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Gabriel Pulecio's Infinite Wall display — Panorama 2016. David Spriggs - Gold. CADimensions, Inc. Répertoire des fabricants Alibaba - Fournisseurs, Fabricants, Exportateurs et Importateurs. Wholesale Phone Wireless Controlled LED Dimmer DMX 512 RGB Wifi LED Artnet Controller - Fadecandy — Micah Elizabeth Scott. Fadecandy's temporal dithering algorithm can create super-smooth fades and nuanced colors at a remarkably wide range of brightness levels.

Fadecandy — Micah Elizabeth Scott

The controller hardware updates every LED about 400 times per second to rapidly oscillate between nearby brightness levels for each color primary, gaining some additional brightness precision. This precision gets even higher when averaging over time or space, meaning that larger or more diffuse sculptures achieve even higher levels of precision in low-brightness colors. In addition to this dithering algorithm, the Fadecandy firmware's 48-bit color processing pipeline includes gamma correction, white balance, brightness control, and keyframe interpolation.

Fadecandy is open source, so you can customize any part of the software or hardware when you're inspired to push the boundaries of what's possible. Since the initial hand-assembled run of 100 prototype units in November 2013, production has been a collaboration with Adafruit. Manufacturer of addressable LED and LED strip WS2813 SK6812 SK9822 WS2812B SK6822 APA102 APA104 WS2811 WS2801 LPD8806 LED Strip. Ws2811 Triangle , Ws2811 Triangle Suppliers and Manufacturers at Triangle WS2811 LED STRIP-Shenzhen LED Color Opto Electronic Co.,Ltd. 5 Meters 450 Pixels Individually Addressable Color Ws2811 Waterproof 5050 Smd Rgb Ws2811 Led Strip White Fpc 90 Led Meter Dc 12v Soldering Led Strips Waterproof Led Strip Lighting From Cxwonled, $297.72. Alibaba Group. Digital rgb full color 144 led/m high density apa102 led strip. Features: * A clock cable ensure transmit data faster and more stable to prevent flash frequency. * Superbright 5050 SMD top LED, high intensity and reliability. * Long life span 50,000+ hours. * Cuttable along the cutting marks, according to pratical requirement. * Flexible ribbon for curving around bends. * Low power consumption and high luminous efficiency, no UV light. * Use SMD5050 to be the light source, which made color and brightness much better. * Environmental protection: no Mercury or Lead harmful metals, no ultraviolet rays, no harmful to health.

digital rgb full color 144 led/m high density apa102 led strip

Projection Mapping Central - All Things Projection Mapping. BEHRINGER CMD Universelle modulare Midi-Controller. VJ Shop — 1000 Errors. Getting started with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Asteriskos - Yeasayer Crystalline Stage. The Yeasyer Set Design was a collaborative effort orchestrated and sponsored by The Creators Project.

Asteriskos - Yeasayer Crystalline Stage

Casey Reas, software art pioneer was recruited to conceive the stage set and visuals. Taking inspiration from laboratory outposts, research stations and communications hubs, Reas envisioned a fractured time-space environment that utilizes the visual phenomena of reflection and refraction to create warped and glitchy tour visuals that collapse the physical environment of the stage in on itself. geodesic domes. Yeasayer + Casey Reas. Studio Olafur Eliasson. SYSTEMATIC NARCISSISM // Installation. Systematic Narcissism was a finalist in the A+ Architizer Awards 2013 for the Architecture+Fabrication category.


The project is a hybridization through the notion of the planetary grid system and the symmetry of narcissism. The installation is based on the obsession of the physical reflection of the object/subject relationship, created by the idea of man-made versus planetary projected planes (grids) of which humans have made onto the earth. Not Your Everyday Math Lesson When You're <i>Lost In Pascal's Triangle</i> Pascal Triangle from Super Nature Design on Vimeo.

Not Your Everyday Math Lesson When You're <i>Lost In Pascal's Triangle</i>

If you can cast your mind back to your high school math lessons, you may remember learning about Pascal and his triangle. Tectonics of Transparency installation by Cristina Parreño Architecture, Boston. Tectonics of Transparency installation by Cristina Parreño Architecture, Boston November 12th, 2014 by retail design blog Cristina Parreño Architecture has designed a glass architectural installation at the International Design Center at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tectonics of Transparency installation by Cristina Parreño Architecture, Boston

Share this: Posted in installation & exhibition Tags: Boston, Cristina Parre, Cristina Parreño Architecture, glass, Installation, International Design Center, Massachusetts, MIT, Tectonics of Transparency. Developing a LED & Motion installation — Interactive Matter Lab. You may know that the whole spring and summer has been a bit quiet over here at Interactive Matter.

Developing a LED & Motion installation — Interactive Matter Lab

And again for a reason. I was asked by a friend to build the electronics for a massive LED installation for the ‘Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Exhibition Center’. The result was very impressive: An 10 meter long installation, consisting of 30 moving triangles with controllable RGB LEDs in them, acting as a moving display. Olafur eliasson infills baroque palace with light + mirror works. Nov 19, 2015 olafur eliasson infills viennese baroque palace with light and mirror works within one of the most magnificent baroque edifices in vienna, olafur eliasson presents a significant selection of artworks from the private collections of thyssen-bornemisza art contemporary (TBA21) and juan and patricia vergez. the exhibition ‘baroque baroque’ — hosted inside the winter palace of prince eugene of savoy in the austrian capital — is sited beneath stunning gold-clad ceilings and within intricately ornamented rooms, offering a unique pairing of art, aesthetics, and world views from two vastly different time frames. surprising similarities between the danish-icelandic artist’s installations and their ornate surroundings become subtly evident; through the use of projections, shadows, and reflections, the artworks invite the viewer’s active participation by mirroring, fragmenting, and inverting their position within space. nina azzarello I designboom.

olafur eliasson infills baroque palace with light + mirror works

Davide del giudice and andrea graziano:'spaceframe' installation for AAST exhibition. Apr 24, 2009 davide del giudice and andrea graziano:'spaceframe' installation for AAST exhibition.

davide del giudice and andrea graziano:'spaceframe' installation for AAST exhibition

Des constructions qui jouent avec la perception de la réalité. En utilisant des structures en bois, des miroirs et des impressions, l’artiste américain Chris Engman crée des installations dans des paysages qui sont là pour nous faire nous demander ce qui, dans l’image, est naturel et ce qui a été créé par l’artiste.

Des constructions qui jouent avec la perception de la réalité

Andy gilmore. La bande passante. Site de Marine Bouilloud - Peintures - 2013 - centre d'art contemporain de Pontmain - Vues d'exposition Résidences 2013. Installation of 'Less ego wall' (2015) Led 3d Dj Console Dj Desk P6.15 Indoor Display Module - Buy Dj Desk,Dj Console,Led Indoor Display Product on Home > Products > Lights & Lighting > LED Lighting > LED Professional Lighting > LED Stage Lights (883317) Subscribe to Trade Alert View larger image All (8) Peter Dahmen – Papierdesign. Class 6: Architectural Origami. Science of Innovation: Origami Structures. Kinetic Architecture Video Reel 2014. Kinetic Architecture. Origami Shelter - Hannah Imlach. Origami Shelter (birch plywood, ripstop nylon and cotton webbing, 2011) investigated and sought to momentarily capture subtle changes in natural light.

It was documented in the expansive landscape of Rannoch Moor in Scotland. The sculpture is a portable, foldable space, large enough to fit two adults lying comfortably inside. It is made from identical triangular panels and uses fabric hinges in place of folds. When pitched in the landscape the Origami Shelter's multiple facets let light pass into the interior, creating the feeling of being inside a crystal or light prism. Each facet become a subtly different tone with the quality of light.Origami Shelter and the photograph Origami Shelter at Rannoch Moor were exhibited as part of the 2011 Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design Degree Show, Futureproof 2011 at Street Level Photoworks and the 2012 RSA New Contemporaries.

An Interactive, Temporary Building Façade by Mahsa Vanaki. Custom designed, this temporary translucent skin was created as a portable façade for Berkeley-based, contemporary lighting studio Looma during an open studio event. Mahsa Vanaki worked with Looma designer Romy Randev to achieve the glowing, geometric surface that attached to the existing building and was easily removed and stored after the event. Building rules prevented Looma from permanently altering their exterior appearance so a temporary solution was in order. Paired with the façade was an interactive LED light show that changed colors. 512 signal dmx 5050 rgb flexible bande de led bande 512 signal dmx 5050 rgb bande flexible led-Lumières de bande de LED-ID de Buy Direct DMX LED Lighting. WSK : Home. Anthony Mccall- five minutes of pure sculpture at hamburger bahnhof.flv. Multimedia Entertainment Studio. LeCollagiste. Visuaal - Management & Booking d'artistes vidéo.

Welcome - Visual Architects. Perry Scenic Creative International Set Design and Build. Aquatic effects & laser shows producer. Multiplicidade. Arcade Fire Perform Reflektor Outtake "Get Right" Photo by Ryan Muir Yesterday, a rough live recording of an unreleased Arcade Fire song, apparently titled "Get Right", was unearthed. The song was teased in a television ad during the rollout for 2013's Reflektor, but didn't make it to the album. Last night, the band performed "Get Right" at its concert in Columbus, Ohio. Watch a video below, via Consequence of Sound. Light Wings. Light Wings Jeff Abbott from Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI brings us this awesome use of lines and shapes. This set was designed to take advantage of negative space. The pieces were designed so that the interior cut as well as the spacing between the panels created the negative space that light would shine through from behind. This set required precision construction so all the parts would line up properly and create the desired effect.

Illuminated tiles covered the DJ booth. The tiles changed colour and later became an equalizer that moved with the music.... Visuaal - WSK - LED Stage Design @ Dantesk Komunion. Welcome - Visual Architects. Wingspace Theatrical Design. Production Design, Art and Creative Direction.


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