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Free Online Course Materials. IxD - User-Centered Interaction Design Patterns for Interactive Digital Television Applications. First book that deals exclusively with HCI and usability for interactive TV applications Comprehensive collection of empirically-validated guidance for designing interactive television user interfaces First integration of design guidance into the specific production process of interactive broadcasting services A new approach to interaction design patterns, overcoming the deficits of previous approaches When a new technology – such as interactive digital television – is introduced to a wider audience, ease of use is often critical to success.

IxD - User-Centered Interaction Design Patterns for Interactive Digital Television Applications

By focusing on these usability issues with the aim of supporting user acceptance for interactive TV, Tibor Kunert provides clear guidelines for designing the user interfaces on interactive TV applications. This guidance is presented in the form of design patterns, and a new approach is proposed that helps designers and developers to explore design alternatives and to evaluate the trade-offs that need to be made in order to maximise usability. Human-Centered Design Toolkit. For years, businesses have used human-centered design to develop innovative solutions.

Human-Centered Design Toolkit

Why not apply the same approach to overcome challenges in the nonprofit world? This project, funded by International Development Enterprise (IDE) as part of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sought to provide NGOs and social enterprises with the tools to do just that. IDEO, in collaboration with nonprofit groups ICRW and Heifer International, developed the HCD Toolkit to help international staff and volunteers understand a community’s needs in new ways, find innovative solutions to meet those needs, and deliver solutions with financial sustainability in mind. Design with Intent Toolkit.