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My fake college syllabus. The following syllabus is for my new class, English 401: The Short Novel, meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:10-2:50pm.

My fake college syllabus

Course Description In this class, we will analyze some of World Literature’s greatest short novels in an attempt to interrogate the essence of plot and character while reading as few words as possible. Each class session will begin with a student presentation of 15 to 20 minutes, so we’re looking at an effective class time of about an hour. I’d love to give you a five-minute break halfway through the period, with the tacit understanding that we actually blow 15, but then I’d have to pretend I didn’t notice when 36% of you didn’t bother to come back.

Or I’d have to pass around the attendance sheet again, which is a major pain in the ass. Books Course books are available at the campus bookstore. LAI%20199 %20Information%20Overload %20Cameron. LAI%20199 %20Information%20Overload %20Cameron. Social Media Literacies Syllabus: College/University. Weekly Sked example Finks course 2007. GSU 1010 curriculum. INQR 1000. UWG 1101 Sample Syllabus 2. Index to Syllabus — Journalism 100. Georgia Southern University. FYE 1220 is a two-hour seminar that serves as an academic, theme-based introduction to college-level inquiry and extends the orientation process into a student’s first semester at Georgia Southern.

Georgia Southern University

The course in an opportunity to research topics the student enjoys as well as to meet other students and a faculty member with similar interests. For these reasons, students are encouraged to select their theme very intentionally. Seminar themes for new students in Fall 2015 Catalog Description Thematic seminar designed to promote information literacy skills and support students’ cognitive and affective integration into the University community. Student Learning Outcomes. FYE 1220 Syllabus, Chris Caplinger, Fall 2015.doc.

Potential assignments

Syllabus Version 1.0 « History of the Information Age — Fall 2011. Fall 2011 — History of the Information Age — Syllabus–Version 1.0 Check out the newest version of the syllabus.* New features: Discussion Topics are set for each week.Narrowed project choices down to those proposed by the groups.

Syllabus Version 1.0 « History of the Information Age — Fall 2011

English 101 – Digital Literacies. While most people dread being different, I have opted to embrace my uniqueness.

English 101 – Digital Literacies

I am the proud product of my 3/4 Salvadorean and 1/4 Greek mother, and my 1/4 Italian, 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Spanish, and 1/4 Costa Rican father. Aside from my multicultural background, I am also left handed, have crazy curly hair, dimples, and posses a rather rare sense of humor. However, my ability to adapt and get along with virtually anyone, is probably my most treasured trait. Press Play — Press Play. More info: Grading 30% final project30% collaboration, based on assessment of your notes on others’ work20% class participation and demonstrated familiarity with the assigned reading20% smaller assignments.

Press Play — Press Play

The #swag syllabus — the #swag class. For your final project, you’ll have the opportunity to pick a topic of your own interest and dive deeper, and produce a 2000-word essay on the topic.

the #swag syllabus — the #swag class

Want to finally explain once and for all what in the world everyone that bought a Von Dutch cap in 2004 was thinking? Great. Have a burning desire to tell the world about why Snapchat is both the coolest thing ever and the sign of the Apocalypse? Go for it. Need help coming up with a topic? Whittier Scholars 101 Syllabus — Whittier College, WSP. Whittier Scholars 101 Syllabus Here’s what we’ll be doing this semester.

Whittier Scholars 101 Syllabus — Whittier College, WSP

Join us! David Carr’s Syllabus — Creativity _ Unbound. No one will ever be able to take this course again.

David Carr’s Syllabus — Creativity _ Unbound

But you can still learn from it. Just read the syllabus. Grade 11 English. Why am I here?

Grade 11 English

The goal in this course is not so much to memorize information as it is to learn some skills. We want these skills to be useful to you beyond our time together. So if at any point you find yourself asking, “What’s the point of this?” Search. SyllabusFall2009.pdf. Print Culture 101: A Cheat Sheet and Syllabus. Editor's Note: So, people no longer just read ink printed on paper.

Print Culture 101: A Cheat Sheet and Syllabus

Now that the electronic word has become embedded in our lives, we have a new perspective on what might have been special and specific about the last few hundred years of information dissemination. Think of this annotated syllabus from C.W. Anderson (@chanders) as your cheat sheet for the print/digital culture debates. (Oh, and I put a special visual treat the end, so make sure you read to the end.) When I said that I was busy putting a syllabus together for a course on "Print Culture" at CUNY's College of Staten Island this fall, Alexis Madrigal asked me if I'd be willing to share the syllabus development process with the larger online community.

(By the way-- if you're interested to get actual page numbers of the readings and occasional pdf's to download, check out my course website, which be be online sometime early next week). History of Print Media (COM 230) (Fall 2014) : C.W. Anderson. History of Print Media (COM 230) (Fall 2014) Dr. Christopher Anderson Monday & Wednesday, 2:30 –4:25.

College course syllabi: They’re too long, and they’re a symbol of the decline and fall of American higher ed. Illustration by Alex Eben Meyer When I was an undergrad in the ’90s, there was little more exciting than the first day of class. What will my professor be like? What books will I be reading? How many papers will I have to write? Answers came readily, in the form of a tidy one-page document that consisted solely of the professor’s name and office hours, a three-sentence course description, a list of books, and, finally, a very brief rundown of the assignments (papers, exams) and their relevant dates. Information Overload. Course Description Download the full syllabus with course policies [.pdf] Information overload is a contemporary cultural concern with a rich past. This course covers a broad sampling of texts from different time periods and genres to consider how our current confrontation and struggle with digital technologies both is and is not new.

We will pay attention to the various forms that information overload takes: a pathological condition, a burden on attention and social bonds, a renaissance of knowledge access and production, and even a non-issue. College papers: Students hate writing them. Professors hate grading them. Let’s stop assigning them. Llustration by Robert Neubecker Everybody in college hates papers. Students hate writing them so much that they buy, borrow, or steal them instead. Get Involved. Katherine pickering antonova. By The Tango! Desktop Project, via Wikimedia Commons. I'm Not Your Father's Accounting Professor.

Web history

InfoAge. » Syllabus. Syllabus–0.9 - History of the Information Age. HIST 471D7: History of the Information AgeFall 2014ITCC 237 11-12:15 Jeffrey McClurken E-mail: Twitter (@wheresthechair/@jmcclurken) Course Description This readings seminar will explore the history of communication, media, new media, and the digital age.

We will begin with an investigation of the various definitions of the Information Age, then move into a discussion of the historical & technological foundations of information production, computing devices, and communication and networking tools. We will explore the social and cultural history of information production and consumption from cave paintings to the Internet, from analog computational machines to handheld computers. IS 209 : Professional Skills Workshop. Objective Through lecture and teamwork, to acquire the knowledge and practice the skills required to be a successful professional. Regardless of your particular technical skill set or job responsibility, every professional must understand how to operate within the complex organism that is a modern corporation.

"Professional Skills" are that set of learned behaviors that make an individual a productive, effective, and valuable member of the organization. Syllabus for History of Information. History of Information, 2015. History of the Information Age — Fall 2011. American Culture in the Information Age. » Syllabus. American Culture in the Information Age.