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Evan Roth - 6 March - 11 April 2015 - Installation Views. Landscapes.evan-roth.

Landscapes (2014 - ongoing) Evan Roth In 2014, Evan Roth began tracking and visiting the transitional moments where Internet submarine fiber optic cables come ashore. The final output of this ongoing research process are “network located videos”: video pieces hosted online from servers located in the same countries or cities where they were recorded, on URLs composed of the GPS coordinates from where the footage was taken. The pieces are recorded with a modified camera that shoots in the same infrared frequency that travels through fiber optic cables. In Landscapes, an exploration into the physicality of the Internet is used as a gateway to enter nature and better understand the cultural shifts brought about by the increasingly frequent demands of technology. What started out as an attempt to reconnect with the network has since turned into a more personal and universal narrative about the relationship between the self and nature, and an attempt to create net art that intentionally deviates from the speed at which we usually consume things online. – agnesdelmotte

Evan Roth. Landscapes 28 June – 18 July 2016 “The project started as a venture to find the Internet, but has slowly changed to the relationship between data and the landscape, and then again to the relationship between the self and nature.”

Evan Roth

A Tribute to Heather, by Evan Roth. Since You Were Born - Evan Roth. Evan Roth, débris de fond. C’est une histoire d’innocence perdue dans un quotidien où le numérique est omniprésent, si évident qu’il en est devenu banal.

Evan Roth, débris de fond

C’est le constat de la disparition d’une capacité d’émerveillement face à un Internet qui fut, pendant un court instant, «l’innovation la plus extraordinaire de l’histoire humaine récente». «Voices Over the Horizon» («voix au-dessus de l’horizon»), la dernière exposition de l’artiste américain Evan Roth, présentée à Londres, est le récit d’un pèlerinage sur les traces physiques et fantomatiques d’un univers numérique dématérialisé.

Evan Roth y poursuit sa quête, son œuvre anthropologique sur la manière dont la technologie et Internet ont envahi nos vies. Evan Roth//Intellectual Property Donor. (2) view in room. Evan Roth. Artsy – Adding the F[ree] to Art[sy] An interview with Evan Roth. At 35-years-old, Evan Roth is an emblem of transdisciplinarity across art and activism.

An interview with Evan Roth

He approaches contemporary art and the urban environment in the same way a hacker would approach software and programming –with a creative and manipulative insolence. Key words are “misuse” and “empowerment”, his philosophy is open-source and, between being a simple user and ‘true admin’, Roth knows his place on the Internet: the deep and empowering one. Although he feels nowhere more at home than online, Roth is no digital native, which might be what distinguishes him as an artist. Adding depth and complexity to his art, the man is young enough to be an internet-junkie but old enough to look at the fascinating web with saving suspicion.

Eminent among Net art lovers, the public Roth persona has hitherto come accompanied by his friends and colleagues from his graffiti days. Aqnb: View in Room is your first solo show. Evan Roth "View In Room" @ XPO Gallery, Paris. Evan Roth: the badass artist hacking popular culture. Evan Roth is a badass.

Evan Roth: the badass artist hacking popular culture

But don’t take our word for it. Google him. The 35-year-old artist and activist has spent his career hacking everything from the internet to public space to popular culture. Getting Google to recognize him as the top search result for "bad ass mother fucker" is just one in a line of clever cultural coups. Evan Roth: BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER (BADASS MOTHERFUCKER #BADA55) Images courtesy XPO Gallery and Wesleyan University.


Level Cleared (Multi-Touch Painting series) Ink on tracing paper Dimensions variable Paris 2012 Produced playing Angry Birds from start to finish with inked fingers. Exhibited: Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery, Intellectual Property Donor, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, 2014 XPO Gallery, View In Room, Paris, France, 2013 Casual Computing, Kibel Gallery (University of Maryland), College Park, Maryland Press: Angry Birds sur le bout des doigts, ecrans: Liberation, Paris, 2012. Inbox Victory by Evan Roth, 2008 - Present. Welcome to Detroit: Works by Evan Roth.

Evan Roth, an Award-Winning Designer and Artist.

When I look at graffiti artists, I see hackers. I see a community of people who are making their own tools and subverting systems to tell stories. – agnesdelmotte

Bad Ass Mother Fucker. Exhibitions - A Tribute to Heather. A Tribute to Heather, by Evan Roth. by Evan Roth, 2013. Evan Roth: BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER (BADASS MOTHERFUCKER #BADA55) Level Cleared (Multi-Touch Series) Ink on tracing paper Dimensions variable 2012 A Tribute to Heather ( Websites on routers 20cm x 40cm x 25cm 2013 Silhouettes (July 27 to November 4, 2013) 1030g drawing board 2014 Slide to Unlock: Multi-Touch Painting Series Vinyl print 600cm x 450cm 2014 (Photo by John Groo, courtesy of Wesleyan University) Ideas Worth Spreading Mixed media Dimensions variable 2013 Propulsion Painting: Ball Mixed media 70cm x 70cm x 70cm 2012 Propulsion Painting: Wheel Mixed media 80cm x 80cm x 20cm 2012 (Video documentation) Graffiti Analysis Sculptures, video and custom software Dimensions variable 2013.


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