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Goodsie : Goodsie

Goodsie : Goodsie

Code Free Design The most flexible and powerful online store builder Goodsie’s groundbreaking new real-time design system is drag-and-drop, modular and supports multi-page, multi-layout e-commerce websites. The visual CSS interface provides all of the formatting flexibility and pixel level customization a developer normally has, but in a code free way that is accessible for those without technical skills.
nowjs for Node - Directly call remote functions in Javascript

nowjs for Node - Directly call remote functions in Javascript

NowJS creates a magic , accessible by and and added to now are , in real-time and You can call easily client functions from the server and server functions from the client. That means you can push to the client simply by calling a client-side Javascript function on the server. Communication is achieved using Socket.io
Insanely easy to get live 1. Content Give us your URL and our platform automatically crawls and indexes all of your content. Every publisher has a unique set of content and our visual rules engine will allow a publisher to bring in unique content such as Slideshows. Onswipe — Insanely Easy Tablet Publishing Onswipe — Insanely Easy Tablet Publishing
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