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CCRL 40/40 - Complete list. CEGT home. Chess Engines Diary: Rating JCER. Ipman Chess. Owl Chess Blitz: Rating List-Chess Engines. Owl Chess Blitz: Owl Hybrid Chess Engines Rating List - Best. Owl Computer Chess Engines Rating List. FCCG. S Rating Lists (FGRL) ChessWar. Computer_chess:tournaments:ratings - Computer Chess Wiki. Your trusted source for computer chess information! Gauged with Stockfish 10 at 3.500 and ProDeo 2.20 at 2.770 only engines which played over 400 games are included commands: “ordo-win64.exe -p rating.pgn -o rating.txt -c rating.csv -W -s1000 -t 400 -m 5 -D -E -V -n 4 -N1 -U “0,1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12” -m anchors.csv” Arnaud's Computer Chess Corner. GURL3 - Google Sheets.

IPON-Rating-List. JCER Live 2014.02.08 - Jurek Chess Engines Rating. MEA Rating List. This new type of rating list is inspired by MEA a tool developed by Ferdinand Mosca processing the 1500 theme based STS positions created by Dann Corbit and Swaminathan Natarajan. As an experiment shows the results are reasonable in sync with the CCRL 4/40 rating list and insipired me to give the STS testsuite more attention in the form of 6 rating lists. Bullet 0.2 second per moveBlitz 0.5 second per move1 second per move5 seconds per move10 seconds per moveabout 60 seconds per move established by 10 seconds per move running on 8 real cores (no hyperthreading) An ELO rating (between 0 and max. 4000) is assigned based on the score (points) an engine produces. If an engine scores the maximum of 1500*10 points the ELO rating is 4000, else lower.

Remarks • The system is currently in BETA mode waiting for feedback. • Engines that contain signs of STS knowledge will not be included in the final version. • Currently there are about ± 30 engines tested. And will take about one week to finish. Future. Opening book elo rating « G 6. Rating-bayes-20160414. Rank Name Elo Diff + - Games Score Oppo. Also-Rans Rating List. Also-ran is a term from horse racing for a horse that finishes outside the top three.

My use of the term is for weaker engines, old and new, that have not been tested for the CCRL blitz list. Besides Oliver DeVille (Chess War) and Leo Dijksman (WBEC), few people spend time testing these engines. Two years ago, Carlos Pagador did a great job creating a list called "Battle of the Forgotten" which highlighted these engines. Though many people's interest lies with the strongest engines (and I must admit, I also have interest in those engines), there are a handful of us, authors and enthusiasts, who like these unsung engines. For myself, I like watching some of these engines play because I can understand their moves :) . All of these engines are included in the CCRL 40/4 rating list. Conditions: Statistics (as of August 23, 2012): While many of the games that are used to construct this rating list were generated by me, it does include games submitted by other members of the CCRL. Ratings.

Updated 02.01.2010 Rapid ratings: P4 2.66Ghz XP-SP2 32bit(since 08/2003) and Q8200 4*2.33Ghz XP-SP3 32bit(since 01/2009), contains only TC 40/15, Ponder off, 1CPU games of RWBC (total 33756 games - players with 100% and 0% deleted from the rating database, also players which have have more than 20% of buggy games = time losses/crashes/illegal moves/wrong claims, if the game outcome is changed by the happened bug): Sorted by Rating(BayesElo with start rating 2099, prior 2 and exactdist, min games 20, calibrated to ZRLG index 8920*) * ZRLG index = sum of ratings from ZChess, Resp, LaDameBlanche and Gerbil Sorted by Name Games download(33828 games) Copyright note: The file is free to use for private purposes. (*)This entry is a merge of two very similar engines,one a suspected clone, the other a clone of the first one.

Ratings. Here's another list including only one engine update but much more games than the previous release. After 21781 games Rapidroid is finally seeing error margins of +/-30 ELO, a level quite acceptable for a non-cumulative testing process which trashes a lot of games with each engine update. This release is delayed just because of my professional duties leaving too little time to deal with the huge (for me) database. I hope the next one will not be late and will be much more interesting thanks to new builds compiled by Aprijal Pasaribu. Regarding the ranking, there's nothing special in through the stable phase: Komodo and Stockfish are so dominant and so close to each other that we can't speak about any superiority.

They are both high above all others and will remain the same until something like a Houdini 5 for Android comes to kick the reigning toppers. * Remove the "bad boys" aka problem engines above tolerated % of abnormal terminations Rnk Name O/S T TC Elo + - Gam Sco Oppo Dra Legend: Ratings - SedatChess. SPCC. SugaR Free UCI Chess Engine by Marco Zerbinati | LINKS.

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