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Big bertha says: default passwords. 9 Websites to Relax You. Instantsfun! Gordon Freeman approves! Weird Converter - Translate Babies to Blue Whales to Polar Bears. Sounds To Sleep To. WebGL Water. Loading...

WebGL Water

Made by Evan Wallace This demo requires a decent graphics card and up-to-date drivers. If you can't run the demo, you can still see it on YouTube. Interactions: Draw on the water to make ripples Drag the background to rotate the camera Press SPACEBAR to pause and unpause Drag the sphere to move it around Press the L key to set the light direction Press the G key to toggle gravity Features: Raytraced reflections and refractions Analytic ambient occlusion Heightfield water simulation * Soft shadows Caustics (see this for details) ** * requires the OES_texture_float extension** requires the OES_standard_derivatives extension.

Folding Instructioon: Night Hawk. Ferrofluid Synthesis. HTML5 Genetic Algorithm 2D Car Thingy - Chrome recommended. Create new world with seed: Mutation rate: Mutation size: Floor:

HTML5 Genetic Algorithm 2D Car Thingy - Chrome recommended

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers. This is a repository of the most up-to-date versions of Deviant's lock diagrams and animations.

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers

Seen in all of the TOOOL educational materials and slide decks, these files are all released under the Creative Commons license. You are free to use any of them for non-commercial purposes, as long as they are properly attributed and the same freedom for others is maintained in all derivative works. Please note that these diagrams have evolved and developed over time. While Deviant is still proud of the older versions of his images, if you still have copies of legacy material they should all be replaced with the latest versions available here. Each image shown below in thumbnail form can be accessed in high resolution individually, or you can obtain the full set from the zip archive at the bottom of this page.

Lock Basics and Mechanical Operation. 101 Contradictions Old Testament. SAS Survival Manual - 9 - Survival Use of Plants. Plants are valuable sources of food because they are widely available, easily procured, and, in the proper combinations, can meet all your nutritional needs.

SAS Survival Manual - 9 - Survival Use of Plants

Absolutely identify plants before using them as food. Poison hemlock has killed people who mistook it for its relatives, wild carrots and wild parsnips. At times you may find yourself in a situation for which you could not plan. In this instance you may not have had the chance to learn the plant life of the region in which you must survive. In this case you can use the Universal Edibility Test to determine which plants you can eat and those to avoid. It is important to be able to recognize both cultivated and wild edible plants in a survival situation. Remember the following when collecting wild plants for food: You identify plants, other than by memorizing particular varieties through familiarity, by using such factors as leaf shape and margin, leaf arrangements, and root structure. 50 Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Next Web Project. Choosing the right color scheme is essential to your website’s success.

50 Beautiful Color Palettes for Your Next Web Project

Your layout and other design choices — including font — should be developed in concert with your color scheme, which can ensure readability, cohesiveness, and beauty in the final product. Unfortunately, making that choice or creating a color palette from scratch can be quite the challenge. That’s why for today’s post I’ve put together a collection of 50 beautiful color palettes that are ready to use for your next web project. If you like these, check out another 24 palettes I’ve recently rounded up.

Getting the Most Out of This Post Before diving into the color palettes I’ve collected, I want to mention a few tools that can help you get the most out of this post. Rainy Cafe: Ambient White Noise Generator. 雨のカフェ مقهى الأمطار. Silk – Interactive Generative Art. Secret Coder Tool. Impact: Earth! JNC, Barton-Wright, Self Defence with a cane part 1. Journal of Non-lethal Combatives, February 2000 From Pearson’s Magazine, 11 (January 1901), 35-44.

JNC, Barton-Wright, Self Defence with a cane part 1

Contributed by Ralph Grasso. Editor’s notes by Ralph Grasso and Joseph Svinth copyright © 2000 all rights reserved. Introduction It must be understood that the new art of self-defence with a walking-stick, herewith introduced for the first time, differs essentially from single-stick or sword-play; for a man may be a champion in the use of sword or single-stick [EN2] and yet be quite unable to put a walking-stick to any effective use as a weapon of defence. The simple and sufficient reason to account for this is that both in single-stick and sword-play a cut is always taken up by the hilt of the weapon, whereas if you attempted to guard a blow with a walking-stick -- which has no hilt -- in the same way as you would with a sword, the blow would slide down your stick onto your hand and disable you.

Exobotics! The Web Genius. Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator. The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence. Take the Ptest! Its fun. - StumbleUpon. Hacker Typer. Prison Dial - Send Calls from Prison! PARK.seasons. Silk — Interactive generative art. The magic button — Make Everything OK.

...t.y.p.o.r.g.a.n.i.s.m... Color — Method of Action. Scope.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object) Universal Decison Maker. Warning Label Generator. Death by Caffeine. We’ve used the very latest research to determine what’s appropriate for your body weight.

Death by Caffeine

See more about your daily caffeine limits. Recommendations for caffeine levels are different for aged 18 and under. The calculator is intended for use only by adults over 18. See more about caffeine limits for children and teens. Sure are. On the result, click on the item for more detailed caffeine information. Yes. A lethal dose is based on the amount of the caffeine in your system at one time. Create A Conspiracy. Create a State of Chaos.