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Chromebook Review Etc

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Teenagers Prefer Chromebooks Over IPads. I Rave A Lot But - Google Music! Chromebook Takes A Stride - HTML Youtube Video. HTML5 Youtube has 'turned up' on my Chromebook and it is good.

Chromebook Takes A Stride - HTML Youtube Video

Google have been working with HTML5 for youtube for a while. Chrome 16 On The Chromebook - Is Chrome Destined For The Tablet. The Chomebook OS updated last Wednesday to the super new and shine Chrome16.

Chrome 16 On The Chromebook - Is Chrome Destined For The Tablet

Besides the lovely tweaks and performance gains, it looks increasingly likely that Chrome or ChromeOS is destined for the touch-screen. Briefly the Chrome 15 dev channel version went back from having icons for bookmarks to using the bookmark bar. Chromebook - Dawn Or Dusk? Is the Chromebook fighting for its life or at the beginning of a bright and exciting day in the light?

Chromebook - Dawn Or Dusk?

Chromoting, not much else matters. This is the thing which will either make or break the Chromebook. Living in the cloud is great, but jumping to the cloud straight from the desktop is just impossible for many individuals and all established organisations. Chomebook built in image editor - commercially very clever. Why would Google bother to make a built in image editor when the Chrome webstore has much better ones already?

Chomebook built in image editor - commercially very clever.

Here is a possible explanation and a review of the editor. As we can see from the images in this post, Pixlr is a very good image editor; it works very well, is free and works on the Chromebook. Chromebook - Dead? What Do You Use Your Chromebook For? The Samsung series 5 has a surprisingly good sound card in terms of audio quality.

What Do You Use Your Chromebook For?

Google Music has a shockingly good quality to it. The two go together to make a really nice music server to keep me going through those long hard days of coding. I am listening to Deep Purple right now! Long Term Review. So, what has it been like using the Samsung S5 for nearly 5 months?

Long Term Review

It is amazing, a complete dud or something else entirely? I really thought the Chromebook could/would be something amazing. The idea of a light weight thin client to cloud computing was so 21st century, so right, so cool. Unfortunately, it did not work out that way (or at least not yet). Dev Channel Chromebook Upates And Log Me In. Today was an amazing day in the Chromebook world - especially for me.

Dev Channel Chromebook Upates And Log Me In

There was another dev channel update which brought some exciting new features, and I found a way to remote control my Windows machine from my Chromebook! Owing a Chromebook is an exercise in continuous delayed gratification. If you want something from it then all you really have to do is wait. Quite quickly someone will either find a way to achieve what you want of an update will just give it to you. Chromebooks - kicking the hornet's nest. Chromebook Dev Channel: Printing Sorted! The last update to 15.0.874.5 has pretty much sorted out printing and also brings in a few other long awaited or just cool features.

Chromebook Dev Channel: Printing Sorted!

It is not just the printing, but the combination of updates to the file manager, the print preview and the PDF viewer which make this an A1 solution. V8 Benchmark Suite. How To Use The New ChromeBook File API « Ido's Blog. Next week, on June 15, we are going to see a new animal in town.

How To Use The New ChromeBook File API « Ido's Blog

It’s a laptop that works perfectly for the web. It got one of the best/fast browsers out there and its security model is baked really deep. One of the cool things in ChromeOS is that it gives developers a new API to play with. I worked with it in the past few weeks and I must say, it’s great (=Simple and powerful).

‪Chromebook review‬‏ ‪DSCI0012.AVI‬‏ Chrome OS adds ZIP file support (inches closer to being a real operating system) Google Chrome OS is often described as an operating system designed to run a single app: a web browser.

Chrome OS adds ZIP file support (inches closer to being a real operating system)

But as the Chrome OS project has evolved, it’s started to take on features that help you do some of the things you’d expect to do with a desktop operating system. There’s a built-in file browser that lets you view downloaded media, photos and screenshots you take with a Chromebook, and a media player that can handle music and video from your SD card or local storage even when there’s no internet connection handy. But there are still a number of quirks. For instance, while you can cache some data for offline viewing, there’s currently no good way to download your entire Google Docs list of documents for offline editing.

‪DSCI0027‬‏ How To Run Linux On A Chromebook. Spoiler - this is not breaking a chromebook into a linux box! What it is - quite simply - is proof positive that the web browser is quite capable of taking over as the primary application context for all but the most extreme human computer interaction [Yes - that does mean Microsoft are getting in right - as are Google]. It is absolutely 100% the truth that these are pictures of my Samsung Chromebook running linux. What is happening here is that it is running linux in Bellard's amazing JavaScript PC emulator. The Chromebook's chrome V8 JavaScript engine can boot this 2.6 kernel up in around 10 seconds. Javascript PC Emulator. ‪1080p Chromebook‬‏

Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Arctic White): Computers. I bought the Samsung Chromebook because I wanted one fast-access device, with an attached keyboard, where I didn't have constant reminders about security updates and scans, to act as a supplement to my home PCs. I'd been very interested in buying one since they appeared on the market, as I'd remarked to a colleague a few years ago that netbooks would run faster if the browser alone was the operating system, and you could probably do most tasks using this - so I had already bought into the concept, as far as I know, before it was even announced.

Anyway, in the following, I've compiled some points which I hope will be useful to other Amazon users. Maximising browser speed:With all apps and extensions loaded by default, web browsing slows down. They can all be switched On/Off manually, but I found one extension, Disable All Extensions Plus, which simplifies the process. Switching off all apps and extensions visibly speeds webpage opening/scrolling, for the times when you need it. Chromebook Blog. Chromebook working in the middle of the countryside. Chromebook vs Fedora 15 on powerful laptop scrolling bakeoff. Chromebook Kicks Ipad Ass! Plus super new windowing feature. Chrome 13 Utterly Demolishes IE9 In Speed Tests! Chromebooks take IPad2 to the cleaners and Chrome 13 smacks the brown stuff out of Safari 5.1 as well. But the big shocker - IE 9 is slower than Safari and Chrome 13.

My response to finding this out has complete shock. UrbanDaddy and Virgin America Team Up for New Google Chrome Traveler Application. New York, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2011 Virgin America and luxury media powerhouse UrbanDaddy ( have launched their jointly developed Virgin America Traveler app for Chrome. The free app, now available exclusively at the Chrome Web Store, will assist and inspire travelers for upcoming trips with on-the-fly essential packing lists and complete integration with UrbanDaddy’s unparalleled archive of local restaurant, nightlife and entertainment recommendations.

UrbanDaddy’s highly filtered, editor-driven database of suggested bars, restaurants, shopping and leisure destinations represents the single most carefully curated real-time city guide available anywhere online. Before app users leave for their next Virgin America jaunt, they’ll be able to access original stories cataloging the best of the best in food, nightlife and entertainment in their destination city. “Our goal has always been to use technology to reinvent the travel experience—and help bring some fun back to flying. Warts and all physical review of Samsung Chromebook. Chromebook: Browsing Power User Features. Extreme Chromebook Coolness - IPad Killer For Me!

With the latest updates to the chromebook (I am on the dev channel) the performance blows all netbooks out the water. Comparisons of the crbk to netbooks are now devoid of merit. How does it line up against the IPad? IPads and Chromebooks are do different things. However, they do have a big overlap. Today I was stood outside a hotel and needed to quickly look up and email that explained to me how to get in.