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Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools. A few weeks ago, Matt DesLauriers @mattdesl, a graphics programmer working at Jam3, showed us an interesting development carried out on our platform.

Trendy Web Color Palettes and Material Design Color Schemes & Tools

As you already know, Awwwards has been collecting information on the most noteworthy websites since 2009 – something which makes us an essential source for web design trend analysis. The project started as an experiment, I was just learning Node at the time and decided to see if I could scrape Awwwards for some data visualization. Matt developed a tool which requests each page of the Awwwards winner gallery, then searches the HTML for all the available metadata like site name, author, date, URL, thumbnail, etc. The RGB pixels of each thumbnail are analyzed to get a rough color palette of the 3 primary colors.

The result is this brilliant data visualization in which each site is represented as a pie graph showing the distribution of its 3 primary colors. 1. 20 Sites of the Day with Great Color Schemes #c0dfd9 #e9ece5 #b3c2bf #3b3a36 Brdr. The 9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2016. More than the patterns that emerge from the Popular feeds on Dribbble and Behance, design trends can be a mysterious thing.

The 9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2016

They’re influenced by culture and media, past and present, technology, fashion, and other industries. They come and go, but it’s hard to say exactly when. Madeleine Morley at The American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) says: Website Color Schemes: The Palettes of 50 Visually Impactful Websites to Inspire You. Did you know that Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind?

Website Color Schemes: The Palettes of 50 Visually Impactful Websites to Inspire You

“Blue is the richest color for me; I can see all of blue” says Zuckerberg. While this choice of color doesn’t seem very scientific, it’s still proves that a lot of thought is put into the choice of color. As Buffer writes, over 90% of our assessment of a product is made on color alone, so it makes sense that color should be considered with care for every design decision, particularly on websites. 20 Awesome Free Brush Fonts – Oftentimes seen on movie titles, postcard designs and posters, this kind of natural element is achieved when a hand drawn type is used on a particular design.

20 Awesome Free Brush Fonts –

Fortunately, many creative folks out there have transformed the magical brush strokes we often see on paper into awesome font styles anyone can enjoy. We have compiled some of them to help you out in your next creative project. Check them out below or bookmark this page for your future reference. Enjoy Imagination Station | Download Source Sticky Things | Download Source The Best Night | Download Source Levi Brush | Download Source. 100 Brilliant Color Combinations and How to Apply Them to Your Designs.

Color makes a design come alive.

100 Brilliant Color Combinations and How to Apply Them to Your Designs

It can attract attention, set a mood, and even influence our emotions and perceptions. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a color palette for your design project. So we’ve done the hard work for you— giving you 100 color combinations inspired by nature, food & drink, travel, and everyday items.

Awesome Calligraphy compilation by Mr.Kams. The Most Amazing Satisfying Video Hand Drawing Calligraphy - Amazing Satisfying. Greyscalegorilla - Cinema 4D Tutorials and Tools for Motion Graphic Designers. Parallel Pen Calligraphy - More Lower Case. Artist Draws Famous Logos By Hand (Seb Lester) '어벤져스' 타이틀 손글씨 : Hand Drawn 'The Avengers' (Pilot Parallel Pen) Mindcrack Calligraphy - JSano. Creative Bloq - Your daily dose of design tips and inspiration. HTML Color Codes.

Color schemes - Adobe Kuler. Design Templates - Fonts - Logo - Icons. Free Textures from TextureKing. Case study: Designing landing page. Creating a web site or an application, people usually have different and sometimes numerous goals.

Case study: Designing landing page.

Some of them in case of conversion give real or virtual money, some provide signups and others persuade your target customer to decide on free trial. In all cases, nobody starts the venture without any thoughts what they want to get: money, popularity, pitch for self-expression, power and so on and so forth. Therefore, in all cases the producers and advertisers of any web and mobile product sell something, although the payment can go far beyond users’ money, concentrating on some other feedback and respond.

That is why, actually, analyzing efficiency of a web site or mobile app we talk about conversions rather than purchases. Taking into account fresh trends of online sphere of communication and trade, it is easy to say that landing pages are growing their popularity fast and steadily. 10 Najboljih Web Sajtova sa Ne-Standardnom Navigacijom. Tuts+ 100 pieces of advice for creatives. 239 days ago, Gui Menga – a designer and calligrapher from São Paulo – started the Daily Advice for a Creative Life tumblr blog, where he’s using hand lettering to illustrate quotes, tips and pieces of advice from various sources around the web.

100 pieces of advice for creatives

Below you’ll find a selection of my favorite 100 out of his ever-growing collection that counts 239 entries today. One thing that fascinates me is that there are not that many pieces of conflicting advice as you would imagine, so I suspect Gui only picks the ones that resonate with him. Let me know what you think. Design & Illustration – Tuts+ Tutorials. Creative Advertising Archive & Community. 130 Retro Color Palettes by COLOURlovers.

Here's some inspiration influenced from colors past.

130 Retro Color Palettes by COLOURlovers

Selected from the COLOURlovers' group Retro (though I only made it about half way through the group's collection before I had more than enough great palettes to share). Let's go back in time for inspiration. A faded Polaroid photo from your childhood, a French movie, a vintage dress, architecture, music or whatever you can think of from the last century that you associate with the word.

Middle grade - eyeris. Ultimate Guide to Flat Website Design. The combination of bright colors and exotic typography has paved the way for unique flat interfaces.

Ultimate Guide to Flat Website Design

Minimalism is a big part of this design idea, and you can see how popular these trends have become in recent months. Flat website design is a brilliant concept because it focuses solely on the content. But many designers are unfamiliar with the latest trends and don’t know where to get started.

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