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Index page. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro. From Blender to iPhone. My first iPhone game, Shufflepuck, was written in the dark ages – before the iPhone SDK was even available – and I modeled the 3D world using the tools I had: basic geometry equations applied to generate all of the vertices programmatically.

From Blender to iPhone

And it worked! For a good while it was the sexiest table shuffleboard game on the App Store. I was able to get by on programmatic models for that game, but if I wanted to be able to do something more interesting I was going to need to step things up. I write this now not as anything near an expert, but as a developer who has forced himself to wade into unfamiliar territory and figure out how to put the pieces together. My goal was to create a simple, textured model in a 3D modeling package and display that model in all of its textured glory on the iPhone.