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10 wget commands to download - Command Line Downloader | LINUX INTERNETWORKS 10 wget commands to download - Command Line Downloader | LINUX INTERNETWORKS Wget is a command line utility tool to download files from your network. It supports http, https, and ftp protocols. If you are accessing remote machine and you want to download some files from other machine or internet, you need to use this utility. I here list some of the useful wget commands for downloading the files from network. Basic syntax of wget wget option… URL…
Customizing your xterm Customizing your xterm Posted by Steve on Thu 30 Dec 2004 at 18:29 xterm is the default terminal emulator, or shell program, that people use when running the X11 Window System. Despite its apparent simplicity it's very customizable, allowing you to change fonts, sizes, and colours with only a little effort. Many newcomers to Linux don't realise that there are menu options available with xterms and instead seem to believe that they must use the KDE, or GNOME terminal applications to get adjust fonts.
Posted 05 June 2012 - 12:38 AM OK, thanks, Guys, for the info on how you set up your pacman.conf. Arch News says, "...enable package verification through the SigLevel option..." and then the default is, as Josh noted, to have SigLevel commented out -- which seemed contradictory to me. At present, mine is set as "PackageRequired" and it's not commented out, so I guess if I don't change it I'm in for a bad case of pellagra. Or something.... "Computing is fractal; wherever you look, there is infinite complexity." - Jim Gray [arch-announce] Having pacman verify packages - Bruno's All Things Linux - Scot's Newsletter Forums [arch-announce] Having pacman verify packages - Bruno's All Things Linux - Scot's Newsletter Forums
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How to add Swap on Linux How to add Swap on Linux EmailShare 126EmailShare Swap is a type of filesystem and is a virtual memory. Whenever your RAM is full, your operating system will look for further memory in your swap space. For this reason, you reserve some part of the hard disk to create a swap partition.
From time to time, we execute several commands, such as commands of update,upgrade,install, and remove ... and after we close our Terminal. This trick will close the terminal automatically for you after a period of time after being inactive. We open the file /etc/profile with any editor you like (as root), I prefer Gedit : How to close automatically the terminal after a certain period of inactivity How to close automatically the terminal after a certain period of inactivity
This document will attempt to explain some procedures and commonly-used software to help your Linux system be more secure. It is important to discuss some of the basic concepts first, and create a security foundation, before we get started. 2.1. Why Do We Need Security? In the ever-changing world of global data communications, inexpensive Internet connections, and fast-paced software development, security is becoming more and more of an issue. Linux Security HOWTO Linux Security HOWTO
Five Tools for Measuring and Improving Linux System Performance Out of the box, Linux runs just fine for many uses. But if you find yourself needing to ferret out performance problems or tune the kernel for better performance, Linux has more than enough tools to measure and tweak system performance. In this guide, we'll take a look at five of the best utilities to measure system performance and tweak the Linux kernel. Five Tools for Measuring and Improving Linux System Performance
Email Tracer Tutorial - a reference guide to trace email messages
Web Browsers | EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Project Web Browsers | EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Project Web browsers are software on your machine that communicate with servers or hosts on the Internet. Using a web browser causes data to be stored on your computer and logs to be stored on the web servers you visit, and frequently transmits unencrypted information. Until you have understood the mechanisms by which this occurs — and taken steps to prevent them — it is best to assume that anything you do with a web browser could be recorded by your own machine, by the web servers you're communicating with, or by any adversary that is able to monitor your network connection.
4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking <b>Whoa, you aren't browsing with Javascript, congratulations! You probably don't need this tutorial, which will look broken for you. Just install an adblocker with a privacy/tracking protection list, block third-party cookies, block referers, and install HTTPS Everywhere. </b><br /> In less than 10 minutes, you can drastically improve your privacy online and protect yourself against unwanted and invisible tracking. Note that these privacy safeguards will also be blocking some ads. 4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking
IRC Server Commands This is a partial HTML version of the help available on the IRC server by typing /HELPOP. This document covers user commands and modes, and channel modes in UnrealIRCd3.2. See Unreal3.2.3 Release Notes for new and changed features. IRC Server Commands
Installing User Mode Linux Abstract This article will show you how to do a basic installation of usermode linux on a kernel. This document, Installing User Mode Linux is copyright (c) 2006 by the Clarkson Open Source Institute. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is available at
QEMU Emulator User Documentation 1 Introduction 1.1 Features QEMU is a FAST! QEMU Emulator User Documentation
Text smaller Text bigger Who in the world knows as much about you and your private thoughts as Google? That’s the question Katherine Albrecht, radio talk-show host and spokeswoman for Startpage, a search engine that protects user privacy, is posing to American Internet surfers. “It would blow people’s minds if they knew how much information the big search engines have on the American public,” she told WND. “In fact, their dossiers are so detailed they would probably be the envy of the KGB.” Google exposed in Joseph Farah’s “Stop the Presses!” Killer way to slay the Google beast!
Howto: Linux shell restricting access By default when you add new user to system (/etc/passwd file) it grant shell access. If you are creating new users for POP3 or SMTP (mail server) or FTP then you do not need to grant shell access to a user. Remember as soon as you add a user he/she can login via telnet or ssh. The best way to put Linux shell access restriction is to use special shell called nologin, which politely refuse a login.
Decrypting A Wireshark Capture With Ssl Traffic - Critical Security.NET
How to hack email passwords using Linux and Ettercap Need to know your significant other's email password? Perhaps they're cheating on your virtually—and you need to figure out if it's true, which unfortunately means eavesdropping on their email conversations. But getting someone's password for their email account isn't easy. It's a hard task, but not an impossible one, as this video shows.
Startpage launches anonymous Web search service
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lawful Access, But Were (Understandably) Afraid To Ask
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