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Philadelphia. Oregon Local News, Breaking News, Sports & Weather - Blogtown, PDX. The first reports, in the wee hours this morning, mentioned something about an armed man running through a neighborhood in Southwest Portland—around SW Capitol and Primrose—and police calling out their tactical unit.

Blogtown, PDX

But the real story about what was happening while most of us slept didn't spill out until a little after 7 this morning in a long police statement. It's not been revealed what led to the encounter. But this is what police say happened: A man, maybe carrying a rifle, had injured a canine-handling officer in a shootout near SW Capitol and Lobelia—and then had run off. There might have been some kind of car crash. That's when the tactical team was called. The Oregonian interviewed a woman near the scene of the shooting. Jan Thorpe, who lives on Southwest Capitol Highway at Lobelia Street, said she was first roused from sleep about 2:50 a.m. by a police siren. A little while later, regular 911 calls, from concerned neighbors, eventually led police to the man they were seeking. Emergency and Disaster Information Service.

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