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Problem loading page. Anza Mk-II MANPADS in Libya « The Rogue Adventurer - Pale Moon. Anza Mk-II Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) have been observed in Libya.

Anza Mk-II MANPADS in Libya « The Rogue Adventurer - Pale Moon

A source working with an NGO in Libya, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent me the images featured in this piece. These images were taken in 2011 at arms depots wrested from government control by rebel forces. The Anza Mk-II, developed at the Dr A.Q. Khan Research Laboratories in Kahuta, is a derivative of the Chinese QW-1, first developed in the early 1990s.

It was introduced to Pakistan’s armed forces in 1994, and features a slant range of approximately 5km, a maximum engagement altitude of around 4km, and a missile speed of approximately 600m/s. The Anza Mk-II constitutes a greater threat than the SA-7b systems that make up the bulk of MANPADS identified in Libya. Anza Mk-II missile launch tubes are seen alongside 9K32M (SA-7b) and 9K338 (SA-24) tubes in a captured arms depot. The Federation of American Scientists has some more information, here. Like this: Like Loading... Government-allied Libyans seize militia bases in Benghazi after protest, clashes. Magariaf, president of Libya’s General National Congress, spoke at a news conference just before midnight, after meeting with officials and militia leaders in Benghazi.

Government-allied Libyans seize militia bases in Benghazi after protest, clashes

A day earlier, clashes between protesters and militias left four people dead and dozens injured. Those clashes followed a large-scale protest Friday in which thousands of people marched through the city demanding the dissolution of the militias that have run Libya’s streets in the absence of a strong central government and police force since a revolution ended the 42-year rule of Moammar Gaddafi last year. Many Libyans have blamed extremist groups for the attack on the U.S. Consulate here on Sept. 11 that killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador.

The groups have operated with relative impunity in the security vacuum that has prevailed since Gaddafi’s ouster and death. “The ambassador was a good man. Shattered glass and debris covered the base, and the smell of charred wreckage hung in the air. More details emerge on U.S. ambassador's last moments. Local official says he warned U.S. diplomats about security in the area"The situation is frightening, it scares us," the official says He says it was not the first time he warned foreigners about the worsening security Benghazi, Libya (CNN) -- Three days before the deadly assault on the United States consulate in Libya, a local security official says he met with American diplomats in the city and warned them about deteriorating security.

More details emerge on U.S. ambassador's last moments

Jamal Mabrouk, a member of the February 17th Brigade, told CNN that he and a battalion commander had a meeting about the economy and security. He said they told the diplomats that the security situation wasn't good for international business. "The situation is frightening, it scares us," Mabrouk said they told the U.S. officials. He did not say how they responded. Attackers set the U.S. A desk inside the burnt U.S.

The damage inside the burnt U.S. A lounge chair and umbrella float in the swimming pool of the U.S. U.S. A burnt vehicle is seen at the U.S. Azelin : RT @Hesiod2k11: @azelin... MustafaAG : I condemn these barbaric acts... Dr.Mustafa Abushagur (MustafaAG) sur Twitter. Libya bans religious, tribal or ethnic parties. After Qaddafi, Tripoli is a violent city of armed fiefdoms. TRIPOLI // After not hearing from her brother Mahmoud for several hours earlier this week, Amal Ali Ibrahim dialled his mobile phone number in dread.

After Qaddafi, Tripoli is a violent city of armed fiefdoms

He had gone to Tripoli's Gargour neighbourhood to help his brother Ibrahim. There was word of a turf war between forces of the interim government and members of a civilian militia from Zintan, a city in the Nafusa Mountains, 136 kilometres south-west of the capital. The phone rang once. It rang again. Then before the last ring, the phone was finally picked up. Imitating the perfunctory tone of a telephone operator, the voice at the other end of the line said: "Sorry the person you are trying to call cannot be reached. " What came next was not matter-of-fact at all.

As of yesterday, there was no word of the fate of his two brothers. Tripoli's top military official, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, has refused to hear the pleas of family members for help in finding the two men. "There is no law," said Jasmine Hassan, 32, a friend of Amal. Page 2 of 2. Global Security Newswire - U.S. Seeks to Renew Contacts With Libyan WMD Scientists. PrintShareEmailTwitterFacebookLinkedIn The United States is attempting to renew contacts with Libyan WMD experts in order to continue steering them toward civilian jobs as a means of ensuring their unique expertise is not used by hostile nations or terrorists to create new unconventional weapons, the Associated Press reported on Thursday (see GSN, March 10).

Global Security Newswire - U.S. Seeks to Renew Contacts With Libyan WMD Scientists

The former regime of Muammar Qadhafi at one point employed hundreds of scientists in the research and development of weapons of mass destruction. Qadhafi in 2003 struck an agreement with Western governments to shutter his WMD programs; the following year the Bush administration moved to create a jobs program that would place the Libyan weapons scientists in such nonmilitary fields as gas and oil manufacturing, atomic medicine and water desalination. That program came to a halt when fighting erupted in the North African country in February.

Les armes du CNT

What Do We do about Libya NOW. With the U.S. and NATO's thumb firmly on the scale, the balance of power in Libya seems to be shifting steadily toward the rebel forces.

What Do We do about Libya NOW

That's bad news for the Qaddafi family, though their lack of attractive alternatives to fighting on makes it unlikely that they will simply surrender. This outcome is also not that surprising, as the Libyan military was never a first-class fighting force and it was not going to have real trouble standing up to the rebel forces once they started getting lots of outside help. The danger, however, is that the rebel forces will not be able to consolidate control over the entire country without a lot more fighting, including the sort of nasty urban warfare that can get lots of civilians killed.

As with the invasion of Iraq, in short, the issue wasn't whether the West could eventually accomplish "regime change" if it tried. In the Libyan case, same basic question. AFP/Getty Images. Libya: Three rookie errors. In March, when China and Russia refused to veto UN Security Council resolution 1973 (authorising the use of force against Libya), alarm bells should have been ringing in Washington. The arch-realists in Beijing and Moscow were no converts to the lofty liberalism that suddenly overtook US foreign policy, nor keen to embrace a more elastic conception of sovereignty.

They were just being pragmatic. The notion that the US and its allies were not content with Afghanistan and Iraq, and were itching for another distraction, another open-ended military adventure in a country of no strategic value was, as Walter Russell Mead notes, just too 'deliciously attractive' to resist. Six weeks later, true to Russian and Chinese expectations, the whole adventure has become a fiasco. The civil-war is stalemated. The mission has also exposed deep fissures within NATO.

This isn't to say things are completely hopeless. 1. Libya doesn't qualify. 2. 3. The intervention in Libya fails on every count. NATO's Decline over Libya. Interviewee: Robert E.

NATO's Decline over Libya

Hunter, Senior Advisor, The Rand CorporationInterviewer: Bernard Gwertzman, Consulting Editor, April 19, 2011 President Barack Obama and the leaders of France and Britain have in effect called for the ouster of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi, yet the failure to apply sufficient military force is a blow to NATO and U.S. credibility, says Robert E. Hunter, an ambassador to NATO in the Clinton administration. Hunter says NATO's enforcement of the no-fly zone has prevented a sweep of pro-Qaddafi forces across Libya, but "using the current methods, it would be most unlikely to succeed" in ousting Qaddafi.

The decision by the United States to withdraw the AC-130 and A-10 war planes from the Libyan theater, he says, "is going to be read in Europe as the United States not pulling its weight in NATO. It's been almost a month now that NATO countries have been maintaining a no-fly zone over Libya and dropping bombs on Qaddafi's forces. No, not just that. Libya’s Lessons for North Korea. Hey, remember when Bush Administration officials tried to convince Kim Jong Il that he could get the same denuclearization deal Bush gave Qadhafi?

Libya’s Lessons for North Korea

Yeah, the last couple of days might explain why Kim didn’t think it was such a great idea. Update | 11:25 am 22 March 2011 Apparently the DPRK is drawing the same lesson. From KCNA: Every semester, I have my students read Rob Litwak’s Non-proliferation and the Dilemmas of Regime Change for a reason. Sans titre. There are parts of the world that should be declared Zones of Total Bullshit.

sans titre

Take Libya. It seems like everybody who even tries to talk about the place starts lying. The latest lie is that "Libya has renounced terrorism and WMDs" because Qadafi, the little colonel who runs the place, saw what happened to Saddam and surrendered to the forces of good. Here's a typical headline I picked up off the net: "Qadafi Buckles after Eyeing Saddam in His Spider Hole. " Saying that Qadafi "buckled" just now is like saying that a sixty-year-old prostitute just lost her virginity. And saying Qadafi's "renounced weapons of mass destruction" is more crap.

Qadafi's army and air force never were worth a damn. If anybody deserves credit for scaring Libya straight, it's those F-111s that Reagan sent hunting for Qadafi's presidential tents so they could leave him a few 1000-lb calling cards. For you kids who're too young to remember the raids, here's a little background.

From the no-fly zone to the Western intervention

International reactions to Gaddafi's actions against his populat. Kadhafi - Gaddafi - Gadhafi. Middle East News, Iraq, Iran current affairs. THE ROVING EYE Gaddafi goes Tiananmen By Pepe Escobar "The unity of China was more important than the people of Tiananmen Square.

Middle East News, Iraq, Iran current affairs

" "It's impossible for the youth to follow anyone else. If not Gaddafi, who else would they follow? Somebody with a beard? " Libya's Muammar Gaddafi, February 22 Talk about The King's Speech; this was The African King of Kings' Speech. States under president Ronald Reagan in 1986. What else is new? Abdulmoneim al-Honi, who resigned as Libya's representative to the Arab League, says Gaddafi is barricaded at the Bab al-Azizia base. The rant may well have been Gaddafi's Hitler moment - with the German leader's consort Eva Braun played by his Ukrainian nurse. The blood on the regime's hands as well as the humbling courage of the Libyan people, are self-evident. The capital Tripoli - crammed with pro-regime forces - seems at least temporarily to have been bludgeoned into silence. Mercenaries or scapegoats? Watch King Abdullah Next is the black gold angle.

Libya. Matières premières : Fermeture d'un gazoduc reliant la Libye à l'Europe. Libya’s Oil Money Let Qaddafi Buy Support in Africa. Des milliers de Tunisiens quittent la Libye - Monde. Libya unrest: UN urges mass border evacuation. 2 March 2011Last updated at 07:58 The BBC's Jim Muir: "There are thousands upon thousands of people waiting desperately to cross that border" The UN has called for a mass humanitarian evacuation of people fleeing Libya for Tunisia, saying the border situation is at "crisis point". Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said thousands of lives were at stake. Some 75,000 people have fled to Tunisia since unrest began and 40,000 more are waiting to cross, the UN says. The organisation has voted to suspend Libya from its Human Rights Council. Beleaguered Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has rejected calls to leave.

He has played down the unrest in the country and is trying to regain areas held by opponents of his rule in the west. Mr Ban said reports had suggested about 1,000 people had so far died in the Libyan unrest. Meanwhile there has a series of huge explosions in the capital Tripoli, caused by a fuel tanker which overturned. 'Strong message' Continue reading the main story At the scene. Libye: les Français rapatriés raconte. Libye : "C'était un carnage absolu", actualité Monde : Le Point. LIBYAN PROTESTERS ATTACK S.KOREAN & CHINESE COMPANIES. Resentment over the comfortable life-style of foreigners working in Libyan projects as compared to the poverty of Libyan workers seems to be playing a role in the current turmoil in Libya. This resentment has led to a number of attacks on South Korean and Chinese companies in Libya. 2. Even before the unrest began in Egypt, there were reports of attacks on South korean construction sites.

On January 14 and 15, hundreds of Libyans raided four South Korean-run construction sites, destroying heavy equipment and setting vehicles and other facilities on fire. According to the South Korean Foreign Ministry, on February 21, about 500 Libyans stormed and looted a South Korean construction site west of Tripoli, injuring South Korean and Bangladeshi workers.It said about 15 Bangladeshis were hurt along with three South Koreans when the mob invaded the site about 30 kilometres west of Tripoli. 3. 4. "The Chinese worker said one of the robbed construction workers phoned him after the looting. Kadhafi n'a plus qu'à se pendre.

La Libye et son armement