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Constant dullaart

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DullDream: Neural network photo effect. DullDream: Neural network photo effect. V&A · Collecting Europe - artist commissions. Share Europe’s history has always been characterised by shifting boundaries, political and economic upheaval, migration and the displacement of people.

V&A · Collecting Europe - artist commissions

Only with historical distance can we truly see the bigger picture. As the debate about the future of Europe continues, we have asked 12 artists to imagine themselves in the year 4017, looking back and making sense of where we are now. Join us on a journey 2000 years into the future, as we reflect on our present and explore the meaning of Europe and European identity. Rosa Barba - Let Me See itTapestries, Room 94 Rosa Barba's film tells the story of a man who is losing his eyesight. Rosa Barba lives in Berlin. With thanks to the Italian Cultural Institute London Thibaut de Ruyter - A Song for EuropeSculpture - The Gilbert Bayes Gallery, Room 111 Thibaut de Ruyter has taken the track 'A Song for Europe' by Roxy Music as his starting point. Thibaut de Ruyter is a French architect, curator and critic. With thanks to The Finish Institute In London.

It Doesn't Just Work: DullTech on Kickstarter and Shenzhen. On account of this response, one is left to consider the relationship between digital artists and the conditions of global labor.

It Doesn't Just Work: DullTech on Kickstarter and Shenzhen

In McKenzie Wark's 2014 essay "Designs for a New World," the author stresses that artists, as hackers, are able to desegregate the division between their practices and other forms of labor, citing the protests of Google buses and Andrew Norman Wilson's video essay "Workers Leaving the Googleplex. " For Dullaart, however, gaining access even to view the conditions of labor means operating within its stratification as a business.

Similar to other migrant laborers in the region, those who Dullaart and his colleagues interviewed prior to contracting the O.E.M. came from rural areas in China to Shenzhen because of their desire to be middle class, the higher wages available compared with local agricultural labor in their hometowns and the factory's provision of room and board as well as some benefits. Contemporary Materialities or smth. A solo exhibition from Constant Dullaart 1 March 2016 – 21 March 2016 Introduction In Contemporary Materialities or smth, Constant Dullaart explores the formal properties of the Internet as a medium of expression and a mode of distribution, whilst critically engaging with the technological and socio-political constraints that structure our experience and use of the Internet.

Contemporary Materialities or smth

Through the works in the exhibition, as with his other works, the artist subverts the Internet standards imposed by oligopolic service providers, such as YouTube, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, et al, to make visible the infrastructure of the Internet and question the power relations embedded therein. “My proposal is that artists (and their audiences) must find new spaces to develop their work by engaging with the possibilities offered by the freedoms of encryption.

32c3 : constantdull: the possibility of an army. Constant Dullaart, 2015 Prix Net Art Winner, Explains 3 Key Works.

The possibility of an army

Constant Dullaart : « High Retention, Slow Delivery » Constant Dullaart a créé pour l’exposition « Böse Clowns » (« Clowns maléfiques ») du HMKV, dans le cadre de la collaboration entre le Jeu de Paume et le Kunstverein de Dortmund, une pièce abordant les médias sociaux sous un angle critique, High Retention, Slow Delivery (2014), qui cible l’économie de l’attention telle qu’elle se développe sur les réseaux sociaux numériques comme Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn et Twitter.

Constant Dullaart : « High Retention, Slow Delivery »

Leurs mécanismes de partage (les « Likes », « Retweets », « Followers » et autres « Friends ») encouragent la mise en place d’un « système d’évaluation fondé sur la popularité au détriment de la qualité, sur le savoir-faire en matière de réseaux sociaux au détriment du talent ». Plus il y a de Suiveurs, de J’aime, de Retweets et d’Amis, mieux c’est. La valeur, pour les médias sociaux, est proportionnelle à l’attention suscitée. L’attention est devenue la nouvelle devise, la monnaie forte de cette économie contemporaine dont les « Amis » sont les agents. Dr.

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ART PAPERS - Balconism. Flickr. Media Art Design Blog. An interview with Constant Dullaart. When your core medium is the Internet, studio visits are largely relegated to the (albeit expansive) browser and computer screen.

An interview with Constant Dullaart

But today I’m being given a glimpse into Constant Dullaart’s Berlin space. It’s an opportunity to snoop around: printed piles of some of his ideas, upcoming projects, and documents relating to his recently launched company, DullTech. Spending three months in China on an artist residency and exploring the industrial urban sites of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong province of the country’s south, Dullaart decided to make his own company. DullTech primarily manufactures media players for showing video work in galleries and museums.

The USB box syncs up wirelessly to project video work, offering what he sees as a much more effective alternative to other methods. GIFmodel : dear @constantdull, your first... Waving Ocean, Constant Dullaart 2010, courtesy Collection Pieter Sanders and Gabriella Sancisi. The revolving internet, constant dullaart 2010. The death of the url x/xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. - booty.bounty.