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The back of the instagram icon. by Cole Rise. Flixel vs Cinemagram, las mejores apps para animar fotos desde el iPhone. Fecha: 09 / abril / 2012 Si bien hace poco Cinemagram dominaba el mercado de fotos animadas en el iPhone (iPad y iPod Touch), con el costo de $2 dólares, ahora esta gratuito gracias a que salió Flixel, una gran competencia con una moderna interfaz y un proceso mucho más sencillo que Cinemagram. Ambos compiten en lo que sería una nueva red social de fotos, muy al estilo de Instagram, pero con fotos que tengan sólo un área animada y se vean como gifs animados, creando un resultado espectacular. Veamos como son cada uno de estos servicios: Flixel Este video nos muestra el trailer oficial de la app flixel representada perfectamente pro el vuelo de un colibrí. La página web oficial de esta app es: Bajar en iTunes: Las imágenes animadas creadas con Flixel se ven así: Puedes ver más imágenes en su tumblr oficial: Cinemagram El video es un review y mini-tutorial de como funciona Cinemagram.

Flixel vs Cinemagram. Instagram vs. Streamzoo: It’s Not What You Think. The sensation that is Instagram has iOS as well as Android users snapping pictures and sharing them like never before. There’s no question that with the millions of users on the platform as well as the simple workflow, Instagram is a winner. But does that mean Instagram is the best game in town? Maybe not. We recently brought you a list of seven Instagram alternatives, and today I want to do an in-depth comparison with the one I feel is the closest competitor… Streamzoo, available for both iOS and Android. There’s no question that one of the cornerstones of Instagram’s success is the retro-style image filters. InstagramThe first thing to note is that Instagram forces you to take square pictures only. Instagram does better with its 17 built-in image filters. These include the following: No idea what the names of these filters mean, but it’s easy enough to just click through each one to see how it affects the image.

Lastly, you can rotate the image in 90 degree increments. Instagram Magnets by StickyGram - Free International Shipping. Make a Scarf Camera Strap (It’s Chilly Out There!) What’s incredibly soft, keeps you warm, and spends its days around your neck?

Make a Scarf Camera Strap (It’s Chilly Out There!)

A) Your cat, Harold. B) A plush dolphin travel neck pillow. C) Solid gold bling. D) Your new favorite DIY camera strap. If you answered D, you win! It’s the warmest, most colorful and winter-friendly strap your camera’s ever met. Our pal Stacie Grissom just so happens to be a leading authority on scarf camera straps. How to Make a Scarf Camera Strap p.s. Why Silk Scarves Make Excellent Straps: Here’s the backstory from Stacie: Why silk you ask? What You’ll Need: A silk scarf or cut fabric; 60″ long (Surprisingly affordable!) Step 1 – Measure it out Pick a scarf, any scarf. Now, put your scarf or piece of fabric on around your neck as if you were going to wear it like a camera strap. Use your piece of chalk to mark where you want the strap to meet your camera.

Then, mark about an inch and a half below that. Step 2 – Cut Along the Lines Cut along the bottom line that you made. Step 3 – Add the Key Rings.