Weekly newspaper columns - NOW AVAILABLE in books. Across the Fence is a weekly newspaper column written by Howard Sherpe that runs in several papers in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. A genealogical tracking that dates back to before 1000 A.D., this family tree is well-traveled and researched journey, part of a comprehensive search for our familial roots in Norway. The research traces the ancestors and descendants of the first of my ancestors to arrive in America from Norway. Those families include: Sherpe (Skjerpe), Ostrem (Østrem), Tomtengen, Tomten Wang (Vang), and Hanson (Rustad). SHERPE.COM SHERPE.COM
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alicublog alicublog How're conservatives reacting to Chris Christie Is An Asshole-gate? James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal: Worse, the Christie administration's evident abuse of the Port Authority is reminiscent of the Obama administration's abuse of the Internal Revenue Service... I already checked, guys -- no mention of Benghazi. For that you have to go a few rungs down the ladder to Greta Van Susteren, or to the sub-basement that is Michelle Malkin's alternate-universe Twitter. Or maybe -- hang on, this article by Joel B.
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Autodidactic Press is dedicated to two propositions: That lifelong learning is fundamental to living a full and interesting life. That the learning necessary to gain competence in a job or career is far, far more important than how or where it is acquired. Self-education is the essence of genuine learning. AUTODIDACTIC PRESS AUTODIDACTIC PRESS
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