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Innovative Pivoting Doors Double as Room Dividers. Belgium-based Anyway Doors created these modern pivoting doors that revolve around a central hinge.

Innovative Pivoting Doors Double as Room Dividers

Designed to fit both new construction and renovation projects, the innovative doors double as room dividers. The company has been studying the applications of modern interior doors since 1995. The hinges are hidden in the door panel, making them practically invisible. They operate in both directions, allowing the doors to revolve 360 degrees. Even heavy doors feel light, thanks to the innovative hinge system. “The invisible pivoting hinges are mounted on the floor using a compact stainless steel part, without a floor spring or integrated floor fixtures,” the designers said. “This pivot-door concept can be used frameless, but it will lose its closing capabilities this way; light and air will bleed through around the door,” they continued. Customers can choose from among plain, glass or aluminum-framed glass doors. The Beginner’s Guide to Tacos. John Birdsall A deep dive into one of the world's essential dishes.

The Beginner’s Guide to Tacos

It’s hard to think of another food with the dual identity of tacos. On any given night in Mexico City, at Taqueria Álvaro Obregón in the Roma Norte neighborhood, a hefty mustachioed taquero shaves pastor pork from his trompo onto small tortillas, tacos for drunk Chilangos (as Mexico City residents are known) under the sober gaze of General Obregón himself, framed and behind glass. Meanwhile, a couple of miles away at Pujol, chef Enrique Olvera’s high-end modern Mexican restaurant (currently number nine on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants) you might find yourself looking down at a lamb “taco”: a perfect tortilla stained green with cactus paddles, delicately spooned with a little lamb barbacoa, a seared onion, and incredibly smooth blobs of avocado puree.

These days, tacos can be high or low, cheap and ubiquitous, or rare and pricey. Clearly, we in North America are living in some golden age of the taco. Food&Wine. Literary travel: around the world in 10 must-read books. In 2012, I embarked on an eccentric project.

Literary travel: around the world in 10 must-read books

Having realised how anglocentric my reading was, I decided to try to read a novel, short story collection or memoir from every UN-recognised country, plus former UN member Taiwan (then 196 nations in all), in a calendar year. I set up a blog,, and asked the world’s book lovers to help me. Pretty soon suggestions – and even books, manuscripts and unpublished translations – were flooding in from around the planet. My criteria for choosing the titles I read varied and developed throughout the year. Sometimes I opted for national favourites.

Not all the books I read were set in the countries in question, but many were evocative of the regions they describe. How to Sharpen Knives. In addition to eating healthier, the start of a new year is a great excuse for decluttering, spiffing up, and organizing your workspace.

How to Sharpen Knives

All week long, we’ll be giving you tips for making sense of the most important room of the house: the kitchen. Welcome to Clean Sweep. Proper knife care: File that one under “Things we know we could do better.” They start out razor-sharp, but we somehow always wind up with dull blades that do more hacking than effortless slicing. And we let them stay that way.

Just Get ‘Em Sharpened Already Instead of advocating the purchase of a whetstone and learning how to properly use the damn thing, we’ll make it easy on you: Just take your knives to a professional sharpener. Inspiration: 15 Websites With Full Screen Hero Images. Hero images have been around now for some time, and they certainly don’t seem to be losing novelty with time.

Inspiration: 15 Websites With Full Screen Hero Images

Apart from slight transformations (carousels, sliders, interactive images), hero images have been the same ol’ magazine inspired full-page image designs that never lose their charm. Modern designs call for simplicity, minimalism, and visual aesthetics. Hero images is a good replacement for mediocre stock photos and fit perfectly well with this description, which is probably why they have been splattered on masses of webpages today.

Exercises for Big Calves. Your calves are the perfect candidates for HFT because they already recover quickly.

Exercises for Big Calves

They have to—you spend hours walking on them, after all. That means you can work them more without compromising your workout the next day. Other muscle groups couldn’t handle that. Increasing training frequency doesn’t mean you need to spend more time at the gym, though. The exercises below only require your body weight and a step, so you can do them anytime, anyplace, including your bedroom or an office staircase. Perform the single-leg standing calf raise twice a day, resting at least 8 hours between sessions. Single-Leg Standing Calf Raise Take off your shoes and stand about a foot away from a wall, facing it. For faster results, work the single-leg hop and elevated standing calf raise into your regular routine twice a week in addition to your twice-daily routine above. For example, you’ll do your twice-daily single-leg standing calf raise routine (from above) on Monday through Saturday.