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12 Important Things Teachers Should Know about Chromebooks. EPA Labels for Used Cars. Written by Philip Proefrock on 19/09/13 The new car market has had labels to inform prospective buyers of the relative efficiencies of different vehicles.

EPA Labels for Used Cars

Now, the EPA is making that same information more readily available to used car buyers and sellers. Cars dating back to 1984 will be able to be identified through this system. The used car labels are based on the original new car data, so declines that have occurred over time will not be reflected. But the baseline for comparison should still be valid. The many millions of buyers who do not buy new cars directly from the manufacturer will now have an easier time as they consider the fuel efficiency and the carbon emissions of the vehicles they are looking at.

Via: EERE News. The 8 Skills Students Must Have To Be Digital Leaders. On the 24th of January, 2012, President Obama, in his State of the Union address, declared the United States’ “national commitment” to train two million Americans with skills that would lead directly to a profession. He also revealed that growing industries in science and technology have twice as many openings as America has workers who can actually do the job. Let’s focus on digital marketing , a career path which is the face of the future and appeals to many graduates looking for a career in the marketing world. Here is an outline of eight necessary skills that students require for future digital marketing career success; tactical skills which will equip them to shape the digital marketing world efficiently and with effortless execution: 1. Passion for digital The future generation of students are technologically advanced and this is a definite requirement in digital marketing. Tips to Building Relationships with Your Online Classmates.

There are two levels of online classmate relationships.

Tips to Building Relationships with Your Online Classmates

One is the formal requirement to participate in online discussions by the instructor. The other comprises the informal peer-to-peer relationships that develop between and among students. They are interdependent. The instructor is the key. Unlike the regular classroom where communication is fluid and quick, the online setting is different. Instructor leadership The instructor must clearly define course requirements. The 10 key skills for the future of work — Online Collaboration. Reaching with More Than Just our Hands: The Future Belongs to the Curious. Pentagull Ltd: Case Study - Supported Employment.

Customer Background Progress Employment Support is a not-for-profit limited company formed in 2002 with a purpose of assisting more disabled people into valued jobs and more employers reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Pentagull Ltd: Case Study - Supported Employment

The primary role is to support disabled people and their employers to benefit from working together and make employment a reality. Financial support comes from a range of funding sources with inclusive employment remaining a priority across the political landscape. Business Needs Progress Employment Support faced the following challenges: “Our IT was not designed for our way of working and was approaching its end of life. Partnership The Pentagull team were recommended from Blackpool Council and after an initial scoping meeting it was decided that a proof of concept would be developed using Pentagull’s agile business deployment method.

Solution and Delivery Benefits For more information about this case study, please contact us. Technologies. JUMPcuts - Shop. Interviews do's and don'ts. How Should You Present ‘Hobbies and Interests’ on Your CV? Save on Delicious There are so many aspects of Job Hunting that you could say is not a "true science. " That is to say that you never know how your application will be received. That's not to say that there aren't certain measures you can implement - or in this case avoid to make your application well received. In larger companies, there is usually an assigned Personnel Officer, even an Personnel Department. How Do We Prepare Students For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet? Education has truly come a long way. However, it still has a very long way to go. Thanks to social networks like Twitter, teachers are able to collaborate and share resources like never before. How a 140-Character Twitter Resume Could Land Your Next Job.

Go Visual - Get Visible. Future Work Skills 2020. Lancaster University. Students and graduates Access help and advice, search for opportunities, see what events are taking place, apply for the Lancaster Award, explore further study options and other pathways to your future career.

Lancaster University

Prospective students Find out how we create one of the best student experiences in the UK and what Lancaster has to offer. Employers Lancaster University students and graduates are amongst the most employable in the UK. Staff We work closely with staff throughout the University. Distraction. Managing a healthy ageing workforce: a national business imperative. Checklist: Is your resume ready for prime time? Careersbox careers film & video.

Career Advancement Community. We are delighted to officially welcome AXZO Press customers to Logical Operations!

Career Advancement Community

On March 14, 2014, Logical Operations acquired the education publishing assets of AXZO Press, which combines two leading learning solution providers to create a dynamic, forward-thinking player in the training and development industry. Read the full press release> From the day Logical Operations opened its doors 32 years ago, our world-class team has been committed to providing forward-thinking instructor-led training curriculum.

AllAboutCareers. 36 Million Reasons To Use Social Media To Find Your Next Job [INFOGRAPHIC] 341 Flares 341 Flares × Yes, there are that many reasons your next job should be found through Social Media.

36 Million Reasons To Use Social Media To Find Your Next Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

In fact, this is the number of people that have used either Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for finding a job this year in America alone. Personally, I think that this is a mindblowing number. It’s also interesting that LinkedIn comes in 2nd after Facebook on top and Twitter third for getting you a job. 25 Twitter Hashtags That Will Help You Get A Job. 5 Ways To Be A Better Public Speaker 7.15K Views 0 Likes. The Faculties.