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Altoids Solar/Dynamo Emergency Charger. I have various USB power banks, but wanted something that would work in a total power outage and in a low/no light situation or for camping etc, so I figured why not make one in an Altoids tin?

Altoids Solar/Dynamo Emergency Charger

There are plenty of cool Altoids chargers already out there, so check them out as well! Before I begin, I want to stress that this is just an emergency charger and is not going to fully charge your iPhone or Galaxy, but it will give you enough juice to make a call or two. Plus, you can use it to power/charge any other small devices on the go. Just keep in mind that it doesn't put out a ton of power. The idea of this charger was to always have one battery available and to have one battery always charging. Supplies: Solar Powered Soldering Station. Please click below to visit our Kickstarter project page to pre-order a production model!

Solar Powered Soldering Station

This project is based on my Kickstarter project called Solarpad, which includes the custom high power Solarpad solar panel and Power Core battery. Specifications for Solarpad and Power Core can be found on this page: Have you ever wanted to solder outside on a nice sunny day, but your extension cord was too short? DIY SOLAR chargers. Recycled Solar USB Charger build 2. I cant believe that I spent almost 20 years in IT and never took apart a laptop battery before.

Recycled Solar USB Charger build 2

Well after poking around on instructables I saw that people were getting lots of Li-Ion Cells from laptop batteries. HOW COULD I HAVE OVERLOOKED THIS SOURCE OF POWA!!! I have used LiPo batteries for R/C Aircraft so piece of cake I already had chargers to tinker with Li Ion cells I just needed to get some. Time to root though the parts bins. I found 2 batteries in laptops that were being stripped for parts and tested them in known good laptops. I am not going to go through the particulars of stripping a laptop battery as there are plenty of good instructables on that all over here. After I had my batteries apart I checked each one over for damage and a minimum charge under 3.0v.

And now on to assembling the USB pack holder thingy. WIND AND SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER MADE FROM RECYCLED PARTS - All. The Solar USB Charger! Power generating shoe for charging mobile phones and torch lights. Cheap solar powered iPhone charger. In this Instructable, students learn about basic electronics and renewable energy sources by building a solar powered cell phone charger.

Cheap solar powered iPhone charger

While existing chargers run from $70 - $90, the components for this project only cost around $20. This is by no means the best or most effective charger - it is cheap, and can recharge in the sun. For a much more elegant, well designed, and well documented solar charger, you should really check out the materials on This project is of course, derived from the work that Limor Fried did in her MintyBoost Altoids charger, and from several other instructables, including this project from Joshua Zimmerman. The main differences for this project are cost, and durability. DIY iPhone 5s Solar Charger with CAD. Charge mobile (5V USB) phone/GPS or other equipment from bicycle dynamo - 3 Euro - 5 elements only :) For long distance bikers its very useful to have gps support (sports-tracker with open street maps :)) or just to recharge gsm/mp3/gps but need to charge mobile - my is nokia E72 this is excellent phone but after 6 hours on GPS the battery ends one options is to go and charge on gas station/cofee or to recharge it with portable device I try one that use 1 AA battery, but it cannot even charge the phone - it works 20 min, battery was hot and nothing.

charge mobile (5V USB) phone/GPS or other equipment from bicycle dynamo - 3 Euro - 5 elements only :)

The other option was to use 6V accumulator with one diode to get near 5 Volts but it wrecks phone battery very fast. How To Make A Solar Phone Charger - All. Solar MOBILE PHONE charger DIY. Modifying the output Voltage of an Adjustable DC-to-DC Converter (Phone Charger Hack) Cell phone charger from an old 9V battery. Super Small Solar Phone Charger (only 4$) Building a Micro USB-USB-IN/OUT Connector for Solar LED Phone Charger Emergency Dynamo Crank. Altoids Portable Phone Charger Easiest. Simple Recycled / Re-purposed Solar Phone Charger - All. This is just a quick little how to to demonstrate a quick project to put some surplus components to use with minimal tools.

Simple Recycled / Re-purposed Solar Phone Charger - All

(how I came across the component is encapsulated in brackets) Parts List 1.8W Solar battery maintainer. ($3 at a yardsale) 12v cigar outlet (removed from truck when hard wired emergency lighting)1" square of servo tape. (double stick foam tape left over from another project)5Ah 12V sealed lead acid battery. (salvaged from UPS pack)2 female blade connectors to fit the battery. (misc components from electrical connector bin)USB/car Phone charge cable. Tools RequiredWirestripper with Crimp tool I was at a yard sale where a older gentleman had the 12V solar battery maintainer for sale. as it was $3 I could not just let it sit there and it wound up in the "parts" bin just waiting for a small scale solar project like this. After some time I had a 3000VA UPS report a battery failure.

DIY Solar Phone Charger ($5 Battery Free - UPDATED!) Here's a real quick and easy tutorial on making a "Portable Solar Phone Charger", it only took me 5 minutes to make one!

DIY Solar Phone Charger ($5 Battery Free - UPDATED!)

It's powered by PURE solar energy. The device is designed to fit right into your pocket, it also comes with a built-in stand! Works with apple devices (tested on iPod Touch and Quadcore Android Phone) How Does It Work? - Solar powered chargers and powerbanks are pretty common these days. My Review: (Pure Solar vs. Solar powered phone charger. How 2.0: Make a Solar Cell Phone Charger. From A little soldering is all it takes to make this cool little emergency cell phone charger.

How 2.0: Make a Solar Cell Phone Charger

Keep it in the glove box of your car, in case you ever get stranded in the woods and start to hear banjo music! You might be able to find the mini solar panels at a store that sells science or electronics equipment; otherwise you can order them online. Please note, you'll also be cutting the wire on the cell phone charger, so make sure it's not the only one you have! You can often find cheap chargers at discount stores like Big Lots -- it doesn't matter if it's AC or car compatible, since you'll only be using the end that plugs in your phone. 1 Altoids Tin case2 Mini Solar Panels (3V 20mA each)1 Solder (3")1 Small Heat Shrink Tubing (4")1 Large Heat Shrink Tubing (4")1 Double Sided Tape (3")1oz Flux1 Solder Iron1 Heat Gun1 Wire Stripper1 cell phone charger.

Wrist Solar Phone Charger and Flashlight-Very Cool Gadget - All. SOLAR POWERED MOBILE PHONE CHARGER FOR CAMPING, FISHING AND OUTDOORS - All. Charge Any Phone Without Its Charger! How to charge phone with Orange - All. Bike that charges your cell phone as you ride! Candle Powered Phone Charger - All. Charge your phone with AA batteries!? Build a Solar Phone Charger on the Cheap. Solar Powered Phone Charger - All. Free energy for charge mobile phone - All. Hand Crank Phone Charger. Card Size Phone Charger & flashlight. Solar Powered Phone Charger necessities. Diy solar phone charger. Cell phone charger. Charge His Phone With With A Fruit. Macgyver Phone Charging. Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger. You don't need much to get this project up and running.

Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

I actually bought everything I needed at Radio Shack, and will provide the SKUs for each item in case you want to do the same. Solar Cell (I used a 6v 50mA one) SKU: 277-1205Project Box (I used a 5x2.5x2 and it fits perfectly but any small enclosed box that you can cut holes into will do fine) SKU: 270-180312VDC Car Power Outlet Socket SKU: 270-1556Vecro (or your adhesive of choice) SKU: 64-2345 You will also need a soldering iron (15 watt. SKU: 64-2051B), solder (62/36/2. SKU: 64-013), and something to cut 2 holes in the project box (I didn't have anything available designed specifically to cut holes, but I just used my CRKT knife and it worked fine) AA Battery Powered Cell Phone. Super Simple Phone Charger. This could possibly be one of the most simplest phone chargers you can make.

Super Simple Phone Charger

I wanted to make a charger that could use a 9v battery to power-up my phone. The worst thing about having a phone charger which you charge via USB is you never remember to charge it! After looking through a few 'ibles I came across this one by Hobbyman. I loved the simple design and the discussions around the batteries and charging modules. I actually went out and purchased an Ultrafire 18650 battery, charging module and a regulator but still haven't done anything with them. Charge Your Phone With a Candle! Solar Free Energy Project Homemade Mini Generator For All Mobile and Tablet PC - All. Phone And Tablet Battery Charger (cheap And rechargeable) - All.