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How to make a scrunchie.


Adjustable Sliding Knot Necklace (Tutorial) Double-Knitting - Invisible Cast on and knitting in the round with Magic Loop tutorial. HJS Studio Design Your Own Knitting Patterns. Print Version Here When I'd been knitting maybe three years, back in about 1981, I visited a knitting store in Maryland, I forget what town, and asked if they had classes on designing your own knitting patterns.

HJS Studio Design Your Own Knitting Patterns

The woman looked at me with incredulity and said that designing your own was really hard to do, and no, they didn't have classes on it. I didn't sign up for any of their classes. A little later I found a Penguin yarn store in the local mall--unheard of today, and maybe I was luckier then than I realized. It became my home away from home. DE MIS MANOS TEJIDOS Y MAS...: Modelos de blusas a crochet. Cap Sleeve Lattice Top. I can remember lying for hours under the pergola in my grandmother’s yard.

Cap Sleeve Lattice Top

In the fall I’d watch the grid-like shadows shift across the grass as the sun moved across the sky. And in the spring I’d stare up, tracking the path of the vines weaving in and out of the lattice work structure. Empty or abundant, I loved the woven wood overhead. My fondness towards this geometric patterning does not stop at the garden wall. Love is actually all around Cowl : Knitty Winter 2012. Tubular Cast On Hold two needles together.

Love is actually all around Cowl : Knitty Winter 2012

Make a slip knot with both yarns and place on the upper needle. This will not count as a stitch. Starting at step 4 of Judy's Magic Cast on, CO 208 sts (104 MC, 104 CC), treating MC as tail and CC as working yarn. Set up the round: Hold the CO stitches with the purl side up, and the MC sts closet to you. With a single circular needle, work across the cast on stitches as follows: [K front st with MC, purl back st with CC]. Lower Edging Place marker and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist. Body Body round: Work Heart Pattern Chart four times around. Upper Edging Edging round: [K1 MC, p1 CC; k1 CC, p1 MC] around. Tubular Bind Off Using two needles, separate the front and back sides of the fabric as follows: [Slip k st to needle 1, slip p st to needle 2] around.

Using MC, purl one round on just the back side fabric (the sts on needle 2). The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater. A simple, fill-in-the-blanks method for making the incredible, custom-fit raglan--the sweater that is knit from the neck down in one piece, to fit anybody!

The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater

By Pamela Costello, St. Paul, Minnesota Introduction. WIP Insanity: Ribbing in double knitting, part 2. This is the continuation of Ribbing in double knitting, part 1, which is itself sort of a sequel to About double knitting.

WIP Insanity: Ribbing in double knitting, part 2

In this blog entry, I'm going to cover the four ways to do ribbing in double knitting that I discussed last time, with pictures showing you what each type looks like. Before we begin, though, I need to define my terms. How to Knit the Mock Ribbing Stitch. The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater. Handy Knitting Needles Conversion Chart. Elephant. Do you remember the “Amigurumi & Crochet Blog Directory” that I compiled last year in August?


I really enjoyed visiting blogs from around the world and seeing what projects different crochet artists were working on. When I clicked on “Petite Maille”, a French blog by Fannie, I was greeted with some pictures of an absolutely adorable elephant (see here). I was immediately intrigued by the construction and shaping of this amigurumi as it looked very different from the traditional method of crocheting individual limbs and then attaching them altogether. I was delighted to see that Fannie provided the free French pattern on her blog. Pattern: Elephant.

Crochet these absolutely adorable, whimsical elephants with a brilliant amigurumi technique that requires minimal attaching.

Pattern: Elephant

Make them in a multitude of colours and add some fabric lining to the ears as a pretty touch! This elephant is an original design by Japanese artist Chisachi Kushima. For the Spanish translation, see Rani’s post HERE on “Amigurumies”, and for the French translation, see Fannie’s post HERE on “Petite Maille”. Below is the English pattern that I have translated! [Don’t forget to click the “Print” button at the bottom of this blog post right above the comments for a printer-friendly version of this pattern!] Materials:


Headbands. Hats. Blankets. Free Standard Clothing Sizes Measurements Chart from Fiber Images. Thinking Beyond the Pattern - Multisize. Multisize me Grading a knitting pattern for multiple sizes You've designed a new sweater, and you'd like to publish the pattern.

Thinking Beyond the Pattern - Multisize

The only trouble is that you've only designed it to fit one size: yours. Now what? Presumably by this point, what you have is a set of notes or pattern instructions for one size. You worked them out, perhaps, by trial and error, or by computation and tweaking as you go. How to Make a Knitting Chart in Excel (Part 1 - Setting up the Chart) A comment on my peptide beer cozy pattern page inquired how I was able to make the chart look so good.

How to Make a Knitting Chart in Excel (Part 1 - Setting up the Chart)

You can go to an office supply store and purchase graph paper. You can download graph paper online. Master Sweater Design in: Handknit Garment Design, A Craftsy Class. Expert Tips on Measuring Yourself for Knitting/Crocheting a Sweater. September 12th, 2013 by Guest Today, we have a guest post from Johnny Vasquez, a knitwear designer, and “Head Honcho” over at the New Stitch A Day blog.

Expert Tips on Measuring Yourself for Knitting/Crocheting a Sweater

Johnny will be sharing some important tips to help you learn how to get proper measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your sweater! Understanding pattern sizing in knitting. In This Chapter. -- a simple way to make your own patterns Anyone who read the title and thought "Oh, I can't do that," go slap yourself. Now, then. In the dark and mysterious past, knitters didn't have Debbie Bliss or Elsebeth Lavold telling them "cast on fifty stitches, work in pattern... " Hems. A hem or facing is an edge that folds under to keep the knitting from curling or stretching.

It is usually made to replace ribbing and can be made horizontally or vertically. It allows pieces to hang properly and is ideal for edges that do not hug the body. Knitting Tip - Button Holes. The correct size I'm sure you've also been annoyed by buttons that just seem to open by themselves, slipping out of the button hole. So you know how important it is for the buttonhole to have the correct size. It's ideal if, to begin with, it's difficult to get the button through the hole, as this automatically gets wider with use. If you're unsure, it's better to have a trial run. There are so many lovely buttons, so work the buttonhole to fit the button and don't look for a button to fit the finished buttonhole.

Standard Body Measurements/Sizing. Most crochet and knitting pattern instructions will provide general sizing information, such as the chest or bust measurements of a completed garment. Picking Up Stitches. When you add any type of border, such as a neckband, to finished pieces, you generally pick up stitches along the edge. Knitting Stitch Dictionary*Sweater Pattern Generator*Knitting Reference.

10 Knitting myths exposed. Granny's Garret - Symbol Crochet Symbol Crochet How to follow a diagram. Welcome to the Craft Yarn Council. EASY crochet baby cardigan tutorial - how to crochet a baby cadigan / sweater / jumper / jacket. Free Baby Layettes, Sets, Outfits, And Ensembles Crochet Pattern Link Directory. Lacy Crocheted Baby Outfit. + enlarge image BACK Beg at shoulder and Back neck edge, ch 50.

Row 1 (RS): Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across; turn -- 49 sc. Rows 2-25: Ch 1, sc in each sc across; turn. Row 26: Ch 1, 2 sc in each of first 2 sc, *sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc; rep from * across to last 2 sc, 2 sc in each of last 2 sc; turn -- 75 sc. Rickrack Rib. Wheat Ear Loop Stitch Pattern Tutorial 6 Free Knitting Stitch Patterns For Beginners. *knit 2 together *slip, slip, knit *3 stitch decrease.

Crochet Butterfly Cord Tutorial 52 Crochet Butterflies. EZ Gauge Form. Knit Ear Warmer Pattern with Flower Crochet. How to #crochet a #Rose (English Video) Yarn Forward - Children's Sizes. Free Knitting Patterns from Knitting On The Net. 4 Ways to Wrap Your Short Rows with Eunny Jang from Knitting Daily TV Episode 902. DIY Hanging String Garden - Green Renaissance. DIY Hanging Pipe Bar. How to Change Thread When Crocheting. How to Crochet a Rose: Beginner Friendly Tutorial. Free Crochet Pattern. Yarn Conversion Chart – Crochet Hooks You.

A knit and crochet community. Winding Paths headband by TumpedDuck. Katiedid Crafts: Knit Flower Headband. Standing Double Crochet - Joining Without the Slip Stitch and Chain! The Standing Double Crochet stitch is one I came to late – and I wish I’d known about it years earlier! Learn the Basics. DIY Button Bowl. DIY Confetti Bowl.