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Greek Chicken Kabobs. Super juicy, tender kabobs made with the best marinade ever!

Greek Chicken Kabobs

Olive oil, lemon juice, paprika, oregano, basil, thyme, garlic. SO BOMB. Save How badly do you want to faceplant yourself into this platter? I mean, I basically did that all. summer. long. Carne Asada recipes - Mexican BBQ Recipes - A Mummy Too. Barbecued rump of beef in Dijon. Easy Steak Fajitas. Tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth slices of steak with bell peppers and onion.

Easy Steak Fajitas

SO SO GOOD. Serve with tortillas, pico and guacamole. Save It’s funny. When I lived in Los Angeles, we could grill all year long. I guess it’s not that funny at all. Anyway, if you’re in Chiberia like me, you can employ your partner to go outside to take care of all the labor. But for those who don’t have access to a grill, no problem. Halloumi Skewers. Halloumi Skewers Salty halloumi, juicy sweet peaches, and savoury smokey char from the BBQ, this is an absolute must try!

Halloumi Skewers

Thanks for subscribing! : Links from the video: BBQ Question and Answer | Jamie Barbecue Hoisin Ribs | Jamie For more information on any Jamie Oliver products featured on the channel click here: For more nutrition info, click here: x More Less Published: 30 Aug 2020 Tags: SummerSalad + Twitter Facebook Salad. Tomato & onion salad recipe. RECIPE: Burger guru Yianni Papoutsis reveals how to cook the perfect patty Spanish-style. HOLED up in Granada following a coronavirus travel nightmare (see Olive Press Issue 340, pg 4), Yianni Papoutsis, 44, founder of MEATliquor in the UK and his partner Sophie O’Hara, 26, have turned lockdown into a culinary showdown dubbed Nice.olation.

RECIPE: Burger guru Yianni Papoutsis reveals how to cook the perfect patty Spanish-style

Continuing their series of quarantine recipes for the Olive Press, burger guru Yianni reveals his perfect patty recipe you can whip up with a few staple ingredients. Hamburguesas Españoles Years ago there used to be a smokey little tapas joint on Granada’s infamous Calle el Vera. Nowadays this strip of late night haunts has been much tamed; the punks, anarchist graffiti and squat bars are mostly a thing of the past – though, on the flip side, there is now a really good ice cream parlour at the Albaicin end.

On a street with an obscene amount of establishments all competing over who can serve up the best and/or biggest free tapa, there was one which always stood out. Besides, making your own is way easier than the ready-to-cook variety. Fireball pineapple is the boozy grilled treat you've been missing. Put the pineapple on the grill at a medium, or a medium-high heat and rotate so the pieces are cooked evenly on all sides, about eight to ten minutes, depending on grill temperature.

Fireball pineapple is the boozy grilled treat you've been missing

You'll know that this treat is done when you can easily put a knife into the center of the pineapple piece. The creation works quite well as a topping for vanilla ice cream, or heck, on its own. Meanwhile, it should go without saying, but when you take the pineapple out of the whiskey, don't dump the Fireball down the drain as it can be used for cocktails. And speaking of Fireball, make sure you're careful with the whiskey around the grill. It'd be a shame to flambé your eyebrows while making this would-be fun dish. If you feel like you've been seeing a lot about Fireball, you would be correct (via Thrillist). Recipes: Beer and Honey BBQ Chicken Skewers. Serves 4 Ingredients 12 chicken thighs, cut into quarters 2 cloves garlic, crushed 150ml beer, we recommend Black Sheep ale 100ml honey 1 tsp Dijon mustard 2 tbsp soy sauce Total time required.

Recipes: Beer and Honey BBQ Chicken Skewers

Chicken and lemon kebabs. Homemade © J Sainsbury plc 2016 Ingredients.

Chicken and lemon kebabs

Prawn jamon souvlaki. Not your classic souvlaki but again I’m having fun with it, and I’ve always loved the combination of jamon and prawns.

Prawn jamon souvlaki

Remember, a souvlaki is meant to be made fresh and eaten straightaway. Don’t let it sit around – eat, my friends, eat. Ingredients 4 large banana prawns, peeled and deveined 1 clove garlic, crushed 2½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 8 cherry tomatoes, cut in half 2 golden shallots, thinly sliced 12 kalamata olives, pitted 1 tablespoon salted baby capers, rinsed and roughly chopped 1 tablespoon roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley juice of 1/2 lemon salt flakes and cracked pepper 4 small pita breads extra virgin olive oil, extra, for brushing 1/3 cup (80 g) white bean skordalia 50 g thinly sliced jamon Don't forget you can add these ingredients to your Woolworths shopping list. Close 1. Recipe: Lindsey Bareham’s marinated feta cheese with chilli. Recipe: Lindsey Bareham’s cumin lamb chops with aubergine.

Treating lamb chops like escalopes — pounding them until very thin and cooking quickly on a griddle or barbecue — is an idea I picked up years ago from the chef Theo Randall, ex-River Café and now InterContinental.

Recipe: Lindsey Bareham’s cumin lamb chops with aubergine

Dusting them with cumin adds a haunting flavour that goes well with aubergine. Grilling aubergines then mashing the smoky flesh with garlic, lemon and olive oil results in a silky take on hummus. I like this combo with a lemon wedge and new potatoes. Serves 2Prep 20 minCook 25 min Ingredients 4 lamb chops or cutlets ½ tsp ground cumin ½ tbsp olive oil 1 medium aubergine (300g) 2 garlic cloves 2 lemons 3-4 tbsp best olive oil. Beer and Honey BBQ Chicken Skewers. Honey Roast Peaches. This is the ultimate summer pudding.

Honey Roast Peaches

A glorious combination of fresh peaches, buttery honey sauce topped with cool marscapone cream and toasted almonds. To serve four hungry guests (or eight slightly more refined guests) you'll need: 4 Peaches, Butter, Honey, 250g Marscapone, 150ml Double cream, 1tsp Vanilla extract, Flaked almonds Pre-heat your oven to 180C/350F and slice your peaches into halves, removing the stones as you go. Place the halves into a baking tray and top each with a little knob of butter. Drizzle honey over the top. Pop them into the oven for about 20mins. Pop a peach onto a plate, spoon some of the sauce from the pan over the top, smother in marscapone cream & sprinkle with almonds.

Recipes: Lime and Coriander Corn. Recipes: Coronation Chicken Sticks with Spicy Mango Dip. Prepare Ahead If you want to get maximum flavour, marinate the chicken for 24 hours. Instructions 1 Mix the chicken with 2 tbsp of the curry paste until coated. Cover, place in the refrigerator and marinate for at least 20 minutes or up to 24 hours. 2 To make the dip, mix the remaining curry paste with the yogurt, mayonnaise and chutney. Add the lime juice and season. Ingredients. Recipes: Asparagus and Halloumi Skewers with Mint.

Makes 2 Ingredients 12 asparagus spears, ends trimmed 175g halloumi 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 1 small handful fresh mint, stems removed, leaves roughly chopped 1 tsp crushed chillies, optional ½ lemon, cut into wedges, to serve Total time required Preparation time: Cooking time: Prepare Ahead If using wooden skewers rather than metal, soak them in water for 15 minutes before using to prevent burning. Instructions Bring a pan of water to the boil and blanch the asparagus for 1 minute. Curried Chicken Kebabs - Tesco Real Food. Spicy yogurt chicken. A Sweet and Savory BBQ Menu for Summer. Now that it’s unofficially summer, barbecues are making outdoor dining perfect for sharing time with family and friends. Rather than resorting to old-fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs, kick your grilling game up a notch with this simple yet impressive sweet and savory menu.

Get ready to fire up the grill!