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Exército Brasileiro

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Olympische Sommerspiele. Manifesto da Diversidade. Brazilian Government Bypassing the US as It Builds out a Space Sector. RIO DE JANEIRO — The Brazilian government, which is determined to do in space what it did in civil aviation — move from a buyer of technology to a producer of commercial high-technology products — is multiplying bilateral agreements around the world with one major exception: the United States.

Brazilian Government Bypassing the US as It Builds out a Space Sector

In interviews here during the Latin America Aero and Defense (LAAD) exhibition, Brazilian and non-Brazilian officials said the government here remains in full anti-ITAR mode, doing whatever it takes not to use technology to which the U.S. government might one day deny access. Since a November change in the broad application of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), U.S. Commerce and State department officials have traveled the world saying, in effect, that ITAR is, for most commercial satellite components, a thing of the past for most U.S. allies.

“ITAR is a problem,” said Petronio Noronha de Souza, director of space policy and strategic investments at AEB. Convite Passagem de Comando B Es Com (1) Defesa apresenta planejamento estratégico para 2015 - Ministério da Defesa. Cat capacidades110914. Electronic Warefare Drones. REVISTA DO CLUBE MILITAR - Nº 452. Uma volta ao mundo em 47 maravilhosas fotografias de pessoas. Big Data. Usina de Letras. Asa fixa. Governança de TI. Governança de TI ( Share this canvas version with your team via IM message (eg Skype, Yahoo or gTalk) Use these tools to spread the canvas either publicly embed on your blog or privately with editable permission to your team Share this canvas to as many team as you want to brainstorm better concept together.

Governança de TI

Share this canvas as slideshow with your team via IM message (eg Skype, Yahoo or gTalk) You can edit the tweet before sending to your team. Revista 5º CTA 2010. You don't have the required flash plugin installed to view or build your ebooks.

Revista 5º CTA 2010

Please click here to install the latest plugin. PGFN - Procuradoria-Geral da Fazenda Nacional. DAEBAI. Revolutionary Robots. Exercito Brasileiro - CPEx. Decreto n 7809. Defenceiq. Contributor: Bruno Fernandes Posted: 09/13/2012 12:00:00 AM EDT | 0 The need to modernise and refit the Brazilian Armed Forces has been discussed for some time.


With outdated equipment and little weaponry, the subject is increasingly getting more attention in the Planalto Palace since Dilma Rousseff took over the Presidency of the Republic. The country needs to invest in order to be able to defend itself in a possible war scenario, especially to protect its oil reserves and the Amazon Rainforest.See below five recent statements made by the President on the theme: “In the current global order, we are taking a political-strategic position that imposes new responsibilities and challenges to Brazil in the defense of peace.

“We are and will continue to be a peaceful country, which respects the sovereignty of other nations, living in peaces with them and that values its good and fruitful relations with our neighbors for over 140 years. Error, please try again. * Required fields. World War II. National Geographic Magazine’s annual photo contest is still open, but the deadline for submissions coming up on November 16, 2015.

World War II

Photojournalist Louie Palu spent five years covering the war in Afghanistan, from 2006 to 2010, and has released a new documentary film titled Kandahar Journals, based on his writings and experience as a combat photographer. “Tilbakeblikk” is the name of a joint project between the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute and Norsk Folkemuseum. The project uses photographs taken of the same places separated by long periods of time to illustrate landscape changes in Norway. Images of people parading, trick-or-treating, partying, or getting scared silly in haunted houses, dressed in spooky or whimsical costumes—from the U.S., China, Germany, Spain, Japan, France, and more.

IMBEL - Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil. The Official Home Page of the United States Army. Centro de Comunicações e Guerra Eletrônica do Exército. Microsoft collects locations of Windows phone users. Like Apple and Google, Microsoft collects records of the physical locations of customers who use its mobile operating system.

Microsoft collects locations of Windows phone users

Windows Phone 7, supported by manufacturers including Dell, HTC, LG, Nokia, and Samsung, transmits to Microsoft a miniature data dump including a unique device ID, details about nearby Wi-Fi networks, and the phone's GPS-derived exact latitude and longitude. A Microsoft representative was not immediately able to answer questions that CNET posed this afternoon, including how long the location histories are stored and how frequently the phone's coordinates are transmitted over the Internet. Windows Phone currently claims about a 6 percent market share but, according to IDC, will capture about 21 percent by 2015 thanks to Microsoft's partnership with Nokia . Microsoft does say, however, that location histories are not saved directly on the device.

Sen. Here are the questions, still unanswered, that CNET posed to Microsoft this afternoon: Press Info - Apple Q&A on Location Data. 13 dicas básicas para as empresas que vão começar em mídias sociais. Segurança - Órgãos públicos do Brasil omitem informações sobre ataques às redes. Manifesto SOA. Group:OpenOfficeExtensions/List. From LibrePlanet This is an all-free-software list of extensions for both and LibreOffice applications.


The Apache extensions repository offers add-ons, dictionaries and other packages to extend with additional features. While the application is free software, the Apache extensions repository lists proprietary extensions as well as free software ones. Most extensions work with both LibreOffice and applications.

This is the repository that the program uses by default. The LibreOffice extensions repository only includes extensions published using free software licenses. The free software listing below is maintained by contributors to the LibrePlanet wiki. Please see Group:OpenOfficeExtensions for more information about the listing, how use it, and how to contribute.

Extensions are listed alphabetically by name. ) to sort by different criteria. Seja bem vindo ao website do 5º Centro de Telemática de Área. Revista 5º CTA 2010. Revista 5º CTA - 2009. Seja bem vindo ao website do 5º Centro de Telemática de Área. Assessoria Parlamentar do Comando Militar do Nordeste. PE - Programa Pernambucano da Qualidade e Produtividade. Seis empresas pernambucanas foram contempladas, na última quinta-feira (05), com o maior reconhecimento público do Estado às organizações que investem na melhoria gerencial, ao receberem os troféus do Prêmio da Qualidade e Gestão Pernambuco (PQGP), em prestigiada solenidade na Usina Dois Irmãos.

PE - Programa Pernambucano da Qualidade e Produtividade

Os agraciados com a premiação, conferida desde 2002 pelo Propeq, foram a Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Correios), a Companhia Energética de Pernambuco (Celpe), a JBR Engenharia, o 5º Centro de Telemática de Área, a Gerência do FGTS Recife e a QSM Consultoria Empresarial. Assuntos Militares: Abin enfrenta crise ao decidir não apurar atuação de servidor.

Comunicado interno diz que setor jurídico foi contrário a investigação de agente suspeito de ter colaborado com os EUA Tânia Monteiro / Brasília Mesmo diante de críticas e revoltas internas e de repercussão negativa no Congresso, a direção da Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (Abin) informou ontem, em comunicado interno, que não vai abrir procedimento administrativo para investigar o servidor de matrícula 008997. O agente teria cooperado com um espião americano e foi flagrado repassando informações aos Estados Unidos, em especial sobre a Tríplice Fronteira. .......______ Escola de Educação Física do Exército ______....... Revista Rio 2011. Influência da Escola de Educação Física do Exército na origem do currículo. Centro de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas. FUNCATE - Fundação de Ciência, Aplicações e Tecnologia Espaciais. Mozilla Firefox. Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2CoE) Notícias do Grupo.

A new Director for the C2CoE. UFJF /Defesa. Internet do EME. Portal de Educação do Exército Brasileiro. O Exército - Exército Brasileiro. Universidade de Santo Amaro. DES2008_3.pdf (objeto application/pdf) Curso de Interoperabilidade. Catálogo de Interoperabilidade. Programa de Governo Eletrônico Brasileiro - Sítio Oficial.