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The 5 Stages Of ‘Getting’ Twitter. In her seminal 1969 book On Dying, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross first introduced what would become commonly known as The Five Stages Of Grief (and professionally, as the Kübler-Ross Model).

The 5 Stages Of ‘Getting’ Twitter

Based on interviews with more than 500 patients, Kübler-Ross’s research describes the five sequential stages by which people cope with grief and tragedy – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, finally, acceptance. Kübler-Ross’s study originally applied only to those suffering from terminal illness, but this was later expanded to include any form of ‘bereavement’ – for example, the loss of a job, income or freedom – as well as major life-changing events, such as drug addiction, relocation and divorce. I believe that we can also apply this process to Twitter – specifically, the concept of ‘getting’ it. I joined Twitter in March 2008. Like many people (certainly back then), I didn’t really know what to do with it at first. So much so that, a little while after that, I started to write about it. Twitter's new developer roadmap.

Ryan Sarver works at Twitter.

Twitter's new developer roadmap

He just posted a new developer roadmap, a few minutes ago. In it are all the things I was expecting: 1. If you make a Twitter client, you have a bit of time to get out of that business. If you were thinking about writing one, don't. 2. 3. 4. A personal note, I am so happy I cut the cord with Twitter long before they got to this point. To Advertisers, Twitter's a Fledgling. Updated Sept. 26, 2010 12:01 a.m.

To Advertisers, Twitter's a Fledgling

ET Twitter Inc.' S foray into advertising is receiving mixed reviews among marketers, underscoring the challenges of turning the popular micro-blogging service into a highly profitable enterprise. The popularity of Twitter has fueled expectations that marketers could use the service to target relevant ads to consumers interested in real-time information about breaking events and other topics. Since launching its much-anticipated advertising products in April, Twitter has signed on more than 30 big-name brands, including Coca-Cola Co. Your Value Your Change Short position , Virgin America and Starbucks Corp.

Why Twitter's is a game changer. Twitter has been open with its data from the start, and widely available APIs have created a huge variety of applications and fast adoption.

Why Twitter's is a game changer

But by making their platform so open, Twitter has fewer options for monetization. The one thing they can do that nobody else can — because they’re the message bus — is to rewrite tweets in transit. That includes hashtags and URLs. Twitter could turn #coffee into #starbucks. They could replace a big URL with a short one. Twitter recently announced a new feature that makes this a reality. Web marketers obsess over the “funnel” — the steps from first contact to purchase. While every click of a visit to these marketers’ sites is analyzed with web analytics, it’s much harder to know what people are doing elsewhere on the web. Web analytics is a huge industry, but the tools marketers rely on to understand visitors are breaking. Cookies, long the basis for tracking users, need web browsers to store them. The Very Last Thing I'll Write About Twitter.

I have an odd mental relationship with my former employer.

The Very Last Thing I'll Write About Twitter

Clearly, I wouldn’t have worked there for three and a half years if I didn’t care about the product and the community. But then, I wouldn’t have left if I really wanted to see that commitment through. I have an investment of stock in the company, of course, but more importantly I have an investment of time and emotional energy. I’ve walked away from the job, but that investment has made it difficult to truly detach myself from it, as excited as I am to be doing what I’m doing now. 06269xfj - Uploaded by ptaillandier. iA » Cosmic 140—Final Beta.

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