht, kann es nicht schaden, eine Auswahl entsprechender Tutorials in Reichweite zu haben – zum Nachschlagen und zur Inspiration. Hier ist die ultimative Zusammenstellung. Siehe auch im Dr. Information Architects Japan. Design portfolio. Ideal Alarm Clock - -

Color-changing LED Faucet Warns You of Impending Burning - Gizmo. Visual Aesthetic Evolutionary Design Link. Matthew Lewis, 2000 (NOTE: While this page remains currently out of date, an updated page with repaired links and many many additions is in the process of being generated and is expected to come online during summer 2006) This is a resource page intended to provide pointers to projects and writings dealing with the interactive evolutionary design of image, form, and motion, via aesthetic selection.

Visual Aesthetic Evolutionary Design Link

Pioneers in this field include Richard Dawkins, Karl Sims, William Latham and Stephen Todd. Email additions, corrections, suggestions, etc. to Matthew Lewis. General Articles, Papers, Books... Richard Dawkins Karl Sims Expression-based Images RenderMan Shaders Fractal-based Images Filter-based Images Faces Misc Image, Color, and 2D Shape Evolution William Latham and Stephen Todd Misc 3D Shape, Form, Geometry Evolution Architecture Animation People Conferences/Workshops/Competitions Lists Related Matthew Lewis The Ohio State University Matthew Lewis, 2000. Hmula. SketchUp - Home. SketchUp Home. Brilliant bike storage and displa.