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Desenho da Cabeça Humana - Como estudar de forma eficiente — Brushwork Atelier. 40+ Digital Painting Tutorials You Should Study. Tutorials September 8, 2010 Painting is one masterly form of art that technology has helped elevate.

40+ Digital Painting Tutorials You Should Study

Not only are effects more easily and better achieved, but design software has also made this art form even more accessible to a designer with a computer, an eye for detail and a genuine desire to learn. If you’re one of those designers who aspire to create digitally painted artwork like these, we think you’d learn more than a thing or two in this collection of tutorials. Read through them, study the variety of techniques they employ, and come out an accomplished digital painter in your own right!

Painting Wavy Hair Learn how to paint wavy hair digitally. Spacecraft Prototyping This tutorial will show you how to make this prototype from start to finish. Advanced Tutorial: Creating Broken Link Learn how to create the highlights and shadows on this mutated version of Link, from the Legend of Zelda. Suberb Tutorial of Digital Painting President Obama Equilibrium Paint Realistic Looking Lips. Digital Painting Tutorials for Concept Artists & Illustrators.

Email Most digital painting tutorials are all about the “digital” and not at all about the “painting.”

Digital Painting Tutorials for Concept Artists & Illustrators

They tell you which button to click and demonstrate cool, digital tricks but they don’t help you create believable worlds and characters. “Digital” is just a synonym for “convenience.” The power is in the painting. Concept artists and illustrators want to create worlds and characters, tell stories with pictures, find meaning in ideas, and make emotional connections with an audience. To be fair, this page could really benefit from a little more “step-by-step.”

…so I’m working on that. But for now, if you’re looking for something deeper, more personal and challenging, then you’ve come to the right place. Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush Tips and Tricks. (This is the first of two articles on the Mixer Brush that I've written.

Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush Tips and Tricks

The second can be found here.) Having wrestled with Photoshop's new Mixer Brush in CS5 for the past few months, I've come to the conclusion that the new tool is indeed a great addition, however with many caveats. Some of the problems are technical ones (such as painting in 8-bits/channel), others by design (not mixing with transparency). Here are the biggest hurdles I've come across while working with the new Mixer Brush, and how I've overcome them for the time being. 1.) This one stumped me for a long time. As can be seen in the pic below, the Mixer Brush never manages to build up to the actual color you have selected when painting in 8-bits/channel, no matter how many strokes you lay down. When painting in 16-bits/channel, the Mixer Brush works just fine. Digital Brushes. Take Control of your Photoshop Brushes! Ctrl+Paint - Digital Painting Simplified. Digital Tutors - Understanding Color Theory in Concept Art and Illustration with Ricardo Guimaraes Download All You Want.

Digital Tutors - Understanding Color Theory in Concept Art and IllustrationEnglish | 1h 47m | AVC 1280x720 15 fps | AAC 96 Kbps 48.0 KHz | 296 MBGenre: eLearning | Project Files Included Digital Tutors - Understanding Color Theory in Concept Art and Illustration with Ricardo Guimaraes Throughout these lessons you will gain a clear grasp of how to apply color theories using the color wheel.

Digital Tutors - Understanding Color Theory in Concept Art and Illustration with Ricardo Guimaraes Download All You Want

Often treated as an abstract subject, the color theory may pass unnoticed by less experienced artists. This frequently causes a misuse of colors in some projects, and even a well drawn piece may be regarded as poor quality by the simple lack of understanding color theory. Over these lessons we'll learn how to understand and apply the color wheel in various situations. By the end of this tutorial, you will have the ability to plan and select colors and color harmonies for future projects.

Aditi, Dragon Master - illustration by Evan lee. Tutorials. „Speedpainting“ - tips and tricks Click here to read my notes about speed painting.


„Maintenance“ - progress video This video shows my approach on the 30min spitpaintings using photoshop. This one took me 24min 33sec. Make sure to read my Speedpainting tips and tricks above too. completion: November 2013main software: Photoshoprunning time: 2:53 min. HTML5 e Boilerplate. Toda vez que vamos iniciar o Front-end de um WebSite que se prese temos que, Baixar e lincar a nossa pagina o Jquery, Modernizr, ie-fix, entre outras js que fazem nosso site funcionar melhor, além de ter que lincar um reset css e entre outras técnicas usadas para deixar nosso HTML totalmente cross browser.

HTML5 e Boilerplate

Com Boilerplate você também poderá escrever com HTML5 naturalmente sem pensando em hacks para o IE por que já está tudo incluso nele. continue lendo e vai lá rsrs Como começar ? Primeiro passo é acessar o site do Boilerplate aqui existem duas versões para download, uma com o código comentado, e outra com o código limpo sem muitos comentários, de primeira eu recomendo que baixe a versão comentada para estudo, e posteriormente a versão sem muitos comentários. Mas pra que serve todos estes arquivos afinal? Vamos criar um pequena estrutura HTML5 para você treinar Vamos apenas dar um toque Brasileiro no topo trocando a linguagem do arquivo para pt-BR Atenção agora chegamos ao Favicon.

Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 - Your First Snippet.