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International teachmeet presentations 3rd March 2012

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The highlighter role. My Integrating Technology journey. Practice Speaking Online - Elinda Gjondedaj. Podcasting in Piano Lessons 1. How to Learn Piano by Podcast. Connecting the dots. @Ideas_Factory The blog of Julian S. Wood: Presentations/talks. Chucksandy's posterous - Home. Vicky Loras's Blog. Six Word Stories. Recently, I participated in a fabulous digital storytelling workshop through TESOL Electronic Village Online.

Six Word Stories

One of the activities that caught my eye during the workshop was Six Word Stories. The process is simple: Students choose a picture and tell a story in six words. Students.teacher facebook. Creating StopMotionmovies in the classroom. Sorting It All Out...: Let's Go to Disneyland! As my first grade students left for their holiday break, I told one of the children to have a wonderful vacation.

Sorting It All Out...: Let's Go to Disneyland!

He sadly looked at me and said, "I'm not going on vacation. I am just staying home. " I explained to him that by vacation I meant not coming to school. His reaction made me think about how many students never get to travel and experience the joy of visiting popular vacation destinations. It seems, however, that the answer to that problem was sitting in my room waiting to be unwrapped! Day 63:Fun with Comics! My TeachMeet International Presentation - Janet's 366.