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Toolbox for Education & Social Action. Participatory Learning and Action. Announcement on the future of the PLA series The Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) series is 25 years old this year. At this important milestone, IIED is taking stock of PLA to look at its legacy and its future direction. The series will be put on hold, pending this review, after issue no. 66. For more information read the future of the series. Independent review of Participatory Learning and Action In the summer of 2013, we contracted independent consultants Mary Myers and Mary Hobley to evaluate PLA and outline possible options for its future. Training for Change. PICO Network Training/Strategy. The Change Agency.

Global Voices: Tools for Digital Advocacy. This page is also available in: Spanish, Macedonian, Bangla, Portuguese and Arabic.

Global Voices: Tools for Digital Advocacy

The Advocacy 2.0 Guide (Tools for Digital Advocacy) describes some of the best techniques and tools that digital activists – and others who wish to learn from this subject – can use as part of their online advocacy campaigns. While our previous guide (Blog for a Cause!) Focused on the effective use of blogs as an advocacy tool, this guide will explore creative uses of other web 2.0 applications. Our goal is to: Aggregate web 2.0 tools for advocacyProvide detailed instructions on how to use them Highlight successful experiences of web 2.0 activism by local digital activists around the world.Inspire other activists to adopt these strategies in ways that serve their specific goals and needs.

From “Geo-bombing” to “multi-blogging” and Twitter to “mash-ups”, we explore the field of digital advocacy, helping activists reach out to audiences they may never have reached before. Geo-bombing: YouTube + Google Earth. Alliance for Community Media. Social Design. is a non-profit organisation that aims to foster a discourse on social design through our international online platform and the organization of and participation in projects, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, etc. 1.

Social Design

The first purpose of SocialDesignSite is to create awareness on social design: We as individuals have social interactions everyday. We are not alone on a deserted island. We cannot not be social. Therefore we should be aware of the fact that we have the opportunity to choose our actions in everyday life. 2. 3. 4. We cannot not change the world. We are used to believing the opposite, that we cannot change the world, being the humble individuals we are. Movement Strategy Center. Center for Community Change. National Organizers Alliance. America needs Organizers There are hundreds of listings on our career site.

National Organizers Alliance

Easy to use for searching jobs, listing jobs and posting resumes. The service is free. Link here to Organizers for America, NOA's career service. Mentor Tool Kit Now Online Now Available for Download: Mentor Tool Kit for Social Justice Organizers provided by National Organizers Alliance. Share your own ideas and they can be included here. The Social Justice Salary and Benefits Survey The Social Justice Salary and Benefits Survey 2012 is a collaborative project of RoadMap Consulting, National Organizers Alliance and the DataCenter.

More Community Organizing Literature Since our last eNews, other listings have been added to new books available to support organizing for social justice. Resources for Evaluating Community Organizing (RECO) The Alliance for Justice requests your input into its RECO tools. Renew or join NOA online or by mail. All content © 2014 National Organizers Alliance; P.