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-Carr. Wilco Jansen Hasselblad Repair / Hassyparts. Hasselblad auxiliary shutter repair. Hasselblad prism finder disassembly – I tried taking apart the NC-2 prism finder for my Hasselblad 500c.

Hasselblad prism finder disassembly –

It’s dark and covered with fungus or haze, and I wanted to clean it. I was ultimately unsuccessful, but if anyone else is attempting this, I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far so that you are not starting from scratch. You can learn from my mistakes and hopefully help me figure out if it’s possible to get in there and clean it. Screws Here’s what I found: 2 screws on eyecup side (IMPORTANT!) Getting the prism out The front of the viewfinder is really only attached by 4 screws. I suspected that there were some under the leatherette (there are) but I didn’t want to peel it off. The bottom I don’t think it was necessary to remove the steel plate. Back to the eyecup side After I removed the bottom two screws on the eyecup side, I saw that a gap had opened, so I tried to pry the piece off. If you’re trying to do what I did, just peel off the leatherette to get access to the two screws on top. I couldn’t get the prism apart.

Hasselblad repair parts for sale. Hasselblad camera repair by factory trained technician David Odess. | Prices | Estimates | Shop Time | Guarantee | I am a factory trained Hasselblad technician with 44 years experience servicing the Hasselblad system exclusively, including 5 years with Hasselblad USA.

Hasselblad camera repair by factory trained technician David Odess.

A copy of my diploma from the Victor Hasselblad factory in Sweden will be furnished upon request. I have the proper factory training, experience, factory tools and genuine Hasselblad parts to provide you with the quality, timely and honest service that you expect and deserve. Labor Rates NOTE: I no longer service the motorized camera bodies. Service department Hasselblad Inc. 1080-A Garden State Road Union NJ 07083 Telephone: (973) 227-7320 E-mail: These labor rates are for complete cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of equipment to factory specifications.

I service the V system cameras and accessories only. Estimates Estimates will be provided for all repairs, and there is no charge for the estimate if you approve the estimate. Shipping In-Shop Time. Printed-camera-repair-manuals-for-hasselblad. FrameTek EconoSpace© Art and Glass Separator - Jerry's Artarama. What are the Different Types of Picture Framing Glass? - Picture framing glass (“glazing,” “conservation glass,” “museum quality glass”) usually refers to flat glass or acrylic (“plexi”) used for framing artwork and for presenting art objects in a display box (also, “conservation framing”).

What are the Different Types of Picture Framing Glass? -

Source – Wikipedia When having your artwork framed, there are several choices available when it comes to the type of “glass”, “glazing”, or “facing” that can be used. In this article we are going to take a moment and discuss what choices are available and what benefits each type offers, when it comes to the protection and display properties of your art. Keep in mind, most of these choices are only available for custom framing where conservation or anti-reflective coatings are important to the preservation of your photos or artistic works. Glazing Choices Available in Our Ready-made Frames Available at Basic Glass – This type of picture frame glazing is the most common in ready-made frames that you will find in retail stores or online. Thanks! (26) Matting and Framing Tutorial. Camera Lenses For Indoor Event Photography: Fast Glass.

Five lenses every indoor photographer must have in their kit.

Camera Lenses For Indoor Event Photography: Fast Glass

It doesn’t matter whether you shoot Canon or Nikon, or whether you shoot crop or full frame. These five are a must have for capturing emotion and action in low light. If you’re still using a variable speed, package zoom lens then I implore you to consider purchasing at least one high-speed lens. Both Canon and Nikon offer an identical lineup of fast glass. In this article I want to focus on five different lenses. “stage15” captured by Ikmal Fauzan (Click Image to See More From Ikmal Fauzan) The intent of this article is not to argue the importance of fixed verses zoom lenses, nor is it to examine the pros and cons of each. For any work indoors the first thing a photographer will consider is the speed of the lens.

Primes Prime lenses offer increased color accuracy and intense depth of field control. Photo captured by Tatiana Garanina (Click Image to See More From Tatiana Garanina) Mike Brodie Photography. Free Online Animated GIF Maker - Make A GIF Easily.