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Banksy outed by researchers who used serial killer tracking. Banksy is one of the world’s most famous artists, but amazingly, he’s been able to keep his real identity something of a mystery.

Banksy outed by researchers who used serial killer tracking

On Thursday, though, a group of criminologists announced that they used a technique called “geographical profiling” to identify the famous graffiti artist. The researchers, who published a paper about their work in the Journal of Spacial Science, mapped the latitudes and longitudes of 140 of Banksy’s works in England. They then used a forensic technique developed to identify potential suspects in cases of serial rape, arson and murder. It basically consists of looking to see if the crimes cluster around particular geographical hotspots.

The researchers' statistical models The researchers employed a cheat though. Lo and behold, the addresses matched the researchers’ hotspots. According to the BBC, Banksy’s lawyers contacted the journal about the paper, and delayed its release as they weren’t happy about the way a press release was worded. An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. Banksy the graffiti artist unmasked as a former public schoolboy from suburbia. By Claudia Joseph for MailOnline Created: 13:38 GMT, 12 July 2008 He is perhaps the most famous, or infamous, artist alive.

Banksy the graffiti artist unmasked as a former public schoolboy from suburbia

To some a genius, to others a vandal. Always controversial, he inspires admiration and provokes outrage in equal measure. Since Banksy made his name with his trademark stencil-style 'guerrilla' art in public spaces - on walls in London, Brighton, Bristol and even on the West Bank barrier separating Israelis and Palestinians - his works have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds. He has dozens of celebrity collectors including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. Disputed Banksy Mural Sells for More Than $1.1 Million. A mural by Banksy which divided the art world after being removed from a London street sold last night at a private event in London for more than 750,000 pounds ($1.1 million), according to the event organizers.

Disputed Banksy Mural Sells for More Than $1.1 Million

The 2012 spray painting “Slave Labour,” showing a boy making Union Jack bunting with a sewing machine, was being shown by the Sincura Group, a concierge company, at a members-only event in the basement of the London Film Museum in the Covent Garden area of the U.K. capital. The work’s sale, earlier planned for an auction in Florida, enraged street art enthusiasts who argue that Banksy murals are gifts to communities and should remain in situ. Others point out that unsolicited graffiti becomes the property of the building owners, who are legally entitled to do what they want with them. Prospective buyers had been invited to make offers for the painting of more than 900,000 pounds in a 3½-hour silent auction that closed at 9:30 p.m. Kate Moss’s Soft Spot For Banksy. New-banksy-monopoly-sculpture-for-occupy-london from Though we hadn't heard from elusive street artist Banksy in a little while, it should come as no surprise that his latest piece would be for the "Occupy" movement.

new-banksy-monopoly-sculpture-for-occupy-london from

Popping up at St. Paul’s Cathedral for Occupy London, this brand new sculpture features a panhandling Rich “Uncle” Pennybags on a make-believe Monopoly board. According to Demotix, it was created "as a show of support for their protest against corporate greed and corruption. " Banksy 2003 Mural "Every Picture Tells A Lie" Revealed by Brad Downey Your Ultimate Street Art News Site. Back in 2003, Banksy created this piece on a wall in Kreuzberg Berlin for a festival, this piece was buffed after the event and completely disappeared with no pictures to document it.Brad Downey was amongst the participant in 2003 and 8 years later he brought back the piece to life for a new shows at the Bethanien Arts Centre. According to Nuart, "Every Picture Tells A Lie" was renamed by Brad Downey to "What Lies Beneath".

Une oeuvre de Banksy refait surface à Berlin. MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Jacob Hashimoto's "Gas Giant", on view March 1–June 8, 2013 at MOCA Pacific Design Center.

MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Photo by Raymundo Barrera MOCA curatorial assistant Selene Preciado interviewed artist Jacob Hashimoto in conjunction with his exhibition Gas Giant, on view March 1–June 8, 2014 at MOCA Pacific Design Center. SELENE PRECIADO Jacob, can you please talk about the role that architecture played in each interpretation of Gas Giant and how it has tested “the limits of language, to reinterpret the space of the piece” especially in the case of the third and final presentation at MOCA Pacific Design Center? JACOB HASHIMOTO The MOCA Pacific Design Center is a very peculiar building. It changes the language of the piece again. Untitled (process drawing 24), 2013. LA community group calls for thieves to return work done by Banksy during Oscars. By Amy Oliver Updated: 02:48 GMT, 23 March 2011 An original painting by elusive street artist Banksy is a serious investment.

LA community group calls for thieves to return work done by Banksy during Oscars

So serious some are using drastic - and even illegal - measures to obtain one. A number of new works attributed to the artist, which sprang up during the run up to the Oscars in Los Angeles last month, have since been defaced or stolen. Now one LA community group is calling for them to be returned. New Banksy in London? Le taggeur Banksy défie les autorités londoniennes - - 26 juillet 2012. Abonnements sans engagement de durée.

Le taggeur Banksy défie les autorités londoniennes - - 26 juillet 2012

Stolen Banksy Jubilee work listed for auction at £450,000.