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Arriesgando la vida para fotografiar el volcán más activo del mundo. El volcán Kilauea es considerado el más activo del mundo.

Arriesgando la vida para fotografiar el volcán más activo del mundo

Ubicado en Hawai, este gigante ha hecho erupción al menos 35 veces durante las últimas cinco décadas, liberando un volumen de material tal que si se usará para pavimentar una carretera alrededor de la Tierra el camino completaría tres vueltas. Arriesgando evidentemente su vida, el fotógrafo Miles Morgan decidió excursionar al interior del Kilauea para documentar una serie de ígneos paisajes que pocos humanos han tenido el privilegio, y la osadía, de observar con sus propios ojos. n02_sean-heavey.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 990x567 píxeles)

"Venezuela. Surroundings of Angel Falls" - (©)AIRPANO.RU - Project by Oleg Gaponyuk. 79463-F.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 950x619 píxeles) Awesome pictures from around the world. Someone sent me these in a chain email, it was horribly formatted.

Awesome pictures from around the world

I also do not know who made the comments, or how accurate they are. I take zero credit in the pictures, I just wanted to compile them nicely for all to see. The world’s highest chained carousel, located in Vienna, the height of 117 meters. Thor’s Well – “the gates of the dungeon.” CapePerpetua, Oregon. Emerald Lake in the crater of an extinct volcano. Restaurant on a cliff on the east coast of Zanzibar.Depending on the tide the restaurant can be reached both on foot and by boat. 6036.DSC04645_5F00_2DE0FC72.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1024x768 píxeles) - Escalado (71%) Landscapes, photos of landscapes, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park - China. A galaxy not so far away: Salt Lake City photographer captures spectacular images of our own Milky Way arched over the pillars and canyons of Utah.

By Rob Waugh Updated: 17:27 GMT, 7 February 2012 Salt Lake City photographer Royce Bair uses digital cameras and what he describes as a 'copious collection of portable incandescent and flash lighting equipment' to capture his unique views of the night sky over Utah's spectacular canyons.

A galaxy not so far away: Salt Lake City photographer captures spectacular images of our own Milky Way arched over the pillars and canyons of Utah

His shots of Wall Street Canyon at Bryce Canyon National Park with the stars of our own galaxy, the Milky Way blazing overhead showcase some of his technique. Bair has been lecturing on night photography for two decades. A photograph of 'Wall Street' canyon at Bryce Canyon National Park on September 20, 2011 in Utah, showing a view across our own galaxy, the Milky Way Stunningly beautiful images capture the glory of the Milky Way taken with a digital camera A photograph of Thor's Hammer at Bryce Canyon National Park on September 20, 2011 in Utah with the Milky Way overhead The photographs of Wall Streeet were taken at Bryce Canyon National Park on September 20, 2011 in Utah. 265202e154f050ca102f5e0898574b85-d4gdepf.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1200x570 píxeles) These 50 Photos Will Blow you Away. The Beauty of Death by Skarphedinn Thrainsson. Mount Doom by Skarphedinn Thrainsson. 28485008.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1536x1152 píxeles) - Escalado (47%) Amazing Places To Experience Around The Globe (Part 1)

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Amazing Places To Experience Around The Globe (Part 1)

Looks like good Photography Portfolio by Cole Rise. Scandinavian Landscapes on Photography Served. 100 Incredible Views Out Of Airplane Windows. Nwoehnl-m8VDrqaU7No-hd.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1624x1080 píxeles) Colorful-flower-field_1920x1200_71912.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1920x1200 píxeles) - Escalado (45%) 4365489343_012a666186_b.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1024x683 píxeles) - Escalado (80. Norway_102_by_lonelywolf2.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1280x840 píxeles) 169919.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1208x870 píxeles) - Escalado (63%) Real_world-44.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1920x1080 píxeles) - Escalado (50%) Marvel at the Magnificent Marble Caves [35 PICS] Can you imagine something happening that would endanger these exquisite azure caverns?

Marvel at the Magnificent Marble Caves [35 PICS]

It might if Chile continues with plans to build five hydro-power dams in Patagonia. Photo #7 by © Jorge Leon Cabello The water has eroded the marble to create cavities and marble caves. There are different color shades, depending on the contents’ impurities. There are white banks of great purity, but it is also possible to find blue and pink marble banks due to the presence of other minerals.

Amazing geological formations on Chilean side of Lake Carrera. It would be a real shame if the hydro-power dams damage the lake and the marble caves on top of the surrounding natural habitats for wildlife. View of the lake and where to find the marble caverns in the Aysen region of Chile. Beautiful Places to Visit - Part 2. The island nation known as the Seychelles can be found in the Indian Ocean off the East coast of Africa, North of Madagascar.

Beautiful Places to Visit - Part 2

There are 115 islands in the archipelago. Seychelles has become a popular tourist destination, thanks to its stunning tropical beaches and interesting wildlife. Popular activities include diving, fishing, sailing, and laying around on amazing white sand beaches. Visitors can find any range of accommodation on the main islands of Praslin, La Digue or Mahé, as well as a variety on outlying islands.

Once a backpacker’s secret, Thailand’s Phi Phi islands exploded onto the tourist map after the release of The Beach , a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio that was filmed on one of the islands. Southwest of Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea lies a paradise like no other, the island country of the Maldives. Credit: Silvery Credit: deckchair Credit: Jinaa. The 40 Most Spectacular and Mindblowing Photos of Nature.

A lifetime is not enough to see what nature has to offer and all its beauties, along with its weirdness at times. There’s always something new happening in the world that people can hardly explain and sometimes mysteries are never solved. v22_0RTXV9FO.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 991x618 píxeles) - Escalado (88. 339.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 950x759 píxeles) - Escalado (72%) Un lugar de ensueño: La Falla de Richat. Desde nuestros inicios los seres humanos hemos buscado las respuestas de nuestra existencia en nuestro propio entorno: la naturaleza, la conciencia y la duda forman parte de nuestra esencia.

Un lugar de ensueño: La Falla de Richat

Sin embargo, hay cosas que definitivamente no tienen respuesta —hasta el momento— como es el caso de a “Estructura de Richat”, también conocida como “El ojo de la Tierra”. Esta impactante falla geográfica nos demuestra una vez más que los seres humanos somos una especie novata en este gran planeta. La Estructura de Richat, apodado por otros “el espejo de Dios”, se encuentra ubicada en el Desierto del Sahara, en Mauritania, y se le considera uno de los puntos energéticos más importantes de la Tierra. Físicamente hace alusión a una espiral gigantesca multicolor —casi de otro planeta— y visualmente su gama de texturas es sorprendente. Top 10: los pantanos más bellos del mundo (FOTOS.

Increíble nube píleo con copa de arcoíris (FOTO. Still Looking For Paradise? Maldives - Double chain of twenty-six atolls… The Republic of Maldives, or simply the Maldives, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean.

Still Looking For Paradise? Maldives -

It consists of approximately 1,190 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, along the north-south direction, spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometers, making this one of the most disparate countries in the world. The atolls are composed of live coral reefs and sand bars, situated atop a submarine ridge 960 kilometers long that rises abruptly from the depths of the Indian Ocean and runs from north to south. Crystal clear waters, beautiful white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and fabulous dive sites – that’s why the Maldives, is known for being one of the best tropical holiday destinations in the world. ...and no need to climb ;) With an average ground level of 1.5 metres (4 ft 11 in) above sea level, it is the lowest country on the planet.

Summer never ends ... Crystal clear waters and azure blue lagoons... Resorts in the Maldives. JGC.