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Kinect v2 Community Projects. One of the great strengths of the original Kinect sensor was the community that gathered around it almost by happenstance.

Kinect v2 Community Projects

The same thing is currently happening with the Kinect for Windows v2 – even though the non-XBox version of the hardware is still yet to be released. Going into this v2 release, Microsoft took the prescient stance of reaching out to creative coders, researchers and digital agency types (that’s me) to give them pre-release versions of the hardware to start playing with. Here are just a few of the things they’ve come up with: wieden-kennedy/Cinder-Kinect2 – Stephen Schieberl’s Kinect v2 wrapper for Cinderlib. The Next Generation of Mobile Interaction Design. Releases Kinect SDK 2.0 and new adapter kit - The Official Microsoft Blog. Today, we have some exciting news to share about the next chapter for Kinect.

releases Kinect SDK 2.0 and new adapter kit - The Official Microsoft Blog

Our Windows SDK 2.0 is now available for the Kinect v2 sensors, and developers can commercially deploy Kinect apps in the Windows Store for the first time. Kinect democratized motion sensing in 2010 and today that journey continues. We are introducing a $49.99 (USD) adapter kit that enables you to take the Kinect for Xbox One you already own and attach it to Windows PCs and tablets. Kinect for Windows Programming Guide. [This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

Kinect for Windows Programming Guide

Welcome to version 2 of the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK provides the tools and APIs, both native and managed, that you need to develop Kinect-enabled applications for Microsoft Windows. Developing Kinect-enabled applications is essentially the same as developing other Windows applications, except that the Kinect SDK provides support for the features of the Kinect, including color images, depth images, audio input, and skeletal data. Here are some examples of the types of Windows applications you can build using the functionality supported in this SDK: Recognize and track moving people using skeletal tracking. The SDK includes: Metapiano (Jean Haury) Chopin étude Op,10 n°4. Think Your App Is Beautiful? Not Without User Experience Design. Advertisement Lately, every app is “beautiful”.

Think Your App Is Beautiful? Not Without User Experience Design

If you read tech news, you’ve seen this pageant: Beautiful charts and graphs1. Beautiful stories2. Beautiful texting3. Beautiful notebooks4. Aspiring to beauty in our designs is admirable. At best, the problem is simple: No one has figured out how to describe their product effectively. Changing adjectives reflect changing attitudes. “Digital product design discourse over the last few years has become literally superficial. It wasn’t always this way. Design Before Aesthetics When I started designing in the mid-’90s, we called it “user interface design,” or “human-computer interaction.” Practitioners of human-computer interaction tended to disregard visual design. And that bothered me. I found support in the work of Edward Tufte10, whose books laid out principles and processes for information design.

Tufte rarely talks of beauty, yet his work is infused with it. Putting The Visual In Design Why this newfound acceptance of the visual? Footnotes. App Store : Apple détaille les principales raisons des rejets. L'équipe de validation de l'App Store a droit de vie et de mort sur une application.

App Store : Apple détaille les principales raisons des rejets

Depuis le début de l'aventure de la boutique de logiciels mobiles, c'est la même histoire : les critères de validation sont opaques, malgré la mise en place d'un guide des bonnes pratiques aux règles suffisamment floues pour donner à Apple les coudées franches. Le constructeur fait preuve d'un peu plus de transparence envers les développeurs avec une page explicative sur les causes les plus communes des rejets d'applications. Mise en ligne en juin après la WWDC mais repérée il y a peu, cette page liste quelques conseils aux développeurs, qui doivent composer une interface propre et respectueuse des canons d'iOS, éradiquer un maximum de bugs avant la soumission, régler les problèmes de liens brisés dans l'app, finaliser les images et les textes présents dans le logiciel, ou encore utiliser l'Advertising Identifier si l'app affiche de la pub.

Ces raisons représentent 58% des rejets. Developing with Kinect.