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Medicinal Herb Search

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Nutrients and phytochemicals reference database. Healing herbs reference database. HerbMed. A Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. SEARCH for Herbs & Spices. Encyclopedia of spices. Comparing DRUGS AND MEDICINAL PLANTS. Tibetan Medicinal Herbs. Overview overview directory web resources books Tibetan medicine is celebrated as a source of sustainable and affordable healing preparations that are effective without lasting negative side effects.

Tibetan Medicinal Herbs

LIST OF MEDICINAL PLANTS IN ENGLISH AND TAGALOG / Philippine Alternative Medicine. General Herb Information. Bouquet Garni Herbs and Herbalism Informative site on herbs and herbalism in South Africa, covering both medicinal and culinary uses. eFeatherstone Guidelines to pain relief using alternative remedies for skin disorders including eczema, arthritis.

General Herb Information

Drug free therapy with herbs and emu oil. The Herb Index An online guide for herbs and supplements, includes scientific names and contra-indications. Herb Net Collection of resources for herbalists, including a calendar of events. The Herb Network A membership organization founded in 1995 by Kathleen O'Mara for people interested in herbs. Medical Herbalism. Medicinal Uses of Herbs. Herbs and Supplements. THSearch: Thai-enable herbal search engine. Herbal information is a special type of information dealing with medicinal herbs.

THSearch: Thai-enable herbal search engine

Several problems may be occurred when we use general-purpose search engines as a tool for finding herbal information on Internet. Firstly, they often give too many results and some results unrelated to the query. Secondly, several documents should be retrieved but not retrieve them due to limitation of technical terms especially those Web documents were written in Thai. Finally, it is hard to find the useful and unbiased information even well trained users. Chinese Herbal Medicine Websites & databases. Herbs and Supplements.