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Tumblr absorbé par Yahoo : aspects juridiques de la tectonique des plateformes. La nouvelle a beaucoup fait parler d’elle cette semaine : le rachat de Tumblr par Yahoo s’ajoute à la liste de ces transactions géantes qui, à l’instar de la tectonique des plaques, font bouger brusquement de grandes masses de contenus sur Internet. Après les acquisitions de Delicious et de Flickr en 2005, Yahoo ajoute donc à sa collection le réseau Tumblr, fort de ses 100 millions de blogs, pour un montant de 1,1 milliard dollars. La tectonique des plateformes sur Internet, un phénomène dont les mécanismes plongent dans les profondeurs contractuelles des services en ligne. A chaque fois que de tels rachats de plateformes ont lieu, un mouvement de protestation éclate parmi les utilisateurs, traduisant leur inquiétude quant à l’avenir et leur sentiment désagréable d’avoir été « vendus » comme une marchandise, alors qu’ils étaient à l’origine des contenus qui font la valeur du site racheté.

Tumblr Community Responds to Yahoo Bid. Facebook Twitter Google+ Save E-mail Share Print Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A social media Web site sells to a large company that then plans to make money by placing ads against users’ content. The people on the social Web site revolt . Just as users rioted online after Instagram sold to Facebook last year, Tumblr users were not happy Sunday when they awoke to the news that their beloved Tumblr blogs would now belong to Yahoo. A fake mockup shows what Yahoo could do to Tumblr, including placing ugly banner ads all over the service. Let’s just say they weren’t exactly posting animated GIFs of dancing cats to celebrate. “So this is what it feels like to have one of your parents sell you,” wrote one distraught user. Some compared Yahoo to Nickelback, the most derided rock band of all time. Others got aggressive: “Dear Yahoo, We bite.

Hell No, Tumblr Users Won’t Go To Yahoo! We’ve all by now heard about how Yahoo is trying to get some “cool” with a supposed $1 billion purchase of hip blogging platform Tumblr, but it may be a moot point if Tumblr’s users fail to stick around post-sale.

Hell No, Tumblr Users Won’t Go To Yahoo!

Microsoft and Facebook may be trying to make a move ahead of Yahoo, Tumblr may be inching ever closer to running out of cash, and (despite that) may not be afraid to play a little hardball. But here’s something you’re not hearing much about: Tumblr’s users are almost universally unhappy with the news that the site might get sold to Yahoo. And they may let their fingers do the talking, and the walking. Do a search on Tumblr for “yahoo” and you get a stream of distress, interspersed with the occasional bit of helpless resignation, and some calls for activism. The voices of reluctant acceptance (usually because of the aforementioned cash situation) or anything like positivity are few and far between. (Daddy!) Can Yahoo Ignore Tumblr's Dark Side? When my daughter begged me a few years ago to go on Tumblr so she could engage with Harry Potter fandom, I said no. I was worried about what else she might encounter on the vast blogging service.

You know what I’m talking about. I feared she’d stumble onto porn. Tumblr, which Yahoo is buying for $1.1 Billion is not a porn site, far from it. Spend any time on the spotlight page and you see it’s a vast sea of insightful and entertaining posts on every topic imaginable. One user aptly described it this way: Tumblr user: Don't do it. Yet, like any vast, largely unmoderated social platform, it’s also got a lot of porn (by some measures at least 10% ), and a fair amount of potential phishing sites. Wordpress' Mullenweg Says 72,000 Blogs Imported From Tumblr in 1 Hour - Kara Swisher - Media.

“The great workplace dilemmas of our time…” New... Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck! Is Tumblr The New Geocities? Marissa Mayer Has Already Made One Big Mistake With Tumblr.