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Hi I am Alessa Mark, travel writer & passionate about travelling. Working for visas, a top leading visa agency in Dubai offering business, travel and visit visa for UAE & non UAE citizens.

Top things to do in San Francisco. San Francisco is a beautiful city in the US which offers countless activities to indulge in and wonderful places to visit which would make your trip to the US a memorable one.

Top things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco opens its arms to approximately 17 million visitors each year. Even the locals can’t stop admiring the iconic landmarks of the city like the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge. Blessed with fine-dining restaurants, sidewalk cafes, artistic coffee shops, ancient museums, pocket gardens, eclectic shops, and hidden stairways are just waiting to meet your explorative eyes. The wonderful San Francisco events like the colorful Chinese New Year parade and zany Bay to Breakers race add the unique local flavor. With plenty of things to do in San Francisco and endless attractions to explore, we present you the top San Francisco attractions that would give you the best experience of the American culture.

Explore the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge Visit the Alcatraz Island post sunset Ride on the Cable Car. Top Things to do in Bangkok. Bangkok offers a great variety of activities to indulge in for both tourists as well as for locals.

Top Things to do in Bangkok

One can easily spend several weeks and still not get enough of it. There is something for everyone across all age groups to explore, whether it’s dazzling temples, antique museums, palaces and beautiful architecture, colorful and vibrant markets, shopping malls, and much more. Every place you visit in Bangkok has an intriguing story to tell you. We present you a list of Bangkok tourist attractions which you should never give a miss during your trip to Thailand. Wat Arun Popularly known as the temple of dawn, this is one of the main attractions offered in Bangkok tourism. The Grand Palace We assure you that you will be stunned by the beauty of this historical complex. Jim Thompson House. 7 Amazing Hotels in Canada that would Take Your Breath Away. Canada, in general, is home to a beautiful landscape and a great weather during the summer and the spring season.

7 Amazing Hotels in Canada that would Take Your Breath Away

The hotels in Canada with their outstanding service, bespoke outdoor adventures, wonderful connectivity to other star attractions, and unparalleled cuisine would surely enhance your experience to staying in this wonderful location. The Canadian government has simplified and provided great convenience for tourists and visitors for applying for Canada visa online. So, whether you are visiting the wild shores of Vancouver Island, the subarctic and boreal regions of Hudson Bay, the Great Bear Rainforest, the vast Coast Mountains, the Cariboo Country, and much more.

How to Obtain a Visit visa for Malaysia in Dubai. Malaysia – even the mention of this amazing destination sends ripples.

How to Obtain a Visit visa for Malaysia in Dubai

Considered as a lively country, Malaysia has some of the most sought after tourist destination set amongst beautiful locales. Malaysia tourism facilities too are excellently maintained so as to provide travellers with ease of getting here, roaming around, engaging in sightseeing activities and arranging for accommodation. Flanked alongside by countries like Indonesia, Singapore, China and Thailand, Malaysia travel is considered as unique due to its proximity to other wonderful tourist countries. Known for rich cultural activities, mesmerising natural surroundings, ancient history and most importantly, friendly people, Malaysia can definitely be one of the destinations you need to visit in your life time. Moreover, Malaysia tourism being brilliantly managed to provide ease, availing of Malaysia visa is not a difficult process for travelers.

Let us now see how the process of Malaysia tourist visa works. Morning Desert Safari with Quad Biking in Dubai, Combo Pack. Description Try Best Desert Safari in Dubai’s Morning Safari with Quad Bike Ride for extra thrill and adrenaline rush!

Morning Desert Safari with Quad Biking in Dubai, Combo Pack

Dubai’s vast seas of sands are known to beckon adventurists, culture enthusiasts and nature lovers from across the world. It has apparently now turned into something of a local hotspot, with tourists coming down in large numbers for a unique, all-inclusive experience. Canadian Holidays – Things to Know Before You Travel - Around The World. Canada has been a major tourist destination for decades.

Canadian Holidays – Things to Know Before You Travel - Around The World

Apart from being the second largest country in the world after Russia and the largest country in North America, Canada is also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. There is so much to explore in this beautiful country whether it is their unique fusion of cultures, rich and variable history, pristine and marvelous landscapes, or delicious Canadian cuisine.

Blessed with amazingly gorgeous natural beauty and vast land. Safety Tips and Emergency numbers for Tourist visiting Singapore. Singapore is a city that never sleeps, where the fun is never ending and what essentially is redefining entertainment almost every day.

Safety Tips and Emergency numbers for Tourist visiting Singapore

Founded as a British trading colony not long ago, Singapore has set a benchmark for the world in terms of urbanization, expansion and tourism development. The city- state is practically on the list of every traveler. So if you’re also planning to strike off Singapore from your list and visit the city of glitz and glamour anytime soon, here is a list of exclusive safety information that may come in handy. singapore city The most important emergency numbers for the tourists visiting Singapore for the first time:

Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour - Burj Khalifa 'At the Top' Ticket. Italy Holidays – Things to Know Before You Travel. Italy is a beautiful country in Europe along the Mediterranean coastline.

Italy Holidays – Things to Know Before You Travel

Italy has greatly influenced and impacted the western culture and cuisine. Several cities in Italy have been set as benchmarks in their respective fields such as Vatican – is situated in Italy, Venice – the city of canals, Milan – fashion capital of Italy, and much more. No matter which part of Italy you travel, you get to see something unique and attractive. Millions of tourists come over to Italy and it has been named the 5th most visited country in the world for tourism. The purpose of the visit is an opportunity to experience the rich art, history, cuisine, and culture. What is the Cost of Living in Canada? Travelling or relocating to a new city or country is quite exciting.

What is the Cost of Living in Canada?

However, one thing everyone needs to know before planning to relocate or travel is the cost of living in that particular place. The cost of living in Canada would depend on several factors. If you are relocating from a West European country, you would find Canada cheaper than your own country. However, if you are shifting from some other place like Asia or Africa, you would find Canada life to be pricey. One of the important factors that would determine your cost of living in Canada is the city you choose to stay at. How much is the Cost of Living in Italy? Italy, part of Europe, is a popular tourist spot not just for its natural beauty but also because of the several monuments, art galleries and UNESCO world heritage sites that fill its cities.

How much is the Cost of Living in Italy?

Be it Venice, Rome, Florence or any other place in Italy, each city has something unique to offer. Moreover, the delicious Italian food is popular all around the world. All these things make Italy an attractive place; a place you must definitely go to, at least once in your lifetime. Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina With Special Deals. Dubai is definitely an exciting place to be at, with huge skyscrapers to see, dazzling beaches to relax and delicious food to enjoy. However, sightseeing during the day can be a bit tiring, especially during the summers when the temperature sores up and the sun is very harsh. Nevertheless, you do not need to sit in your hotel room just because of the heat. A great way of viewing the amazing delights of Dubai is by going for a dhow dinner on Dubai Marina Cruise. Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai With BBQ Dinner. Description Overnight desert safari is a true Arabian adventure to explore the enigmatic allure and charm of the region!

On this spectacular desert safari, stay overnight and sleep out under the desert stars. Enjoy dune bash, display your balancing skills while riding a camel, capture the gorgeous views of desert sunset, sample a delectable BBQ dinner and partake in a range of customary things as part of this trip, including Shisha smoking, donning Arabic traditional costumes, henna designing, and spectacle belly dance performance, before you get set to enjoy a relaxing sleep overnight deep within the desert. Our tent, mimicking a traditional Bedouin hideout, comes with everything to keep you comfortable and warm throughout the night. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai. Description Extensive yet untouched, mysterious yet incredibly mesmerizing, Dubai’s tranquil desert is an enticing Arabian gem. Dubai City Sightseeing Tour with Burj Khalifa. eDubai Shopping Festival’s Dubai city tour is a 4-hour long trip that includes the most important places of the city.

The Emirate city of Dubai is a perfect blend of traditions and modernity. This tour package has been designed to show the tourists the best of both worlds. Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Creek at Best Price. A vacation to Dubai would not be complete without visiting the Dubai Creek. Although you are free to walk the Cornish to enjoy the sights bordering the Dubai Creek, why not do it in style? Dubai Shopping Guide. The Dubai Shopping Festival is the best time to splurge on yourself as well as your family and friends. Dubai! Over Night Desert Safari. ANÁLISIS DEL MODELO DE DUBAI.

News For Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Art and Culture

Dubai *-* Living in Dubai. Musandam Dibba Tour from Dubai - Musandam Trips. A typical holiday in Dubai is envisioned as watching the huge, luxurious skyscrapers and visiting the enormous malls. Morning Safari with Camel Riding in Dubai. The desert looks majestic in the morning with its glittering golden sand. Desert Safari with VIP AC Majlis - Dubai Desert Safari. Hatta Mountain Safari in Dubai @ 4X4 vehicle. Description As one of the most charming regions of Dubai - boasting a huge assortment of historically rich attractions, Hatta provides access to some of the emirate's unspoiled gems.

Picturesque scenery set against the backdrop of Hajjar Mountains, vast stretches of sand dunes, meandering mountain trails, and most of all, the heritage village - with an ancient fort, 200-year-old mosque, and a museum housing an intriguing collection of photographs that reflects the historical past of the region, keeps those craving for a laid-back, mesmerizing getaway coming back to Hatta. Dinner in the Desert Camp Dubai. Description. Desert Safari with Quad Biking in Dubai - Dubai Quad Bike Safari Combo Pack. Description. Desert Safari with Quad Biking in Dubai. A team of specially trained staff will brief you on how to go about quad biking and how to take the necessary precautions, after which you can get ready for the off-road exploration – thrilling as well as scenic.

Desert Safari in Dubai with 4x4 Dune Bashing at Best Price. Description. Best Desert Safari in Dubai. Travel Planning. People somehow have a misconception that Canada is just a milder version of its neighbor; the United States of America. However, this is not even close to truth. Canada has its own charm and is entirely different from USA. Italy visa for South African Passport Holder in United Arab Emirates. Travelling is a therapy; there is nothing in the world that would broaden your mind and free your spirits like travelling. However, while travelling is exciting it is not entirely easy.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai, Dinner and Sightseeing Tour. Best Desert Safari in Dubai. Desert Safari - Dhow Cruise Dubai. Morning Desert Safari Dubai Tour. Desert Safari in Dubai - Arabian Adventures. Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai Tour  Desert Safari, Abu Dhabi and Dubai City Tour - Trio Package. Dubai Holiday Packages. Holidays Archives - Dubai Tours - Book Dubai Sightseeing Tours. Travel Planning. Tips to get an Italy visa in United Arab Emirates on an Indian Passport. Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 - DSF Deals and Offers. Desert Safari in Dubai - Malaysia Visa Application Requirements. Canada Visa Application Requirements For UAE.

Travel Guide & Travel Tips Blog. Italy Visa Document Checklist. How to Avoid Malaysia Visa Rejection? Travel. Check123 sur Twitter : "Can Chocolate make us smarter? #Foodie # Chocolate... Top ‘Not-To-Miss’ Experiences in Italy. Travel Planning. The Art of Being Yourself: Caroline McHugh at TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen. UAE to finish drafting corporate tax, VAT laws this quarter.

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Canada Tours & Travel Guide. Italy Tours & Travel Guide. Study in the UK. Kaplan International Colleges. Canada Visit Visa - Tourist Visa and Business Visa. Schengen Visa for Italy.