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20 New HTML5 Tools You Shouldn't Miss. HTML5 is one of the most popular language amongst developer community as it offers number of features such as modern browser support, structure specific tags, visual elements like rounded corners are now built in, drag and drop interactive, new video, audio and canvas elements, SVG animations, and many more.

20 New HTML5 Tools You Shouldn't Miss

For this article we have compiled a list of New HTML5 Tools released recently, following tools are helpful and let you create and optimize your web applications with much efforts. We hope you will find the list useful for your development related tasks. Have Fun !! 1. Enyo Enyo is a framework for building native-quality HTML5 apps. 2. Squire is an HTML5 rich text editor that includes cross-browser normalization. 3. NoMe is a JavaScript library for using HTML5’s geolocation and location data. 4. API 101 - Provide. Fullstack Academy - D3.js in 10 Minutes. Welcome to D3 If you’re looking to make data visualizations on your web app, then look no further than D3.js!

Fullstack Academy - D3.js in 10 Minutes

This popular library is the industry standard for making beautiful visualizations. See some examples here: Off-Canvas Menu Effects - Top Side. HTML5 UP! Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Site Templates.


NodeJS. An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS. Dungeon League. Polygonal Map Generation for Games. I wanted to generate interesting game maps that weren’t constrained to be realistic, and I wanted to try some techniques I hadn’t tried before.

Polygonal Map Generation for Games

I usually make tile maps but instead used a different structure. What could I do with 1,000 polygons instead of 1,000,000 tiles? The distinct player-recognizable areas might be useful for gameplay: locations of towns, places to quest, territory to conquer or settle, landmarks, pathfinding waypoints, difficulty zones, etc. I generated maps with polygons, then rasterized them into tile maps that looked like this: Most procedural map generators, including some of my own previous projects, use noise functions (midpoint displacement, fractal, diamond-square, perlin noise, etc.) to generate a height map. JS Attitude : formations JavaScript qualitatives et sympathiques. 11 outils pour les journalistes numériques. Aller, troisième et dernière étape de notre rentrée journalistique en ligne.

11 outils pour les journalistes numériques

20 sites qui vous donnent envie d’apprendre. De nombreuses initiatives visant à « révolutionner » l’apprentissage tout au long de la vie ont émergé avec le numérique.

20 sites qui vous donnent envie d’apprendre

Des enseignants et universités ont mis en ligne leurs cours, les ont ouverts aux commentaires et aux échanges. 20 New jQuery Plugins Worth Taking a Look at. Keeping up with and tracking the constant flow of new jQuery plugins feels like a full job sometimes.

20 New jQuery Plugins Worth Taking a Look at

Every other day we seem to discover something new, something cutting-edge and sometimes we find something that is truly groundbreaking and indispensable. We do love the innovation of the jQuery community. Here are the latest plugins worth taking a look at: Freetile.js Freetile will organize your content in an efficient, dynamic and responsive layout. Freetile.js → Responsive Carousel. Mashant Books. Ship Sprite Test. Pen Actions Create New Pen.

Ship Sprite Test

Mettre en cache les fichiers statiques de votre site Web (htaccess) - Tutoriels. Cet article a 3 années.

Mettre en cache les fichiers statiques de votre site Web (htaccess) - Tutoriels

Liquid Slider — Slider responsive HTML5 & CSS3 pour le web et les mobiles. Liquid Slider est un Slider jQuery (avec des morceaux de HTML5 dedans) conçu avec les contraintes des périphériques mobile à l’esprit pour assurer à vos contenus un affichage optimum quelque soit la taille ou la résolution de l’écran de vos visiteurs.

Liquid Slider — Slider responsive HTML5 & CSS3 pour le web et les mobiles

Create a Mobile HTML5 RPG - Tutorial. Don't forget to check out my online course HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners.

Create a Mobile HTML5 RPG - Tutorial

Get 90% OFF!. Only until the end of the month. Intro In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a (very) simple RPG demo that works in all HTML5 supporting platforms, using the Open Source Javascript framework LimeJS. This framework allows you to quickly create simple games that work regardless of the screen resolution of your device (laptop, phone, tv). Off Canvas Multi-Device Layouts. Most multi-device layout patterns for the Web are designed to rearrange page elements within a visible browser window. Off canvas multi-device layouts, on the other hand, use the space outside a browser’s viewport to hide secondary elements until people need them. Jason Weaver and I put together demonstrations of several new off canvas layout patterns. Code School - Try Git. Responsive Web Design just got Easier with the Responsive Grid System. 35 Free HTML Templates. The guide to implementing 2D platformers.

Having previously been disappointed by the information available on the topic, this is my attempt at categorizing different ways to implement 2D platform games, list their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss some implementation details. The long-term goal is to make this an exhaustive and comprehensible guide to the implementation of 2D platform games. If you have any sort of feedback, correction, request, or addition – please leave it in the comments! Disclaimer: some of the information presented here comes from reverse engineering the behavior of the game, not from its code or programmers. It’s possible that they are not ACTUALLY implemented in this way, and merely behave in an equivalent way. Also note that tile sizes are for the game logic, graphical tiles might be of a different size.

I can think of four major ways in which a platform game can be implemented. Interactive menu with CSS3 & jQuery. CSS3 Family Tree. Ratchet - Les websockets pour PHP. Ratchet est une librairie qui permet de créer des applications temps réelles avec échanges bi-directionnels entre clients et serveur. Elle permet donc de garder une connexion active entre un (ou plusieurs) clients et le serveur. Durant tout le temps où la connexion est active, chacun peut envoyer un message à l'autre à tout moment. Cette technologie permet donc d'envoyer des messages à tous les clients connectés dès qu'une modification survient, grâce aux listeners du serveur. Voici le process flow du fonctionnement des Websockets : Les websockets sont déjà natives dans Chrome, Firefox, Opera et Safari (même mobile), et existent sous forme de plugin pour IE 10.

Pour le serveur, il faut l'installer en passant par Composer : 2. 3. Le site officiel propose un mini tuto très bien fait pour créer un chat. Il est possible d'utiliser l'application via la console, mais évidemment aussi dans un navigateur, et c'est bien là l'intérêt.


Design. Game dev. Studios. Cartes. 0,.71,.27,-1.24) ✿ IDE. JS & JQ. 20 Cheat Sheets for Web Development you must have. HTML5. CSS.