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The 5 Stages Of ‘Getting’ Twitter. In her seminal 1969 book On Dying, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross first introduced what would become commonly known as The Five Stages Of Grief (and professionally, as the Kübler-Ross Model).

The 5 Stages Of ‘Getting’ Twitter

Based on interviews with more than 500 patients, Kübler-Ross’s research describes the five sequential stages by which people cope with grief and tragedy – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance. Kübler-Ross’s study originally applied only to those suffering from terminal illness, but this was later expanded to include any form of ‘bereavement’ – for example, the loss of a job, income or freedom – as well as major life-changing events, such as drug addiction, relocation and divorce. I believe that we can also apply this process to Twitter – specifically, the concept of ‘getting’ it. I joined Twitter in March 2008. Like many people (certainly back then), I didn’t really know what to do with it at first. Twitter's new developer roadmap. Ryan Sarver works at Twitter.

Twitter's new developer roadmap

He just posted a new developer roadmap, a few minutes ago. In it are all the things I was expecting: 1. To Advertisers, Twitter's a Fledgling. Why Twitter's is a game changer. Twitter has been open with its data from the start, and widely available APIs have created a huge variety of applications and fast adoption.

Why Twitter's is a game changer

But by making their platform so open, Twitter has fewer options for monetization. The one thing they can do that nobody else can — because they’re the message bus — is to rewrite tweets in transit. That includes hashtags and URLs. Twitter could turn #coffee into #starbucks. The Very Last Thing I'll Write About Twitter. I have an odd mental relationship with my former employer.

The Very Last Thing I'll Write About Twitter

Clearly, I wouldn’t have worked there for three and a half years if I didn’t care about the product and the community. But then, I wouldn’t have left if I really wanted to see that commitment through. I have an investment of stock in the company, of course, but more importantly I have an investment of time and emotional energy. 06269xfj - Uploaded by ptaillandier. iA » Cosmic 140—Final Beta.

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