Mozilla Story has Firebug 2.0 alpha 1 Firebug 2.0a1 fixes 172 issuesFirebug 2.0a1 is compatible with Firefox 30-31 Update: an issue with Firefox 30 compatibility fixed This alpha represents the first public release that is based on new Firefox debugging engine (also known as JSD2).


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Adblock Plus — for annoyance-free web surfing Download Firefox Adblock Plus Firefox is a free and open source browser available for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android which supports addons. Addons are extensions to your browser to improve privacy and security and the way you view the web.

Adblock Plus — for annoyance-free web surfing

DownloadHelper is a way to discover many sites showing Web videos from all around the world. They are here ! DownloadHelper is also a free Firefox extension for downloading and converting videos from many sites with minimum effort. Install the extension ! DownloadHelper - Media download Firefox extension

DownloadHelper - Media download Firefox extension

NoScript is Free Software: if you like it, you can support its progress :) The NoScript Firefox extension provides extra protection for Firefox, Seamonkey and other mozilla-based browsers: this free, open source add-on allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugins to be executed only by trusted web sites of your choice (e.g. your online bank). NoScript also provides the most powerful anti-XSS and anti-Clickjacking protection ever available in a browser. NoScript's unique whitelist based pre-emptive script blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and even not known yet!) NoScript - JavaScript/Java/Flash blocker for a safer Firefox experience! - what is it? - InformAction

NoScript - JavaScript/Java/Flash blocker for a safer Firefox experience! - what is it? - InformAction

Screengrab Screengrab If you are having any technical problems, please discuss them on the support forum rather than posting them here. I can't diagnose issues if I can't talk to you about them! Issues with Screengrab and Firefox 3.6=============================Screengrab 0.96.2 has an issue with Firefox 3.6, where it calls the deprecated getBoxObjectFor function when locating Flash or Java objects for capture.
BetterPrivacy :: Modules pour Firefox BetterPrivacy :: Modules pour Firefox Q: I notice that when I go to the Flash Player settings manager site I still get a list of visited pages. A: In default configuration BetterPrivacy does *not* delete the Flash-Player-default cookie. Some users consider the default cookie as important since it keeps Flash-Player update settings as well as some camera or microphone settings. The default cookie also keeps a complete list of all visited LSO pages.
Local Shared Object Local shared objects (LSOs), commonly called Flash cookies (due to their similarities with HTTP cookies), are pieces of data that websites which use Adobe Flash may store on a user's computer. Local shared objects are used by all versions of Adobe Flash Player and version 6 and above of Macromedia's now-obsolete Flash Player.[1] An important use of these types of files is storing save data from Flash games on the user's computer. While websites may use local shared objects for purposes such as storing user preferences, there have been privacy concerns regarding local shared objects, and they may be considered a breach of browser security. Storage[edit] Local shared objects contain data stored by individual websites. Local Shared Object
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selectivecookiedelete :: Modules pour Firefox selectivecookiedelete :: Modules pour Firefox Update: Firefox 4 : This addon can be used in Firefox4 from the "Addon Bar" - To make add on bar visible in the bottom: Rightclick on any part of the top bar, select "Addon bar" and you can see the icon of this application at the bottom right. I will find some other way to make this easy without the addon bar. This addon helps you remove cookies from certain hosts based on pre-selected preference.
Ever had one of those "oh $*#@" moments when you realize you've just lost half an hour of your life because something went wrong while you were entering stuff into a web form and there doesn't seem to be any way to recover it? If so, you need Lazarus. If not, install it anyway, before disaster strikes! Lazarus securely saves forms as you type, allowing you to safely recover your lost work after server timeouts, network issues, browser crashes, power failures, and all the other things that can go wrong while you're entering forms, editing content, writing webmail, etc, etc, etc... Lazarus works on ordinary web forms, WYSIWYG editors, and even AJAXified comment boxes, and will save you from pretty much any given server, browser, or connection problems that might otherwise cause you to lose your work, or that really pithy blog comment you struggled on for over an hour. Lazarus: Form Recovery Lazarus: Form Recovery
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a rough draft of some thoughts on what to tell web designers and web application developers about browser sniffing and Gecko browsers Many designers and developers tailor their websites to specific browsers and then use user-agent sniffing to send different bits of code to different browsers. This is a poor practice for a number of reasons: Browsers you’ve never heard of Browsers that get renamed Browsers that switch rendering engines Robots and search engines Web-enabled desktop applications … Developing for Web Standards User:Sardisson/Gecko is Gecko
Hadopi-Explorer Pour chaque site visité, l'extension va chercher dans une base de données si il est compatible avec la politique de censure de gouvernement. En fonction de la base de donnée, un message d'information, d'erreur ou de mise en garde est affiché.Pour certains sites l'accès est simplement interdit (pour des raisons qui sont de toutes façons expliquées).A tout moment vous pouvez désactiver les notification et / ou le blocage.Une fois le nombre d'avertissement (3) atteint, vous pouvez remettre ce nombre à zéro. Si vous ne le faites pas, l'accès à internet est simplement coupé.Dans tous les cas, le compteur revient à zéro à chaque redémarrage de firefox.