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YELLOW TAG あけましておめでとうございます!今年もよろしくおねがいいたしまーす☆ さてさて、冬コミ新刊「APOCALYPSIS TRUMPETS」とらのあなさんで販売スタートしました♪ 冬コミでゲットできなかった方はとらのあな各店、通信販売で購入できます。 次回イベントは2月2日(日)のコミティアです。後ほど詳しい情報お知らせしますね。 YELLOW TAG
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Over the last few years I’ve had little cause to write much. I’ve drawn a lot of pictures, and I prefer that sort of work to speak for itself. Whatever I write nowadays usually contains only one hundred and forty characters. Olly Moss Olly Moss
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digital digital Hello, everyone! Firstly, as a self-plug, I'd like to thank Anjin Anhut for mentioning me in this article about concept art. Though most of my activity is on tumblr now, I'm taking my blog out of retirement to post what, for many of you, will be a remedial tutorial about form. While it might not be overly academic, it is an honest account of my structural thought process. WIELD + WELDwith Paul Richards
Zero Lives
Wow, it seems like yesterday that I embarked on this adventure called "Adventure Time." I've worked on five seasons of the sweetest / post-apocalyptic cartoon ever! What can I say, my experience of working on “Adventure Time” has been nothing more than amazing. I’ve learned & grown so much in the past three years that I want to share some of my favorite moments working on this magical show. Before I began my actual journey with Adventure Time, I was just a fan of the original pilot (see video above), which I saw my senior year of art school (2007 University of the Arts, Philadelphia). CHOGRIN {The Art of Joseph Game} CHOGRIN {The Art of Joseph Game}
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Akihiko Yoshida, est. 1967 Job Classes part 2 - from the FFXIV art book. Job Classes part 1 - from the FFXIV art book. Airships & Ferries - from the FFXIV art book. Lodestone Illustrations - from the FFXIV art book. Akihiko Yoshida, est. 1967
Opus Artz Concept Art & Production Studio | London concept art studio with projects including Doctor Who, Dead Space 2, Bioshock2, Infamous2
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THE PIRATE'S CHEST THE PIRATE'S CHEST So my sweetheart got some of this air dry crayola clay for the kids and asked me if I wanted to show the kids anything with it. Now, she knows I don't sculpt but I usually handle the art stuff with the kids. Anyway, we played around with it for a bit and I got this itch so I got some wire, asked the kids what they wanted to sculpt and made these armatures like I've seen guys make online.
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Dave Wilkins Art - Official Site Follow the latest exploites of El Zombo and see the latest art from in the El Zombo gallery. Click below to check it out today and see what all the hype is about See more Here is where you can see some of my past and present work done in the comic book field. Dave Wilkins Art - Official Site
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I design stuff for video games and movies. » more Sexy chicks, wet tentacles, mutilated ninjas and pastoral landscapes are some of the various subjects that I like to draw. I work as a freelance Art Director and Concept Artist for the videogaming and movie industries. I am also one of the founding members of Le Soupe, a motion graphics studio based in Paris, France. You can click on the links below for artwork samples, or use the search option to select a specific topic. HPX-1 Design Unit - Home HPX-1 Design Unit - Home
JP Targete | Concept Designer | Character Designer | Creature Designer | Science Fiction & Fantasy Artist
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Dave Dorman- Star Wars art, fantasy art, comic book art, and much more
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