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Adele Neri

UN ESEMPIO: L'UTILIZZO DEI VIDEO. LA STORIA: da dove viene? APPROFONDIMENTI. Infografica: il modello della classe capovolta. Infografica: i ruoli nella classe capovolta. LA STRATEGIA PEDAGOGICA: L'APPRENDIMENTO BASATO SULLA RIFLESSIONE. Reflective learning - Learning. What is reflective learning? PDP is based on the theory of reflective learning, which emphasises that learning derives from our experiences and can be constantly updated through the process of recording and thinking about the experiences we have. A very important aspect of reflective learning is that it is a process in which we can learn about ourselves. Gibbs’ reflective cycle identifies 6 stages of reflection which help students to make sense of their learning experiences. In higher education and graduate employment high value is placed on the skill of being a reflective learner. This means that students can: critically evaluate their learning identify areas of their learning that require further development make themselves more independent learners How can I improve my reflective learning capacity?

We all reflect naturally from time to time on things that happen to us. What are the benefits of reflective learning? More information. Reflective learning - Learning. LA STRATEGIA PEDAGOGICA: L'APPRENDIMENTO BASATO SULLA RIFLESSIONE.