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30 free programming eBooks « Since this post got quite popular I decided to incorporate some of the excellent suggestions posted in the comments, so this list now has more than 50 books in it.

30 free programming eBooks «

BTW: I’m not very strict on the definition of “ebook”, some of them are really just HTML versions of books. [UPDATED: 2012-01-18] Learning a new programming language always is fun and there are many great books legally available for free online. Grid System Generator. An Introduction To LESS, And Comparison To Sass. Advertisement I’ve been using LESS1 religiously ever since I stumbled upon it months ago.

An Introduction To LESS, And Comparison To Sass

CSS was never really a problem for me, in and of itself, but I was intrigued by the idea of using variables to create something along the lines of a color palette for my websites and themes. Having a color palette with a fixed number of options to choose from helps prevent me from going color crazy and deviating from a chosen style. Crea Album fotografici online. Aptana. QReate and Track. UI Kits.

Last week we posted a collection of printable wireframing templates which included some for iPhone and iPad app design.

UI Kits

These are great for communicating early mockups and ideas, but when it’s time for those ideas to make the jump from paper to the computer screen, it’s helpful to have a library of UI elements at your disposal. Since we love saving you time, we’ve found some for you. Here are 11 UI Kits for iPhone and iPad Development. iPad GUI Kit in PSD Format. ThemeRoller. CSS Tricks. PatternTap. Chocaholic. Blog sul Web Design. CSS3 Generator.

Vector Graphics.